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Rank the top 5 WRs in the playoffs

JdsJets: Trade up for LUCK! (36-34-7) vs Ogre: Batman (45-35-11)

Only five, it could be too much to argue if there were more. Try to make it list first and back up why the player is up there.

1. Calvin Johnson- Guy is a freak and he has had great stats in each of his last three games. Also has had a great all around season to back up his incredible talent.

2. Wes Welker- Didnt finish the season quite like he started it but he still catches many passes and is Brady's favorite target

3. Greg Jennings- He may be coming back from an injury and he has practiced so he is likely to play. He wont put up unrealistic stats but when healthy, he is consistent just about each game

4. Victor Cruz- The guy has come out real hot, he had an amazing breakout year, but I would love to see more from him before I can move him as high as #2.

5. Andre Johnson- The guy has unbelievable talent, but he has no QB throwing to him. He would be #2 if he had a QB but Yates wont make him as effective as he could be with Schaub.

Good Luck whoever accepts

Good luck to you too.

1. Calvin Johnson

2. Andre Johnson - Johnson has to be number 2. Ignore the stats for this one, as this year Johnson has been slowed a bit by injuries and a QB carousel. He's easily one of the top 3 most talented WRs in the NFL right now, clearly top 2 left in the playoffs.

3. Greg Jennings

4. Wes Welker - Great slot receiver, but compared to the three ahead of them, he's not as dangerous. Less of a vertical threat, but still excellent at catching a quick pass and tacking on some extra yards.

5. Roddy White - You left off one of the most consistent and dangerous WRs in the NFL. White has had 5 straight 1,000 yard seasons and back to back 100 catch seasons. He has clearly developed into one of the biggest threats at WR in the league. I like him more than Cruz.

Glad to see some changes we can argue.

Andre Johnson vs Wes Welker- You said that Wes Welker is less dangerous compared to the other three ahead of him. I'm not going to lie and say Welker has more talent but there are a few things that put Welker ahead of Johnson RIGHT NOW.

When you said that Welker is less dangerous than the three above him (including Andre Johnson), you must realize that Welker is far more dangerous. Andre Johnson has a ROOKIE QB who really can't take full advantage of having a star like him. Welker has well, HOF QB Tom Brady. Any solid reciever with Tom Brady is dangerous, but a star reciever with TJ Yates can't be so dangerous

It is hard to compare stats since Andre is more banged up and has missed many games.

Cruz vs White- Cruz has more yards and touchdowns than Roddy White this season, barely even playing weeks one and two. Cruz has also been slightly better to finish off the season. Also, Roddy White leads the league with 15 dropped passes. Cruz with 7, has less than half that total. Roddy White would have been 6th on my list, but his drops are preventing him from being on a list with other GREAT recievers

Why would I care who Andre's QB is? I didn't know the TD was "best QB and WR combo". Oh wait, it's not. It's best WR.

Everyone in the league knows that Andre, Calvin and Larry are the top 3 WRs in the league regardless of who is throwing them the ball. So maybe his stats won't be as gaudy as Welker, but why does that matter? I'd rather take a freak of nature at catching passes than someone who has Brady throwing him perfect catch and run passes. Andre is far and away the better WR. Welker is talented, but shouldn't be second on this list at all.

Stats stats stats. There's more to the game then stats. Like, for example, the fact that Cruz played on the worst rushing team in the league, and was for a while Eli's only target as his WRs battled injury. White has proven to be a consistent threat in the league, a player who can produce year after year. He had more drops in 50 more targets than Cruz, which doesn't really concern me.

The fact is, White is a much more consistent threat at WR; a player you can throw to and count on to bring in 6 catches per game and make plays. Until Cruz shows some constituency, I'm not swayed.

Sorry for the long wait, I have been pretty busy with school lately.

Johnson may have more overall talent, but he has been injured for most of the season. Johnson has played in seven regular season games since week 16 last year. The guy is banged up. He has talent but he is hurt. Wes Welker has not missed a game since week 17 of 2009 which he left early for a torn ACL. It is hard to play to your potential when you are not 100%.

