• 12/16/2011, 01:23PM ET

49ers vs cowboys.. Who is more over rated?

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

im going with cowboys.. As being over rated..
everyone is in love with this team,
guess cause its americas team, or something..

Guess what folks? They are only 7_6..
they dont like playing close games,
cause they blow alot of them..
cant wait for the dallas coach to get fired..
a team with that much talent has no business being 7_6..
dallas is simply not executing when it matters most, the 4th quarter..

49ers, meanwhile have a fantastic record, with only 3 losses this year..
yeah, maybe the 49ers are overachieving..
but I dont see how that makes them over rated..
they gave baltimore a good run for their money, on thanksgiving, not too shabby..
alex smith has finally learnt how to manage a game..
and the 49ers defence, makes summer homes in the riviera look like a ghetto, ooh la la..

So Dj, can you back up your statement??

Bring the oooh la la:) ha ha..

"everyone is in love with this team"

Who exactly is everyone?

"Guess what folks? They are only 7_6.."

Keen observation.

overrated: To overestimate the merits of; rate too highly.

The 49ers have benefitted from playing 1 of the easiest schedules, it's ranked 30th out of 32 teams. Not to mention, they play in the NFC West.

The bottom line is Smith has completed 87 of 140 passes (62.1%) for 177.4ypg, 6.33ypa, 4 TD's, 4 INT's, and a 78.3 Passer Rating in the 5 games vs Cincinnati, Dallas, NY Giants, Detroit, and Baltimore. Against teams over .500.

All below his season numbers of 61.7%, 197ypg, 7.17ypa, 15 TD's, 5 INT's, and a 91.7 PR. Smith has not stepped up when it counts and that will come back and haunt them in the playoffs.

San Francisco reminds me a lot of last years Falcons team that posted a gaudy 13-3 record and was destroyed in their first playoff game, 48-21. Those Falcons were definitely overrated.

There IS a saying;

"dallas is america"s team"..

I did not come up with that phrase..
for some reason, alot of people love this team..

I have seen alot of power rankings over the past couple of weeks,
where dallas was seeded way too high..
alot of people ranked them 4th in the NFC..
but I see it as:
1. GB
2. New orleans, with drew brees, you always got a shot..
3. 49ers, despite your backlash.. Your record is who you are, and the wild cards are not exactly brilliant..
5. Lions, I really like this team, and think they have multiple weapons..
6. Falcons
distance distance distance
7. Dallas, best of the bad teams.. No way can they be considered an elite team..
i dont like their QB and I dont like their coach..

San fran have an awesome defence..
49ers remind me of the ravens and bucs that won the SB couple years back..
like those teams they have a game manager QB, alex smith..
i think san fran would be favourite against gmen, dallas, lions and falcons..
and I give them a 45% chance of beating new orleans..
apart from GB, the NFC isnt all that..

"San fran have an awesome defence..
49ers remind me of the ravens and bucs that won the SB couple years back.."

A couple? Baltimore won it in 2001 and Tampa won it in 2003.

The Raven defense was a lot better than SF's defense.

The 49ers have an excellent run defense (1st in the NFL) and a below average pass defense (19th). They are 1st in ppg allowed, but is that really any surprise?

Seattle (25th)
Cincinnati (18th)
Tampa (26th)
Cleveland (30th)
Washington (27th)
Cardinals 2x (24th)
Rams (32nd)

Those are some pathetic offensive teams right there.
Tony Romo and Jon Kitna combined to throw for 427 yards against them.

Satfford threw for 293 yards against them.

Eli threw for 311 yards against them.

A QB like Aaron Rodgers would carve them up like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

"7. Dallas, best of the bad teams.. No way can they be considered an elite team.."

Why? Dallas already beat them once in San Francisco.

To be overrated, people have to think highly of you.

They have faced 5 teams over .500, compared to 9 for the Cowboys.

On a weekend of zillion upsets..
i pick the one pony that doesnt want to get out of the stall, bucs..
dallas did look good.. I will give ya that..
gmen disappointed me, big time..
gmen should beat lousy jets..
so this will most likely come down to gmen vs boys grand finale..
I would feel more comfortable as a gmen fan, personally..
if dallas does not make the playoffs, then they were over rated..

49ers have had a fantastic season..
and have beat multiple good teams..
they will be a threat in the playoffs..
and they will get a fine win tonight,
cause big ben is banged up..

Good luck DJ, You are going to need it!

I don't think Dallas can be overrated. Nobody is expecting them to do much at all really. They are 7-6, but they have had an absolutely beastly schedule this season.

I am not saying the 49ers are a bad team, there is a difference. But, I don't think they are as good as their indicates if I haven't made that clear enough by now. They just don't have a good enough QB to make plays when they need to.

I made the comparison to last years Falcons team for a reason. They also had a game manager at QB, but Ryan is capable of making more plays than Smith is. Simply, because he had a better WR in Roddy White.

I think the Steelers win, 21-13.

Next time, HCF. You have to bring it more than you did in this TD. Not much left to say, but the ever popular....

Cake and boobies

ala mode!!!!!

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December 16, 2011  02:04 PM ET

dude on da rite is stupid

And your spelling proves you are an idiot

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December 16, 2011  02:08 PM ET

dude on da rite is stupid

what? do you know him personally? That is your first comment ever on FN, .....and you are calling "HIM" stupid?


December 16, 2011  02:09 PM ET

So's yor girlfrends ****.

I doubt you are here for much more than ...oh, let's say,,,,, 24 hours........

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December 16, 2011  05:25 PM ET

Where exactly are the 49ers rated?

1st in the division. Thats just a fact.

I don't believer we're going to the SB or that we'll even be in the NFC championship game. But we are a top 5 team in the NFC this year. Is that overrated?

I don't see how since we weren't picked to go to the playoffs at the start of the season.

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December 16, 2011  05:48 PM ET

Who cares?
If the boys make the playoffs it's most likely one and out (business as usual).
SF has been irrelevant too long, so even a one and out is a huge step in the right direction.
I would say SF is much more overrated because their last glory was in 94, that's 17 years ago, years in which they have slowly gone down and then took a dive to the bottom of the mediocre barrel. Yet they have kept a fanbase that acts as if this year their Montana clone is ready to take the field.

December 16, 2011  05:58 PM ET


Who you got as 5 better teams in the NFC?


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