• 12/05/2011, 08:15PM ET

The Bears are better off NOT signing Donovan McNabb.

bmata34 (1-5-1) vs fvkasm2x (193-58-12)

While there playoff hopes have gone up in flames lately with injuries to Jay Cutler and Matt Forte the Bears should try to ride it out with Caleb Hannie at quarterback. Even though he's been far from good he's a superior option to McNabb. For a number of reasons it would be hard for the Bears to win with McNabb.

I don't care if he's lost a step, his arm is weaker and he has to learn the offense.

McNabb is still a good QB only 2 seasons removed from a very strong year.

They scored 3 points yesterday. THREE POINTS!

With Matt Forte out for an undetermined amount of time, the Bears have no offense whatsoever now. Their stud RB is out and their starting QB is out. Why not take a gamble? If they can hold on to a playoff spot, this would be a great time for McNabb to learn the offense and be ready for the playoffs.

Hanie yesterday:

12/24 for 133 yards with 3 interceptions

Hanie for the season?

2 TD, 6 Int, 387 Yards, 40.8 QB rating

Sign McNabb. Have him backup for a game like Palmer did in Oakland. Give Hanie another shot at it while McNabb eases himself in. If Hanie turns it around, great. If not, go with McNabb and see what he can do.

There is no way the Bears should sign Donovan McNabb. First off, is it even possible for McNabb to learn the offense? It's well known that Mike Martz has one of the most, if not thee most complicated offenses in the league. I doubt any quarterback, even of McNabb's experience could learn even enough of the offense in one or two weeks.

Secondly, McNabb is done. Last year for the Redskins he looked weak, slow and old. He threw more INT's then TD's and his passer rating was under 80.

This year with the Vikings was even worse and that was with defenses focusing on Adrian Peterson. McNabb had games where he threw for 40 and 81 yards. Thats pathetic for an NFL QB.

There's a reason the Eagles got rid of him, the redskins got rid of him and the vikings got rid of him, as great of a career as he had, HE'S DONE.

His year in Washington was terrible. I can't argue that. No sane person could, although he was never really given a fair shake. It's hard to prepare for a game when you're fighting with the coach, the players don't trust you and the entire team is in a state of flux week in and week out.

In Minnesota he has a pretty bad O-line. Ponder hasn't done anything. Favre didn't do much and he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

So if Favre, T-Jack, Ponder, etc... can't do anything in Minny, why would McNabb?

McNabb is certainly on a decline. Age and physical punishment of the game is getting to him. But could he do better than Hanie? I think so.

The Bears need to do something. McNabb is probably the best option out of a list of terrible options.

- Sticking with Hanie is very dangerous. He's looked terrible so far and hasn't had many bright spots, other than a few drives here and there.

- Bringing in another QB other than McNabb. There aren't any top tier QB's out there and even if there were, would they learn the system any quicker than McNabb?

They have nothing to lose by signing him and giving him a shot.

I understand that his year in Washington was tough because of problems with Mike Shanahan but if he struggled with Shanny, how would he do with Mike Martz, who is notorious for struggling to get along with other coaches and players. Why do you think he has had so many OC jobs even though his offenses always put up big numbers. So there could be a conflict between the that really ends the Bears season.

The o-line excuse in Minny doesn't really hold ground because the Bear is just as bad. The Vikings have given up 37 while the Bears have given up 34. So if the o-line was the problem then it certainly won't be fixed in Chicago.

Favre was done in Minny as well and T-Jax is terrible no matter where he goes. But Ponder is actually doing something is Minnesota averaging almost 40 more yards per game than McNabb was.

Do I think Hannie is the second coming of Tom Brady or even a viable long term option? Absolutely not. But I do not think it is possible for McNabb to learn Martz's offense in such a short time period.

Plus, it should really tell you something when another playoff team needing a quarterback, the Texans, sign Jake Delhomme over McNabb

You can't just compare sacks against (I assume your 34 and 37 numbers are those) and claim another O-line is better or worse. You have to consider many things:

- the opponents faces (do they face a lot of pass rushes)
- the QB able to throw the ball away
- the QB able to scramble out of the pocket
- hurries and interceptions

And so on...

As for the Texans signing Delhomme, that doesn't really come into this discussion.

The Texans signed him on Nov. 29th. McNabb had to go through waivers first and didn't become a free agent until Dec. 2nd. Obviously the Texans aren't going to sign McNabb, when they had already committed themselves several days earlier.

Nobody wanted to claim McNabb off waivers, because then they'd have to deal with the remainder of his terrible salary.

You've confused the situation with two different things.

As for Hanie being a long term option, nobody has said that and it isn't even the case. It's about making the playoffs NOW and winning NOW after a good start to the year. Cutler will be back next year, but that doesn't mean they can win a game in the playoffs with Hanie, let alone make it to the Superbowl.

December 5, 2011  08:47 PM ET

Playoffs all but done for the bears? Every W.C. contender in the NFC lost yesterday. Bears and Bears, unlikely as it has been after the past two games, still hold a W.C. spot.

This may seem somewhat good for them. The lions look like the bears but just for 3 weeks in a row now, Dallas lost to Az...AZ Phillys done, NYG looks good and lost a good game against GB, Atl lost to a 3rd string QB and a decent team in Hou. I say decent bc they have their 3rd string starting for them. Otherwise they are a very dangerous team come January.

Overall, they are no further off than the W.C. contenders in the NFC.

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December 5, 2011  09:03 PM ET

Bears could use a QB. Hanie is not an answer to any question of meaning.McNabb could be okay in that offense. Minnesota has a poor offensive line, which led to his poor showing there.Sign him, Bears.

What lead to his poor showing in Minny is...he's done. Has been for a few years.

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December 6, 2011  07:25 AM ET

Leaning way left too!

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December 6, 2011  06:05 PM ET

And how long would it take to absorb Mike Martz complicated offense?

He doesn't have the mental capacity to ever learn it.

Chunky McDone was successful in a WCO, the EASIEST system for a QB to learn and run. You could give him two years and he'd never learn Martz system.

December 6, 2011  06:49 PM ET

Their season is almost done, what do they have to lose?
Worst case scenario, they get in a better draft spot.
If things keep going as they are, the Seahawks will take one of those W.C. spots, as weird as that sounds.

December 7, 2011  01:44 AM ET

Their season is almost done, what do they have to lose?

Exactly. Sign him and try it out. He won't do any worse than Hanie.

December 7, 2011  01:44 AM ET

Leaning hard left here.

Really? His opening argument was that strong for you? :-p

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December 7, 2011  10:12 PM ET

The opener wasn't great, but the 2nd and 3rd won it for me. Vote left.

the opener was terrible. I agree with Left, but I don't think he did the stance justice, so I wont be voting either way.

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