• 12/14/2011, 10:48AM ET

Titans, Bengals, Raiders AND Jets, oh my! who has best chance of grabbing final wild card..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs sportsbutt (1-0-0)

I'll go with Bengals..

They got 2 gimmies, St Louis and arizona.. 9-6..
Then I'm counting on Baltimore to lose against either san diego OR cleveland..
Baltimore's schizo personality comes out one more time, and they stink up the joint, (probably against cleveland, since ravens tend to play down to their level of competition)..
That would mean Baltimore would have nothing to play for and would rest their starters..
Bengals finish 10-6

Jets are dead.. I see them losing at least 2 games vs eagles, GMEN and/or Fins.. At best, 9-7...

Oakland is dead.. I see them losing at least once to either a tough lions and/or a newly inspired Rivers and the Charge! At best 9-7..

Titans, (there name was ruined by denzel washington's corny speech remember the titans:).. You guessed it! Are dead too, ha ha.. I just dont see them beating the Texans.. Great chance at 9-7..

Thats my crystal ball..
Tell me sir, what do you think of such matters?

New York Jets

Lets break down your prediction.
"They got 2 gimmies, St Louis and arizona"
We will give you St. Louis, but how are we to believe that the Cardinals are a "Gimmie"
With JOhn Skelton at qb the cards have been playing inspired football. They should have been the Ravens in baltimore, they beat the eagles and rams on the road, and just took down Dallas and the 49ers at home. This is no easy win at all.

"Then I'm counting on Baltimore to lose against either san diego OR cleveland"
And I'm counting on getting with Brooklyn Decker this weekend
The Ravens are playing some of the best football in the nfl and are in the hunt for a 1st round bye. However, you expect a veteran team to fall into a "trap game" down the stretch? I fully expect the Ravens to pound both of theses teams into the ground.

Let's entertain the idea that baltimore does 1 of these games....

The Steelers could still lose 1 of their next three games. (One of them being the 49ers on the road) In which case the Ravens final game against the Bengals would be very meaningful.

Rex's Gang Green has been playing with a sense of urgency these past few weeks, I look for them to win out. (More next)

Im just being realistic..
I would hate to have the Jets final 3 games of the season..
Eagles look like they are stepping with alittle more swagger these days..
Eli Manning was a stud last sunday, throwing for 400 freakin yards against the solid cowboys..
Fins, alittle bit of their magic has been rubbed off, since their convincing loss to the eagles and Tony Sporano getting fired.. But they have been competitive for the past 6 weeks..

I do admit, the arizona cardinals have been playing some inspiring football of late..
HOWEVER.. The word on the street is out now.. No one will be taking them lightly..
And I expect their noice little purple patch to be over just as quickly as it started..

Plus the Bengals have been solid all season, (which is more than I can say for the Jets!)..
Apart from the time cinci got destroyed by Pitt, cinci has had no other losses to be embarrassed about.. They lost to Pitt, BaL and Tex by a combined total of 15 points..

The jets on the other hand.. When they lose, they lose ugly..
You just cant have ANY confidence in that boy named Sanchez..

With a Dallas and Giants win this week the Eagles will be officially eliminated from the playoffs and will have nothing to play for. The Jets have have the 6th ranked defense in the NFL and the eagles lead the NFL in dropped passes. The Jets are also 4th in the NFL over the past 4 weeks in points scored. They seen to have finally got it together on both sides of the ball.

With Cromartie on Jackson and Revis taking Maclin or Cooper out of the game Vick will have no one to throw the ball to. Lesean Mccoy will be a tough task for the jets defense but with the WR's taken care of the Jets will be able to bring a 8th man into the box to try and contain him.

Even after a big win the Giants still have lost 4 out of their last 5 and their defense ranks 30th in the NFL. On the other side of the ball Eli Manning has been playing ELIte, or has he? Eli has made a season of carving up the nfl's worst defenses. The Giants have only faced 2 of the top 10 defenses this season and have lost both games. Eli had a passer rating of 70 and 84, 2TD's and 3 INT. When he faced the 13th ranked Seahawks he threw 3 picks and lost that game as well. I look for the same against the Jets 6th ranked def.

