• 12/05/2011, 09:00AM ET

Marlins are most likely to become the new powerhouse in any sport..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Argos. (184-101-29)

The marlins are my 2nd favourite MLB team..
and I cant think of another team, where the fans have more reason to be optimistic..
especially in baseball..
after 8 years of being in the cellar..
and being a sellers club..
the marlins have become highly motivated to do a 180,
cause they are moving to a new stadium, in a fantastic location, in 4 months..
the first big sign that they were getting serious, was when they traded for ozzie guillen, the manager..
trading for a manager is simply unheard of..
now they just signed big name player jose reyes..
and there are strong rumours of them going after pujols!
i know the philies are in their division..
but the NL wild card is up for grabs..
braves are good, but not great..
and I know, even if they get the machine,
there are still many pieces they need..

But is there another team in sports,
that is on the verge of going from a nobody, to becoming a new powerhouse?
if there is, I cant think of it.. And im sure its not as dramatic as the rise of the marlins..

Good luck..
you can pick any team in any sports..
maybe I am jumping the gun.. If I am, please tell me why..
but I dont think so..

Why not to be optimistic about the Marlins:

All the rumours have been Reyes or Pujols, they aren't going for both.

They still have a really, really bad owner in Loria.

They have signed the biggest free agent before, Delgado, only to trade him a year later (note, Reyes does not have a no-trade).

They pissed off their best player, Hanley, who said he doesn't want to move away from SS.

Trading top prospects for a manager is stupid.

Finally, they are under investigation by the Security & Exchange Commission. Being under investigation by the SEC is kinda a big deal, with possible jail time facing Loria. Not to mention, if any wrong doings occurred, which there most likely has if the SEC launched an investigation, the team will go bankrupt. The league would most likely take over ownership, and they would have to do a MASSIVE salary dump, trading guys like Reyes, Hanley, & Johnson.

I really wanna pick the Jays, who have so much young talent on the team and the leagues top farm, but in order to prevent people calling me a homer, I'm gonna go with the Edmonton Oilers.

The Oilers young core of Eberle, Hall, & now Nugent-Hopkins is ridiculous.

Hi argos, good to see the common wealth being reprezzin:)

If you dont mind, could you please argue blue jays.
it sounds like you could present an Interesting argument I could rebute.
i only follow olympic hockey, so you might as well present your debate in japanse, when talkin about oilers

But its up to you.
Technically i am being a homer too, ha.
i love the red sox like a wife.
and I love the marlins, like the secretary you sneak off on a business trip to have an affair with:)
i love the red sox alot more.
but I have a special place for marlins too

Lets just say for fun,
the marlins get machine, (and there are rumours out there).
that would give them a massive piece to the puzzle.
and it would be easy to build around.
marlins have a decent batting line up.
they would only need one or two starters and relievers.
they would be in a fantastic position, to win a very easy NL wild card

Only way jays make the play offs is by gettin out of that god forsaken division.
Yanks will be solid for years.
red sox will always have a significantly bigger pay roll.
rays have alot of young and talented players, and a beutiful pitching staff, loaded in starters

More reasons why not to be so optimistic about the Marlins.

The fact they wont offer Pujols a no-trade, and the fact they didn't give Bell or Reyes one reminds me of the Delgado signing. Especially considering they have cash issues and are under SEC investigation.

Also, Marlins team President won comment on the status of Hanley with Reyes now on the team. He wont say if the team is gonna keep him or not.

Reasons to be optimistic about the Jays:

The new wild card spot benefits no team more than the Jays.

They have the best GM in baseball. Not only did he dump Vernon Wells, not only did he sign to a 5-year $64 million deal, but he signed Ricky Romero for 5-years $30 million, he traded Alex Gonzalez for Yunel Escobar then signed him for 4-years $20 million. He traded 1 prospect and 3 relief pitchers for Colby Rasmus! And he also added 21-year old Brett Lawrie, who draws comparisons to Evan Longoria.

Reports have them as the favourites to sign Prince Fielder.

This Jays team is extremely young & talented, and have the best farm system in baseball to back it up.

This Jays team is up and coming and will be very dangerous.

Ok. Blue jays it is
I owe you one

Just in, marlins just offered pujols a 10 year contract!
he wont get a better offer than that.
i know its too many years.
but relevancy has its price.
do you want a big bat or not?
im ecstatic marlins are pulling the trigger on this.
pujols would be a fool to turn this down.
and he would have 75% of his team mates, as fellow latinos.
plus latinos love the heat, the tropics, great cuban food, all that miami has to offer.
i just cant see pujols in a cubs uniform.
it would be a massive mind fu__c__k.
and st louis people would probably boo him, (but not in the irrelevant miami uniform).
and I dont see st louis coming close to matching miamis offer.
he goes to miami, and pujols has a fresh challenge.
maybe larussa would have put pressure on him to stay, but he is gone.
I really think the stars are aligned on this one.
and you have to respect miamis philosophy, on when to pull the trigger.
they lie in puke for 8 years. Saving and saving and saving.
they had 2012 on their radar. Pujols was the perfect plan

Good luck with jays
they are cursed with al east:(

Pujols didn't sign with them. They signed Buerhle, and reports are they are not going after Fielder because of that.

Meanwhile, Buster Olney said that Hanley wants his contract restructured in order to shift positions. Miami is upset with that (they don't want to give him more money) and are looking to trade Hanley, perhaps to Toronto, who has a history of acquiring players at their lowest value when they run into trouble (Escobar, Rasmus) and who already tried really hard to get him at the deadline.

