• 12/14/2011, 01:07PM ET

Who will more likely have a "successful" season, Marlins OR Angels..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs MasterBatter (12-10-2)

I got to go with Miami here..
I know its an incredibly difficult decision..

But, because Marlins are in a weaker League..
The impact of the 3 big free agents they got, will be felt instantaniously..
The Marlins were missing a closer last year.. And then they go out and get one of the best..
The Marlins desperately needed a solid starter.. And then they go out and get one of the best damn workhorses out there..
Miami got a double blessing when they got Reyes.. Defence and someone with a high batting average, (.337).. To add to a batting lineup that already has some significant bats in it..

I know Pujols is a beautiful addition..
But If the angels do not make the playoffs, then their season will be considered a failure..
With the Rays, Red Sox and Blue Jays, all battling each other for the Wild card..
And the dominant Texas Rangers in the Angles division..
Making the playoffs, for the Angels, will be no easy task..

All the Marlins have to do, to have a successful season, is play meaningful games in september, (they dont have to make the playoffs, in my eyes)..
With the Braves, the only decent potential wild card team.. Marlins task is much simpler:)

The Angels are definitely in position to have a more successful year than Miami.

The Angels finished 10 games out of their division and 5 games out of the Wild Card, compared to 30 and 18 respectively for Miami. So the Angels need to make up 5 games to make the playoffs and 10 to win the division, much easier task then what Miami has to overcome.

Angels got the #1 FA in Pujols and Pujols actually filled a huge need at 1st base for the Angels. Then they got the best pitcher from the team that beat them in the division, the Rangers, in CJ wilson. So they got the best player in baseball and the best pitcher from the team that they need to catch.

The Angels now have a very solid 3 man rotation in Weaver, Haren, and Wilson to go along with an already good lineup that added one of the best hitters of all time.

Miami has had some big splashes but they didn't get the guys they needed. Reyes is amazing, but how will he co-exist with an already tempermental Hanley Ramirez? Will Ramirez be happy moving over to 3rd? Bell was a solid pickup as well, but its not like Nunes wasn't good last year so thats not a huge improvement for a team that finished in last place.


The Angels fell behind the Rangers 10 games last season..
10 games, against a very quality opponent is awfully tough to make up..
The AL east is loaded with teams that are going to make it difficult for the Angels to win the wild card..

Meanwhile, 2 of the Marlins main rivals for the wild card, cardinals and brewers..
Both lost big bats, plus Braun is probably going to miss the first 50 games for Milwaukee, not good..
The Braves are good, but as we saw last season, they are far from great..

The fact that the Marlins have been lying in puke for 8 long seasons..
And now with the big splashes of the the big 3 free agents..
There is now a strong glimmer of hope that the Marlins will be worth watching, (without the paper bags over the face)..
And I have a strong inclination, come september, the Marlins will be playing meaningful games..

Like I said, to me, the Marlins dont need the playoffs to be a success.. The Angels do..

If you take out the Marlins month of June, where they stunk up the joint..
They were not as bad as you think..
And now with Reyes, their batting line up, looks pretty darn good..

"10 games, against a very quality opponent is awfully tough to make up"

If 10 games is awfully tough, then 30 games against the team with the best record in baseball might just be impossible. The greatest turnaround ever in baseball is 35 games and that was 13 years ago. I just dont see the Marlins making this huge jump. They still don't have enough pieces to contend. This isn't basketball or football where if you have 2-3 superstars you are almost guaranteed a post season berth, just ask the Dodgers. It truly is a team sport.

"The AL east is loaded with teams that are going to make it difficult for the Angels to win the wild card"

The A's and M's are going to make things difficult? You say the Marlins only have to contend with the Brewers and Cardinals for the WC spot but what about the 6 other teams that finished better than them including 3 from their own division. Its not like the Nats and Braves got worse, especially the Nats if Strasburg is healthy. The Marlins road to just 3rd place seems to be more difficult than the Angels road to the postseason at this point.

The Angels were better than the Marlins last year and added better players, easy choice.

I understand, the Marlins season, last year was pretty bad..
But their batting line up has always been solid..
An extra bat, makes things alittle more exciting..
Bringing in Buehrle, who always pitches more than 200 innings, will take the burden off the bull pen..

Nunes, was never a natural closer.. But put him as the "set up" man, and I have a strong feeling, he will thrive..
Bell is a quality closer..

Plus, you forget, with this new swagger the Marlins have found, it sounds like they are ready to a potential trade before July 31st.. Dont count it out, if they are still in the mix of things..

succes is relative.. Even if the Marlins finished 3rd in the division.. As long as they were playing meaningful games in september.. That is fine by me..


Angels, right now have ultra high expectations..
They want BIG success, right now..
no play offs, (and possibly, no ring), and angel fans will cry, "bloody murder!"

You are right, the expectations for both clubs are much different, but like I said, it still seems more reasonable to think the Angels will meet theirs and the Marlins won't.

Fighting for 3rd place with the Nats or ATL doesn't exactly equal meaningful games in September. They have 0 chance of overtaking the Phillies and at best a 50-50 chance to even be in WC contention.

The Angels however finished in 2nd place last year in the AL West and added Pujols and the best pitcher from the team that finished first. Barring a Red Sox type September collapse over the course of the season, there is no reason a team with Weaver, Haren, Wilson, Pujols, Kendrick, Wells, and Hunter shouldn't run away with the West. They have a superior mix of good hitting, power, great pitching, veterans and young guns to make this work. Not to mention Mike Sciocia is a top manager in the game. Way better than Guillien. Ozzie may be personable to his players, but he doesn't get the most out of his team the way Sciocia can.

LA led Miami in all but 2 stats in pitching, fielding, and batting. They had the better offseason and an easier division. All signs point to LA being more successful than MIA.

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December 14, 2011  01:45 PM ET


December 14, 2011  01:57 PM ET

After spending that much money, it's playoffs or bust. Or in Miami's case, possibly both. If the fans don't start showing up, it won't matter if they win it all, they're still getting sold for parts.

December 14, 2011  02:22 PM ET

I pray that Miami tanks it big time this year. I will laugh my arse off if they finish dead last in the NL EAst.

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December 14, 2011  02:40 PM ET

I pray that Miami tanks it big time this year. I will laugh my arse off if they finish dead last in the NL EAst.

The Mets have last place in a death grip for the foreseeable future. We're Braves fans, we just need to hope we can stay ahead of the Marlins and Nats this year.

December 14, 2011  03:24 PM ET

The Angels
...unless the Rangers sign Prince to counter the Pujols signing the Rangers still need to replace Wilson in the rotation

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December 14, 2011  06:42 PM ET

Another one of Froggy's crazy picks :P

December 14, 2011  06:52 PM ET

Fear the fish:)

More worried about the Nats than Marlins actually.

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December 14, 2011  10:52 PM ET

Ouch!didnt see that coming..

Strasberg and Harper scares me more than Reyes and Buehlre.

December 14, 2011  10:57 PM ET

Marlins will most likely have a better offense than the Nats, but I'm extremely confident in saying the Nats will have better pitching.


That's a scary, young top of the rotation.

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