If the Eagles are mathematically eliminated, or not, they will still be tough to beat..
These are professionals.. and they have pride..
Plus, with Vick, they will always have a heartbeat..
Maybe playing with nothing on the line, will make them even more dangerous..
Vick might start acting like a crazy gunslinger, throwing the ball in silly places..

Eli is having a fantastic season..
Only Brady, Rogers and Brees have had marginally better seasons, (in terms of total passing yards)..
Thats pretty good company..
Throwing 400 yards against a fantastic cowboys team, is one helluva achievement..

Jets had some easy games recently..
Trust me, they will fold bad against 3 very solid, hungry teams, that yes, at some point have been embarrassed during this season.. But want embarrassment no longer..

The Jets are built for this time of year and have been in this situation many times before.
You have made your arguement based upon opnions and no facts.
The Jets already have a 1 game lead in the standings with 3 games left: Advantage Jets

Unlike the Bengals the Jets are finally hitting their stride, Greene has been running the ball very well and Sanchez has quietly been having his best season. 21 passing tds, 4 rushing tds and only 11 ints.
The Jets are finally healthy!
Greene, Mangold, Moore, Devito, Mcknight, Kerley, L.T have all missed time this season. With all of them back there is no reason to believe this proven JETS team isn't ready for this playoff battle.

I'm sick of hearing about the eagles talent! Talent doesn't always translate into W's in the NFL. Jackson has all but given up the season, Maclin is hurt, Cooper drops every other pass, Avant is 100 years old, Vick has bad ribs and gets crushed every other play, Mccoy has a bad foot. "Asomugha hasn???t played as well as he is accustomed to. He is tied for 29th in the league among defenders who have been burned when targeted. Asomugha has been targeted 28 times and burned on 13 of those occasions according STATS

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December 14, 2011  11:28 AM ET

I had a different account and never used this one.

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December 14, 2011  11:39 AM ET

I had a different account and never used this one.

What happened to your other account?

December 14, 2011  11:41 AM ET

It was my old college account, I don't remember the password to fn or the password to the email address lol

December 14, 2011  12:01 PM ET

I'm going to let the TD sit for a while for people to read before I put up my next section.

December 14, 2011  12:12 PM ET

Jets suck.

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December 14, 2011  12:25 PM ET

raiders could easily lose to chargers and lions. they have not being playing well at all and they are missing their best player. Not to mention Carson Palmer is the worst qb in the nfl, i'd rather have shane falco from the replacements.

December 14, 2011  12:27 PM ET

I think that much to my dismay, the Jets will make it to the playoffs.
If Baltimore beats SD this weekend and Steelers do rest their injured people, including Ben, then the game against the Bengals will be sort of meaningless and they might want to give their starters a good rest. If SD beats Baltimore, then they'll play hard til the last week.

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December 14, 2011  12:53 PM ET

The Raiders have the tie-breaker with the Jets.

Raiders suck.

December 14, 2011  01:22 PM ET

Jets. The Bengals, as I've been saying all year, are not good by any means. They benefited from playing an incredibly easy schedule.

December 14, 2011  01:22 PM ET

And Arizona is closer to being a gimmie for the Cards than the Bengals.

December 14, 2011  01:23 PM ET

And if Baltimore does lose a game before week 17, they'll still have the tiebreaker with Pittsburgh and will automatically still be in the AFC North title hunt, no matter what.

December 14, 2011  01:26 PM ET

"You just cant have ANY confidence in that boy named Sanchez.."

People need to stop with this. I don't think Sanchez is good, but he's more mediocre than awful. And as he's shown, he's best in the clutch (leads the league in 4th quarter/OT comeback victories in the past 3 years, and has tied for the most road playoff wins of all time).

December 14, 2011  01:28 PM ET

"Plus the Bengals have been solid all season, (which is more than I can say for the Jets!).."

If you consider only beating teams drafting in the top 10 (with the only exception being a 7-6 Tennessee team) and getting demolished by average-to-good teams solid, then yes, the Bengals have been "solid."

That's more than what you can say for the Jets? You mean the team with the better record and better quality wins?

December 14, 2011  01:29 PM ET

"The jets on the other hand.. When they lose, they lose ugly.."

Cause losing by 10, 9, and 3 (which accounts for more than half of their losses) is really ugly.


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