The Reyes deal is looking a lot more like the Delgado deal. Not only did he not get a no-trade, but it is heavily backloaded, with him only making 10 million per season in the first two years (so if Miami trades him, they wouldn't have paid him much).

Toronto continues to improve. At 2B, Kelly Johnson and his .784 career OPS takes over from Aaron Hill who had a .584 OPS in 104 games for the Jays last year.

Rasmus is a massive upgrade, on defense and with the bat, over Patterson (last years starting CF'er).

Lawrie had a .953 OPS last year in 43 games, and is an upgrade over McCoy/Nix/McDonald's .600 OPS at 3B.

Reyes started 20 games & Rauch was the closer. Both gone.

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December 5, 2011  10:06 AM ET

The machine to the!alot of the big teams have star 1st could happen..

LOL After the Marlins first insult him by lowballing him and then saying they think he's older than he really is, I'm thinking it'll be a cold day in hell before AP signs with them.

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December 5, 2011  10:09 AM ET

I bet he picks the Maple Leafs.


I really want to take the Jays, who have a really good young core in place (Romero, Rasmus, Escobar, & LAWRIE!) and the top farm system in baseball.

But I'm trying to find an unbiased pick...

December 5, 2011  10:11 AM ET

Not to mention the Jays are apparently the front runners for Fielder.

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December 5, 2011  10:24 AM ET

Toronto is in a damn tough division..rays, sox and yanks..51 tough games..

They won 81 games last year, despite having a blackhole at 3B for 94 games. Nix, McDonald, & McCoy gave 3B an OPS below .600 for 94 games! Lawrie is a massive upgrade, who can post an OPS well above .900. Lawrie is in the same class as Longoria.

They had 127 games with Davis & Patterson in CF, that is crappy. Already they will upgrade big time with Rasmus.

Then at 2B, Aaron Hill had a .584 OPS for 104 games. Any scrub is an upgrade.

They also lead the league in blown saves, something unlikely to happen again.

With just those 3 upgrades, plus less blown saves (hopefully), this team should win really close to 90 games. If they do think they are ready to go for the extra wild card next year, and make a play for Fielder (they are reportedly the front runners), they should compete for a playoff spot in that division, and if they add Fielder, I like them to get the extra spot. If they can add a pitcher and get Fielder (maybe trade Lind + prospects for a guy like Garza), I like them to win the division.

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December 5, 2011  10:38 AM ET

Lawrie is in the same class as Longoria.

No he's not.

December 5, 2011  10:53 AM ET

No he's not.

According to many scouts and baseball people like Keith Law, they believe he can very much be in the Longoria/Braun class. The scouts say he has the skill and talent.

Then, when you compare Brett Lawrie's season at age 21 to Longoria's season at age 21, and Lawrie's season was way better, with much better numbers across the board. Even though, Lawrie's season was split between AAA and MLB, while Longoria's season at age 21 was split between much weaker competition at AA and AAA.

December 5, 2011  10:57 AM ET

Solid..but AL east competition is fierce..if they were in ANY other division..i would agree with you..but if the marlins go on a big shopping spree..there are no dominant teams stopping them from getting the wild card..

If they were in any other division, they probably could have won the division or competed for a wild card with the easier schedule.

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December 5, 2011  11:32 AM ET

Even if they don't get Pujols, and I doubt they do, they'll still have one of the best lineups in the NL.

That outfield will be great for years to come if they keep them. Coughlan(spell) LoMo and Stanton.

December 5, 2011  11:36 AM ET

Even if they don't get Pujols, and I doubt they do, they'll still have one of the best lineups in the NL.That outfield will be great for years to come if they keep them. Coughlan(spell) LoMo and Stanton.

I love Stanton, and LoMo.

However, Logan Morrison needs to be moved back to 1B, he is **** in LF. That is, if they don't trade him. Loria seems to hates him, and Morrison was mad for being sent down for no reason. Loria is a **** that likes ruin teams, so I can see him easily trading Morrison out of spite.

December 5, 2011  11:41 AM ET

Yeah, but unfortunatly for you and the jays..reality su_cks..sox and rays would have to go into demise for jays to pass them..yanks are jays are basically counting on someone to fail..If marlins get pujols and some pieces around him..they dont have to count on teams to fail, in order to get the wild card..I know which situation I would rather be in..Psbaltimore dont roll over either..

Baltimore is terrible. They will never be good with their stupid owner getting involved with everything.

The Jays have two options this season, 1 more year of rebuild and try to get their prospects (Nestor Molina, Travis D'Arnaud, Travis Snider, Anthony Gose, and & Adeiny Hechavarria specifically) ready for the next season, and give them some playing time late next year. Or, go for it this year. If they go for it this year, I expect them to either sign Fielder or Darvish, and trade some of those prospects for another bat or starting pitcher (pending on which of Fielder/Darvish they target).

If they go for it this year, they can pass the Rays and Sox. They don't have to count on someone to fail, with the improvements already made (Lawrie, Rasmus, any 2B, any RP better than Rauch), plus an addition of a player or two, and they can have as much talent or more as any AL East team.

December 5, 2011  11:41 AM ET

Besides, the Jays have the games best GM.

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December 5, 2011  11:46 AM ET

Marlins suck as an organization. the steal money from the other teams and have invested next to nothing back.
MLB made them raise their payroll because it was an embarassment and an insult to the league.


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