• 01/04/2012, 10:23AM ET

Steelers over Broncos this weekend


The Steelers will win this game even though it may be close. The Broncos offensive style and forte is running the ball. The Steelers defensive forte is stopping the run. Do you really trust Tebow to be able to make a play throwing when the box will probably be stuffed with 8 players or more? Keep in mind, we've got one of the best defensive minds in history, LeBeau, behind the Steelers D w/ his schemes. He'll come up with something to stop Tebow & McGahee. With all of the blitzing Tebow won't have enough time to find open receivers. Even when he's not blitzed he seems to have trouble doing this and completing the throw. He's not the most accurate QB out there as you all know. The Broncos backed into the playoffs while the Steelers, though not pretty, have kept winning no matter who's playing or where they're playing. I'll take Big Ben anyday over most QB's, especially Tebow, due to his quick release and being able to get the job done no matter what, time after time, especially in the playoffs. The Steelers have many combined years of playoff experience. Much more than Denver does. I think Redman, Moore and Clay can combine to replace Mendenhall & the WR's are still solid and fast.

Finally Got you're argument up Huh??? Well Here I go

The Steelers have been hit by a bunch of injuries leading up to the playoffs. Big Ben isn't 100%, Rashard Mendenhall isn't playing, and their free saftey Earl clark is out with a sickle cell sickness.

With Ben hurt, that helps our chances in this game because the passing game won't be as strong so our Defense can take advantage of that. the only problems that the bronco's D would face would be to stop the run which We can do pretty well.

When it comes to our offense Tebow's gotta make the smart passes and run the ball when he see's an open lane... With the steelers tenacious D Tebow won't have all day in the pocket so they should make smart, short passes and utilize the running game as much as possible....

And We're Talking About TEBOW!!! When the games on the Line It's TEBOW TIME!!!!
He's lead this team from 1-4 to being in the playoffs.... if anybody can overcome the odds it's him..

Im a bronco's Homer, and i know that the odds don't favor denver but i believe we can win this...


Ryan Clark isn't playing, true, but Polamalu sure is. I see him spending alot of time at the line of scrimmage and blitzing in to disrupt Tebow's timing and Denver's run calls.

Woodley and Harrison will be too much for the Denver tackles to handle off the edges. They will funnel everything inside to Hampton, Hood, Farrior and Timmons. They will prevent Tebow from getting to the outside where he can do damage (right, NY Jets?).

As far as the Steelers run game, well, they haven't really had one all season. They've "dinked and dunked" w/ quick passes to replace that. I know between Dumervil and Miller the Broncos have a good pass rush but they won't have enough time to get to Ben because the ball will already be out. His ankle will prevent him from dropping back 5 to 7 steps and launching long balls to Wallace. PGH will bunch their receivers close the line of scrimmage and run their under-routes and picks to get open.

I think by this point, especially w/ the playoffs, the "Tebow magic" may have worn off and reality is setting in. He's going against the NFL's #1 defense; better than anyone he's faced this season. Tebow hasn't really beaten any good defenses this season at all.

I think our O-line will step up to the challenge of containing the steelers D-line and giving tebow a chance to throw. but if they don't we should maximize our running game and keep pounding the ball down the middle and to the outside...

I really think that Big Ben won't be effective in this game.... his leg's been hurting and that will really effect his performance because as a QB it's all about how you move in the pocket and setting your legs for a good throw.... and our defense will take advantage of his weakness because im sure that we will utilize the blitz a lot in this game.

And what you said about the Steelers run game is true. if we can stop the short passes we can keep them from running the ball...

And TEBOW MAGIC NEVER WEARS!!!! If We can Keep this thing close or Come back, we can win in two ways

1. Tebow Time
2. Letting Matt prater Put the dagger in the heart.


But if you keep pounding the ball inside and outside the Steelers will stop that. Their run defense is just too good. Woodley and Harrison are too fast and will contain that. You can't just keep running and then throw when it's obvious that you need to throw. Plus, containing the Steelers D-line is easier said that done. But, if you do contain them then you have to worry about those 2 OLB's wreaking havoc in your backfield.

If you've watched Ben enough, as I have, you realize that he can make things happen regardless of injury. In fact, sometimes it's like he's BETTER banged up. Does he make most of his plays outside of the pocket? Yes, he does. But he'll make just enough from the pocket to win. They won't have to put up many pts at all because I really think that Denver's offense will have alot of trouble scoring vs the PGH defense.

I do think you're right about Denver utilizing the blitz, yes. However, Arians will counter w/ quick passes and probably putting Ben in the pistol formation and not just the shotgun.

I do like Tebow, always have. But this is the best defense in the NFL and the playoffs. Tebow magic has already worn off a little. Prater is no guarantee, either.

What you said about denver running is true.... So what do we do we keep them on their toes... Mixing in play action and screen passes to keep the steelers D honest. and tebow's gotta make the throws when they're available

It's a tall order but i think that our Defense will keep the steelers offense from doing a lot of damage and getting our offense back on the field so we can produce.... and i also think that our O-Line will keep tebow safe

I think that this will be tebow's statement game.... i think he's going to break out and do some amazing things against the steelers.... if not then he might have a real bad game but i don't think that will happen...

this game might come down to FG's where we've been effective all season... Matt Prater has hit multiple field goals over 50+ yards... if there's somebody i would trust with the winning FG, it would be him...


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January 4, 2012  10:27 AM ET

No kidding.......

January 4, 2012  10:38 AM ET

I agree.

yup; you know we're gonna see you guys. it was bound to happen...that's what everyone wants anyway: round 3!!!

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January 4, 2012  01:09 PM ET

Good thing you guys never beat us in the playoffs!!!hahaha

good call but that may change this season...i guess we'll find out soon enough, right man?

January 4, 2012  01:16 PM ET

can someone please create an actual TD instead of posting random BS.

Why is this being allowed?

January 4, 2012  01:31 PM ET

I will take this one if DJ doesn't.....

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January 4, 2012  02:31 PM ET

An argument that the Broncos will win would have to involve a scenario where a tainted Steeler team meal caused massive food poisoning among the players and rendered 3/4 of them unable to play.

January 4, 2012  03:11 PM ET

An argument that the Broncos will win would have to involve a scenario where a tainted Steeler team meal caused massive food poisoning among the players and rendered 3/4 of them unable to play.

More like 9/10 unable to play but I get your drift!

January 4, 2012  03:21 PM ET

good call but that may change this season...i guess we'll find out soon enough, right man?

Yes we will! The $64 million question is will it be in the Divisional Round or for the AFC Championship???

January 4, 2012  03:25 PM ET

Hopefully the latter here in Baltimore!

January 4, 2012  03:26 PM ET

please take it.

January 4, 2012  03:27 PM ET

I will take this one if DJ doesn't.....

please take it.

January 4, 2012  03:29 PM ET

can someone please create an actual TD instead of posting random BS.Why is this being allowed?

just relax dude; everyone does this. i'm not typing up a big argument if no one is going to take the TD.

January 4, 2012  03:35 PM ET

please take it.



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