• 12/14/2011, 02:21PM ET

Power rankings; TOP 15 MLB teams, (AL + NL)..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs DonCorleone (34-10-4)

1. Yanks
2. Philies
3. Rangers
4. Angels
5. Red Sox
6. Rays
7. Detroit
8. Toronto
9. Braves
10. Cardinals
11. Brewers
12. Arizona
13. Giants
14. Marlins
15. Indians

1. Texas
2. Philadelphia
3. L.A. Angels
4. Detroit
5. Tampa Bay
6. San Francisco
7. St. Louis
8. NY Yankees
9. Boston
10. Toronto
11. Milwaukee
12. Miami
13. Arizona
14. Atlanta
15. Cincinnati

*Even without Wilson, it's hard to argue against Texas with their solid lineup, and back-to-back AL pennants. Plus, they are players in the Fielder sweepstakes.

*With Morales back, the batting lineup looks scary, and the Angels have the best 1-4 pitching rotation in baseball.

*Like the Rangers, the Cardinals lost a key player. That shouldn't take away from the rest of the team, which is still solid.

**I bumped the Yankees and Red Sox down, because neither team has a solid pitching rotation, and both teams have chocked in crunch time. Both teams have talent, but the teams I put above are better top-to-bottom.

Rankings based off of last season, off-season moves, predictions on where guys end up, etc.

Yankees 8th?

I guess winning the AL east is not what it used to be.. By far and away the Hardest division in baseball.
You have to give credit where credit is due.

As we saw in the World series.. at times, pitching can be seriously over rated.
The Cardinals and Rangers wil never be known for their pitching.

It comes down to depth, depth, depth and more depth.

Yankees have UNBELIEVABLE batters.. And their bull pen is very solid.

Maybe they are not number one.. But to say there are 7 other teams that are better than them is logic I will never understand.

Red Sox are too low to.
Yeah, they collapsed in september, it happens.
But for 4 and a 1/2 months, (after their horrendous start), the team from Boston, played fantastic baseball. Any team that is capable of playing fantastic baseball for 4.5 months, is a team that you have to respect and admire.

Giants at 6.. OK. Is that where you met your beautiful wife, or something?
You are talking about a team that let in more runs than it scored.
I hate to break the news to you.
But their world series win was a fluke.
Their batting line up is filled with a bunch of nobodys..
That scares me.

Really, HCF!!

The Yankees have a lineup filled many many talented players, as they won the most regular season games in baseball. However, their uninspired play in the post-season, coupled with non-existent maneuvers in the hot stove is scarey considering the team can use upgrades. I mean, besides CC, what other starter can they depend on? They should be no higher then 6th on a preseason MLB ranking for 2012.

And their batters are good, but "unbelievable" is a real stretch. I think you're just crowning the Yanks as #1 because they are the Yanks. Not good enough.

Boston hasn't done much in the off-season, and with their meltdown at the end of the season, it's really hard to rank them high on a power ranking list. I would respect and admire them a lot more if their pitchers weren't downing beers and fried chicken in the clubhouse :P

San Francisco is high on the list, mainly because of their unbelievable pitching staff. For a team that didn't score much runs at all, they faired well with a winning record, and without the '10 World Series MVP Posey. Look for the Giants to have a bounce back year.


I have spotted 3 other things about your list that I dont like..

Allow me to attack them:)

Texas at number one?
This isnt a list based on where can you get the best steak!
While I do admire the Rangers, putting them at number one is too much..
First off, they have never won a world series.. They have never shown that they have what it takes to be champions.. And being realistic, the loss of CJ Wilson, will hurt them in a play off format.. So, we are talking about a team, that had 2 fantastic chances to win the whole-she-bang.. I think that was as good as it gets for this "mini-Dynasty"..

Detroit at 4?
Other than Verlander.. I really dont like Detroit..
I know they got red hot in september last year..
But there division was straight forward, and they get a feast of easy wins..
Put them in the AL East, and flexing their muscles, wouldnt be quite so routine..

Atlanta at 14th?
Dude, they almost made the playoffs last year..
To have them ahead of the Marlins, makes an extremeist like osama bin laden, look like Ghandi..
The Braves have solid pitching.. And some noice bats..
Atlanta is very well rounded.. You are being to harsh..

Ha, very funny about the steaks.

However, you can't deny a team that has made it to the World Series the past two seasons, and vault teams like the Yankees and Sox above them. Sure, the Rangers lost Wilson, but they still have Colby Lewis, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison and Alexi Ogando. Neftali Cruz is also going to be made a starter, and the Rangers picked up Joe Nathan to close.

The Rangers awesome offense is still the same, even without Hamilton for many games due to injuries. With or without signing Fielder, Texas has to be #1 on the list.

I don't know why you don't like Detroit. Their offense is just as good as the Yankees, and I'd take Verlander over any three of the Yankees starters. PLUS, the Tigers beat the Yankees in New York in the playoffs! Playoffs? Playoffs? Without any significant losses to the Tigers, I don't see how you have the Yankees over Detroit.

Atlanta just has had bad luck with all the injuries to their pitchers, and they will have a rookie playing shortstop. I'm wondering how that starting rotation is going to hold up for the season.

And as for the teams in Ohio: Cincinnati > Cleveland.

Good TD, HCF.

December 14, 2011  02:29 PM ET

8 AL teams before the first NL team?

December 14, 2011  02:30 PM ET

NVM I missed the phills.

December 14, 2011  02:31 PM ET

really don't feel like arguing this but there are definately some teams I would move around.

December 14, 2011  02:37 PM ET

Giants 13th? I doubt many baseball fans would agree.

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December 14, 2011  02:42 PM ET

Love the mix of city name and nicknames lol

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December 14, 2011  03:01 PM ET

What team(s) that he has ranked higher do you think the Giants are better than?

Brewers, maybe arizona, maybe toronto.

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December 14, 2011  03:10 PM ET

What team(s) that he has ranked higher do you think the Giants are better than?

Remember, the dude isn't very bright.

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December 14, 2011  03:12 PM ET

Did you pick the Brewers because of Braun's pending suspension and the assumption that Fielder is gone?Given the 2011 finishes, I don't see how you would say Arizona.Toronto is better than the Giants. Easily.

those were two parts of picking the crew, and I was an avid supporter of the brewers last year, that said, I am waiting on the Arizona bandwagon, they kind of came out of nowhere last year and I want to see if they can sustain that level of performance they were able to produce. as for Toronto, that one I was stretching on a bit, but I don't think it is that far off.

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December 14, 2011  03:17 PM ET

Right now, I'd bump the Braves down to 13th.

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December 14, 2011  03:19 PM ET

Right now, I'd bump the Braves down to 13th.

Rookie SS, Hudson and Hanson have health concerns, and I can't trust Jurrjens to stay healthy even if we keep him.

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December 14, 2011  03:25 PM ET

Hanson is a BIG concern in my opinion. That young with shoulder issues? If I had to choose between him or Jurrjens for the Indians, I'd take Jurrjens.

I read an article right after Jurrjens sophomore season that he is a good candidate to be the next Mark Prior(injury wise).

But, hanson is a huge concern. It's kind of a shame really, I hope he gets it worked out. I like the future of our rotation, but right now, I'm not sold on it being good enough to get to the playoffs without a healthy Hanson, Jurrjens and Hudson.

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