• 12/04/2011, 11:20AM ET

Montee Ball should be invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony...

HailYeah94 - ND Week (1-15-3) vs bmata34 (1-5-1)

Montee Ball, arguably the most underrated player in the NCAA, who put up amazing stats this year is still not getting the attention he deserves!

This year 275 attempts for 1759 yards, which is 6.3 yard per carry!

Oh yeah he also has 32 touchdowns!

Yep.. I guess that just normal......

Last night he went for 3 touchdowns off of 27 carries and 137 yards! But he still didn't even win the game MVP.

This just blows my mind, I believe he should be up for Heisman and people should be talking about him winning it.

But everyone is hyped up on Trent Richardson.. for what reason I don't know why. I think it's because he plays in the SEC.

Is Montee Ball a good running back and underrated? Yes of course.

But, when it comes down to it, he should not be invited to the Heisman Ceremony. I don't think I need an argue that he is not ahead of Trent Richardson, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III for the Heisman Voting. That leaves 3 spots.

Fourth Place has to go to go to Case Keenum. I know he plays in a wide open spread offense at Houston but his numbers are still out of control. Plenty of teams now a days play in these wide open offenses and his numbers still are far and above other quarterbacks. Over 5,000 yards, a 9 to 1 TD to INT ratio while completing almost 72 percent of his passes.

Fifth place has to go to Matt Barkley. He's had an outstanding season, leading USC to as high as number two in the coaches poll. If USC wasn't on a postseason ban Barkley would be receiving tons of more support. 41 total TD's, over 3500 yards and almost 70 percent of his passes. Hes tearing it up and should be playing in a major bowl game.

While Ball has great numbers, a lot has to do with an outstanding offensive line. Which raise the question, wouldn't other running backs being doing the same with the same o-line?

In which way is he not ahead of Trent Richardson? He has more yards, rushing td's, and receiving td's.

As for Case Keenum, when you throw as many times he does in a game, you should have numbers like that... especially playing in the C-USA.. by the way, Saturday he threw 67 times! That is ridiculous.

Also when was USC #2???? But they are on postseason ban so arguing that is pointless....

Yeah Wisconsin has a good o-line, but so does 'Bama and Ball was still more outstanding than Trent Richardson.

How could you say he shouldn't be invited?? Just think about it, without Montee Ball where would Wisconsin be without him? More than likely not preparing for the Rose Bowl....

Well last year Montee Ball was in a time share with 2 other running backs they made the Rose Bowl. John Clay, James White and Ball all carried the ball over 150 times and Ball was the only one NOT to rush for 1,000 yards. That proves my point that whoever is back there behind that Wisconsin o-line can have success.

Yeah Keenum threw the ball that man times all year and STILL had a completion percentage well over 70 percent and only threw 5 INT's. That's insane. 5 INT's in that many attempts is absurd.

And that it is not pointless to argue that USC is a nasty team because if you took Barkley they would be nothing. If you took Ball off Wisconsin would still be a great team, prob. still in the Rose Bowl.

Ball has great stats but anyone could behind that line. Keenum, besides the one slip up to So. Miss (a really tough underrated team), has brought Houston to the top ten from no where.

If you took Barkley off USC they would still be nasty... lets be serious here.. they are USC.

Wisconsin was #11 in rushing in #63 in passing...

He scored 3 touchdowns in the B1G championship game.. without him I'm not sure they would have won.

Sure Southern Miss is underrated.. somewhat.. but Houston should have beaten them with no trouble...

Not only should he be invited, but he should also be seriously considered for winning it.

There's no way. Nine of the last ten Heisman winners have been quarterbacks and this is for a reason. They are so important and valuable for a team. On the other hand a running back isn't, Ball is a great player but as I showed before Wisconsin has and can win without him. They got to the Rose Bowl without him as the feature back. Barkley and Keenum have been so valuable to there teams, while putting up big stats. While Ball is deserving, Barkley and Keenum are more deserving.

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December 4, 2011  11:25 AM ET

DJ did you just accidentally accept this? lol

December 4, 2011  11:27 AM ET

whoever argues against Ball just being invited to New York is a fool

December 4, 2011  11:28 AM ET

whoever argues against Ball just being invited to New York is a fool


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December 4, 2011  12:13 PM ET

2nd most TD's to Barry Sanders. He probably deserves to win.

Probably? I think he does, hands down the most outstanding player this year.

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December 4, 2011  01:37 PM ET

How many people do you think should be invited?

December 4, 2011  02:31 PM ET


December 4, 2011  02:47 PM ET


The honey badger don't care for your choices

December 4, 2011  03:23 PM ET

Who arenyou talking about?

December 4, 2011  04:36 PM ET

Ball is a boss

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December 4, 2011  06:18 PM ET

The honey badger made a lot of big plays but wasn't neccessarily consistent all year long.I know he had a lot of kick returns and picked up some fumbles blah blah blah, but as far as his actual position, CB, I think he had 2 interception and made 50 some odd tackles.Kinda pedestrian when you take away the couple of punt return TDs.



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