Just because Welker is a slot reciever, does that make him not so talented? Talent doesnt mean better and more effective. Johnson has more talent, but injuries and lack of QB have slowed him down.

Roddy White may be someone you can count on to catch six passes in a game, but you can also count on more drops. Cruz would not have doubled his drop total in 50 more attempts.

Cruz is also more explosive. He averaged 18.7 yards per catch this season and yet he isnt even that fast. He makes plays after he catches the ball. You wont see Roddy White slip as many tackles as Cruz. White is very good, but he drops way too many passes.

In his postseason debut with rookie TJ Yates throwing to him, Johnson pulled in 5 catches for 90 yards and a touchdown. There is no way that he was 100% in that game, and Yates is no Schaub, and yet he still had a huge impact. If that is indicative of how much more talented Johnson is then Welker, I don't know what is.

You admitted yourself Johnson has more talent. If we take QBs out of the equation and determine who the better WR is, I'm easily taking Johnson. He showed what he can do almost healthy on Saturday, and has shown throughout his career what he can do when fully healthy. Johnson is better than Welker.

Cruz dropped 7 passes while playing real minutes in ga14 mes this season, catching far fewer balls then White. He's not so sure handed himself.

In his playoff game, in a game in which Eli was carving up Atlanta's secondary, Cruz went silent with only 2 catches and 28 yards. In a game when Ryan was being stifled and Atlanta was playing awful, White had 5 catches for 52 yards. Cruz had a good season, but he's not consistent enough to belong in the top 5. Cruz has potential, but I'll take the proven thing in White over him right now in the top 5.

January 7, 2012  12:41 PM ET


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January 7, 2012  03:16 PM ET

To be fair, there is a huge difference between talent and results.

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January 7, 2012  03:36 PM ET

Amazing you left out Rob Gronkowski, the NFL's number one reciever all categories. So what if he's a TE with that kind of skill set and TB throwing him the ball?

January 7, 2012  03:42 PM ET

Amazing you left out Rob Gronkowski, the NFL's number one reciever all categories. So what if he's a TE with that kind of skill set and TB throwing him the ball?

Because a TE isn't a WR? Perhaps that has something to do with it?

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January 7, 2012  04:22 PM ET

Because a TE isn't a WR? Perhaps that has something to do with it?

There's becoming less of a difference every year.

But if Rob Gronkowski were fair game I'd also consider Jimmy Graham.

January 7, 2012  10:49 PM ET

Wow No AJ Green?Roddy White drops to many passes.Green has x100 more talent than Welker, Welker just has the better QB and system for his ability.Andre is banged up, I guarentee the Texans would take a healthy AJ over a unhealthy AJ.Calvin and Greg are the only two better than the rookie. And Greg is a little banged up.Adriel Jermichael should be somewhere on this list.

Jermichael over Gronkowski and Graham?

AJ Green over Welker?

What the **** are you on? hahahaha

January 7, 2012  10:49 PM ET

I think Welker should be higher than 4 Ogre.

January 7, 2012  11:38 PM ET

I think Welker should be higher than 4 Ogre.

He's not an outstanding, elite WR. He has Tom Brady throwing him perfect catch-and-run passes. He's a glorified slot WR.

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January 8, 2012  04:28 AM ET

Cruz over White. Will wait to vote.

January 8, 2012  08:25 AM ET

Gronk, Gronk, Gronk

January 8, 2012  09:49 AM ET

Calvin Johnson is technically out of the playoffs. You both lose.

January 8, 2012  11:37 AM ET

Megatron proved last night he was the best WR....12 Rec 211 Yds and 2 TD's....too bad our defense sucked ****. Oh well looking forward to next year.

January 8, 2012  05:02 PM ET

kinda cant believe that both sides agree on a banged up jennings for #3, over a lot of healthy guys who could be argued as better anyway....

January 8, 2012  07:23 PM ET

kinda cant believe that both sides agree on a banged up jennings for #3, over a lot of healthy guys who could be argued as better anyway....

Jordy Nelson over Jennings right now.


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