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Is LeBron James truly a "dirtbag"? Good Luck to the accepter!

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Look at this article. It's nice, right? It's sweet, it's caring, it's heartwarming...
...THEN BAM! Look at all the comments. A crap load of hate messages.

This is pretty much how America views the NBA's Sweetheart. About 98% of them (outside of Miami) hate him. 1% care about him, and the other 1% could care less.

Everybody says he's a dirtbag. I personally think they're wrong. I feel like most of them hate him because he's so good. Sure, he comes off as arrogant and an attention-****, but is this the true LeBron James. The problem with America is we focus on the bad more than the good, which is why people love to hate LeBron. I think it's unfair to LeBron that EVERY MOVE HE MAKES, he's going to be the bad guy.

People overreact to the fact that he was "disobient" and acted like a "traitor" to the Cavaliers. After the season ended for Cleveland, and after LeBron's contract with Cleveland ended, he became a free agent...isn't that what free agents do? Don't they pick what team they go on because of:

b)A ring

I don't think he's a dirtbag.
Btw, on the article, my name is zapt52.

Dirtbag may not be the right word, but he reaps everything he sows.

Reasons why people don't like Lebron:

1) He is a spoiled brat. Typical of this new generation of athletes, it's all about me me me me. And yes brat, because he is still an immature child.

2) Failure to take responsibility for his actions. Some examples:

- The decision was completely idiotic. It might not have been his idea, but when you see the backlash you get... man up and say it was wrong. Don't play the victim.

- His 4th quarter failures. Don't quit on your team. Don't say you don't have the talent around you. If the team was good enough to win "x" amount of games and take a lead into the 4th quarter, it's good enough to play 1 more quarter.

- The dissing of Dirk and his illness. It wasn't a joke. You were being a tool. Apologize and move on.

3) Yes, because he is the best all around player in the game. People hate good players until they play for them (and sometimes they still hate them).

4) For all his fame and fortune, he hasn't put a stamp on his "brand" with charity work and things like that. He needs to get his name out there more in that aspect.

1) If it's typical of the new generation of athletes, why do people hate JUST LeBron James. Why don't people hate players like Monte Ellis, Andre Iguodala, etc...aren't they all part of that generation, too?

2) a) The decision...there's a comment on the link that talks about HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS doing the same thing. "I'm going to take my talents to __________ University." Isn't that the same thing?! Sure it's not national level, but it's the same thing to a smaller scale.

b) "If the team was good enough to win "x" amount of games..." If we're talking about him quitting in the 2009-2010 playoffs. The team, TECHNICALLY, wasn't even that good. The team won 62 games. They played 42 against below average teams.
They won 36 of those 42...
All in all, they weren't that good.

4) I know this will sound arrogant, but just becuase you have all this money, doesn't mean you need to give it to charity. Is it nice? Yes. Is it right? Yes. Is it required? No. He doesn't need to go to charity.

I think people find it a problem when you're good and you know it. That's why people hate LeBron James.

1) People don't hate JUST Lebron.

They hated Iverson for much of the same. They don't respect Tomlinson in the NFL for quitting all the time. They don't like Reyes for punking out to win the batting title. They don't like Hanley for being a lazy whiner.

2) No high school students MOCKING Lebron isn't the same thing. First, they're going to university because they graduated. They can't STAY in high school. LBJ could have stayed. The kids are trying to be funny or cool when they make fun of The Decision.

2.b) A team that wins 62 games and 2 or 3 in a playoff series shouldn't magically suck in the 4th quarter of a playoff game.

4) For some reason, you missed 3.

No LBJ doesn't have to give to charity, donate time or make appearances. But many famous people do and that's why they get some respect or admiration from others. LBJ could do many things with his fame and fortune, but for the most part, he prefers to do nothing but be a scrotum purse.

Scrotum purse? I'm gonna start calling people that!

Will they now start to hate Santonio Holmes because of him quitting on the team? Probably.

Although LeBron did quit in the 4th it's not like he didn't do anything. Although he averaged 29.1 points, 7.6 assists, and 9.3 rebounds a game, it still wasn't enough. I think because he played poorly during crunch time, fans got on his butt. That's why he left. The fans wouldn't let him live 09-10 down.

The fans became impatient with him, and LeBron became impatient with having no surrounding talent to help him out. He's still yet to win a ring after failing to do so in last year's finals.

"You don't know what you have until it's gone." I think Cleveland is starting to feel the truth of that statement.

I just don't think "LeBlow Job" deserves to be hated to this level.

Good TD!

You're focusing too much on what he does ON the court. That plays into it a bit, but most of the hatred comes from the stuff he says and does off the court.

1) The big fancy showboating parade type event Miami had when he and Bosh came to town BEFORE they won anything.

Again, probably not his idea... but doesn't he realize how stupid he looks?

2) The showboating in Cleveland with his teammates. The fake camera posing, the pretend video taping, the dancing, etc....

3) Refusing to shake hands after a playoff loss and calling his teammates losers.

4) Crying about his treatment to the media and his stupid "What Should I Do" commercial. Again, not his idea...

But this kid needs to grow a brain and start making smart choices for himself.

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January 1, 2012  10:59 PM ET

Damn, CM!!!! That was fast!!!!

I refreshed the page and I already have Fanmail! Like sheesh, could you get any quicker? LOL

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January 1, 2012  11:06 PM ET


Saying someone could care less implies they do care about it somewhat.

January 1, 2012  11:09 PM ET

i cant see the article but hes not a dirtbag if you compare him to Jerry Sandusky but he is the way he left the team on prime time televison, its all relative .

The article is about how LeBron proposed to his long time girlfriend (like since High School). Almost everybody bagged on him via comments. It pissed me off. Just thought I should argue this out.

January 1, 2012  11:09 PM ET

IT'S COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!Saying someone could care less implies they do care about it somewhat.

You're right. Good catch, NASCAR. lol

January 1, 2012  11:46 PM ET

Might drop this. I don't know if i would call him a dirtbag if that's the exact word that is being argued. He's a dick, a ****, immature, arrogant, cocky, a crybaby, and is certainly not a victim that should be surprised he gets the reaction out of people that he does. The hate is also not because he's good. I'll decide in the next hour or so.

( i also like LeBron, but can't root for the Heat because i hate Wade and of course would prefer the Bulls to be the ones who win)

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January 2, 2012  12:22 AM ET

@ CubanMissingwhy do you hate Wade, im just curious?

Because he is the most coddled athlete in any sport who was handed a championship by the refs.
Because he obviously made fun of Dirk and rather then just saying it was a Joke tried to act like people made it up.
Because he was so afraid apparently people wouldn't see his name when he was on his back flopping that he decided to wear 2 multi-colored band-aids with his name on them on his face.
Because he does his shopping in Andre 3000's closet
Because he chose Miami because it was the best choice for his family...........who lives in Chicago
Because he does all of the **** people hate LeBron for and isn't nearly as talented.
Because of the numerous lies he tells, the numerous posing after shots, the talking back to the crowd, the fake injuries..................

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January 2, 2012  01:24 AM ET

If LeBron had left Cleveland without quitting against Boston and without the Decision, I wouldn't hate him.

But he didn't.

January 2, 2012  01:45 AM ET

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January 2, 2012  02:02 PM ET

wow Cuban. That's a brutal video. U can clearly see the kid RIGHT THERE and all James has to do is hand the shirt to him. Nope, throw it on the ground and let him pick it up cuz he's a nobody.

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January 2, 2012  03:09 PM ET

If LeBron had left Cleveland without quitting against Boston and without the Decision, I wouldn't hate him.But he didn't.

this. Voting right, but will check back in later.


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