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Which NBA team will have the best record this season?

Rudedog: Believe The Hype (370-317-81) vs cubby2bubby (13-19-1)

This doesn't necessarily mean they're the best team, but the answer is the Miami Heat.

The Heat are built perfectly for a season like this. They have young, energetic players and don't rely nearly at all on veterans. But they aren't immature young players. They're a group of players that are going to motivated.

I've always said that revenge is the greatest motivator in sports. When LA lost embarrassingly to the Celtics in 2008, the revenge factor paced them to 2 more titles.

This year, Miami is the team that was embarrassed and seeking revenge. This team has embraced their image of the bad guys and are ready for it now. If you listened to LBJ's interview on Sportscenter, he seemed different than last year. He's more relaxed and ready for a new season. He's worked on a post game this off-season and could be that much better this year.

Add in Wade and Bosh and the mix of veterans they'll find through free agency and I think this team is going to come out red-hot and, given the short schedule, that hot start will give them the best record this year.

MTC on the scheduling next

The Bulls.

They had a good record last year to begin with, while having their main stars injured for the majority of the first half of the season. I don't believe Noah, Rose and Boozer were all healthy and playing together, for the first 45 games of the season, and they still finished with the best record in the NBA.

Not sure what more the Heat have this year that they didn't have last year, but sure, their veterans will provde some spark, but it is a given that Wade will be injured. I cannot remember a season wehre he didn't miss games. He is old, whlile still really good, he is fragile.

Bosh is one streaky player. Man goes for 1-18 in one game then two months laster pulls of like 9-11 shooting 12 boards, and an assist or 3. Not the type of play that screams consistencey of winning. And he is one of your three main guys, that will provide the lift to winning games.

There were't really that many youngerenergetic players that came through for Maimi when they had their teams injuries last year. No one stepped up, at least to the level of help carrying that team, why has this year changed that?

Healthy Bulls = most wins.

The Bulls are a solid choice, but not the best choice.

The Heat had a lot of growing to do last year. They started the season very slow, starting 9-7. From that point on, they went 49-17. That's 66 games right there.

And honestly, I would expect them to do better than that. One signing that'll go under the radar today and the off-season is their signing of Shane Battier. That gives the team a very solid defender and the glue guy they missed last year. They had hoped Mike Miller might be that guy, but Battier WILL be that guy. If you can put out a lineup of Wade, Battier, and LeBron, your perimeter defense is great.

As the year went on, LeBron and Wade learned how to play with one another. Instead of letting one dominate and the other standing off to the side, I think they'll have a more solid game plan this year.

And I've yet to talk about Bosh, who, despite the criticism he took, still he put up 18 and 8. And he matured and can handle the pressure now. They all have adapted to be the evil empire.

The Heat are going to be the best team, record-wise, this year.

You wont get more from Bosh. His production is from moving to Miami and playing with LBJ and Wade. Just look at its stats, they all have dropped off:

Shooting %, PPG, RPG, AST, all have gone down

The Bulls, they have their pieces. While they don't have an optimum SG, I have no problems with the 5 they put on the floor. Going back to last season, they started the season the same as Miami. 9-6 and that's with no Carlos Boozer.

Then, with No Noah, they went on a 22-8 stretch....that's a 31-14 to start teh season with no Noah or Boozer out for their respetive time frames. To finish out the year they went 31-6...Can you imagine if they had a healthy roster for the year? This year they start off with it.

If a team hoped miller woud have been that guy, and they are hoping Battier will be that guy, what garauntee is that? Battier is older, slower, and while a decent defender, isn't the same guy...just a vet signing, making mone in his end side of his career.

Overall, the Bulls have their prime players, all sitting 10 years and younger in the league. Just like Maimi will evolve as a team so will the Bulls, with nothing disproving them to have a drop off.

Your argument for why I won't get more from Bosh is exactly why I WILL.

Last year was a down year for him across the board, but it had more to do with the scrutiny and pressure he faced more than on the court.

Last year, he did get about 1.8 less shots a game, but he made 1.8 less shots a game also. In reality, everything was down. I think that now, he's had time to adjust to his new role and will flourish more this year. With all the drama going down with CP3 and the Lakers, the pressure on the Heat is going to dwindle.

And that only makes them that much better.

The division for the Heat is going to be far easier this year. The Hawks are a tough out, but the Magic seem destined to deal Howard, plus you have Charlotte and the Wizards. And if you look at the schedule, they don't really have a tough stretch at any point.

The Heat are only going to get better this year. They are a team that needed time to mature and get tougher mentally. Last year's embarrassment in the Finals is going to fuel them this regular season.

I'll predict somewhere around a 53-13 record this year

PRESSURE? Dude was the least likely all three to perform at the same level. That whole argument for him is flawed....His new role isn't to have the seasons he had in Tor. Any pressure he had there is cut in 1/3 by simply having LBJ and D-Wade carry the ball and heavy scoring.

Embarrassment in the finals? Become mentally tougher? These veterans have been down the lane and walked the mentally tough line and know what to do. These aren't rookies playing in year two for the NBA playoffs....they know what they needed to do, and frankly, they did it a little less than the Bulls last year, at least when it came to records.

Chicago may have the signing of Hamilton, man does that take pressure of Rose. it opens up a wide spread offense, and a slower paced one, while still being effective. Short season, multiple back to back game, offer a benefit to this style of play, not the up and run team like Miami.

I don't see much changing, from Chicago. They played well, had a few losses that were on last second plays (within 1 point) and excelled through injuries. I see them playing well this short season, well enough to wrap up the #1 winning %

56-10....Good TD

December 7, 2011  02:30 PM ET

Since DJ doesn't seem to want to argue his....

December 7, 2011  02:37 PM ET

Tough stance to beat, definitely would be my pick. The scheduling argument is going to be the back breaker for any other team that would hope to challenge Miami.

December 7, 2011  02:54 PM ET

I couldN'T care less about the votes, but rather the debate! G/L

December 7, 2011  03:08 PM ET

I couldN'T care less about the votes, but rather the debate! G/L


December 7, 2011  03:13 PM ET


December 7, 2011  03:57 PM ET


Things that make you go, Hmm...

December 7, 2011  03:57 PM ET

Warriors! Woooooo! No seriously I am going with Thunder (Westbrook better start passing more!)

December 7, 2011  07:00 PM ET

No interest in this td.... Hmmm

December 7, 2011  09:43 PM ET

tough to go against the Heat.

December 7, 2011  09:44 PM ET

you guys both chose young teams.. i like that.

The Bulls pick is my opinion not a very good one... but I'll let the debate decide which way I vote.

December 7, 2011  09:44 PM ET

Lebron's been "working on his post-game" for the last 3 summers straight.

Let's see if he actually has some post moves now.

December 7, 2011  09:45 PM ET

I think the Heat will actually do better int he regular season with Wade OUT.

Yeah sounds pretty weird but LBJ dominates and plays more freely with Wade out of the game.

For the post season, they;re gonna need both.

December 7, 2011  09:53 PM ET

Celtics, Anyone???

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December 7, 2011  11:01 PM ET


December 7, 2011  11:04 PM ET

This is one of those TDs that just makes me say hmmmm.

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December 7, 2011  11:31 PM ET

Oklahoma City is a possibility as well.

Yeah I like the young core that they got and I love Perkins' game.

Not a bad choice to put em first.

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