• 01/18/2012, 02:18PM ET

Steelers vs. Eagles - more promising team for the future.

@sir_snapbackHS (1-0-0) vs ralph7 (0-1-0)

so i'm sitting at home and my friend across the board starts to debate that the 8-8 Eagles are a better team than the 12-4 Steelers. so this gets to which team has more talent and who is better built for the future.

First things first the Steelers defense is absolutly DOMINANT. the Steelers had the best overall defense this year (again) and I admit they lost to a hot Tim Tebow but also played with a second string defense. But comparing the Eagles to the Steelers? i don't really think this is a comparison.

In my opinion, which I admit is a slightly biased one, Pittsburgh has the best receiving core in the league. Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, Jericho Cotchery, Emanuel Sanders, and Antonio Brown are phenomenal. The potential is limitless and Ben Roethlisberger is a top 4 QB when he is healty. His ability to extend the play is better than any qb in the NFL..

I really don't think this is even close but we're both passionate fans so neither one of us was budging so we come to fannation for opinions. LETS THROW DOWN !!!!!

As for the eagles 1st year defense and 1st year defensive coordinator also with a whole new defensive scheme and first year player acquisitions to this new defense they played fairly well..
also they had a rookie linebacking core too.

the eagles managed to have a top 10 defense and ranked 8th in it with there first year defense. the eagles have 3 pro bowl corners and became shut down corners at the end of the season. and to add to the defense our defensive line had the most sacks in the league. I believe the eagles will be in the top 3 defense next year.

as for the offense.. who is more explosive than the eagles? with desean, maclin, steve smith jason avant, riley cooper..... and lesean mcoy ... with mike vick leading the charge. this team was 4th in total offense.. with this i believe the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES are better built for the future...

If you want to talk defense you can't get better than Pittsburgh, they had the NUMBER ONE ranked defense this year. Philadelphia had a number 8th ranked defensive squad which isn't horrible but that "old defense" the Steelers put on the field week in and week out is taking care of business. Troy Polamalu is the best defensive player week in and week out in the NFL and he's going nowhere. A healthy Brett Keisel and James Harrison make the defensive line already better than the Eagles front 4. First year defense or not, the Eagles aren't about to have a more dominant defense than Pittsburgh anytime soon, not if Dick Lebeau has anything to say about it.

I can statistically name a few teams more explosive than the Eagles. Saints, Packers, and the Patriots. But if you just want to go off of offense I just dont't think Michael Vick can take a team to a super bowl much less win one. Ben Roethlisberger has been the league 4 years less than Vick and has 2 rings and 3 conference titles. Thats the end of the offensive talk as far as i'm concerned. Big Ben, love him or hate him, comes through when it matters.

Yes defense is wat im talking about like i said it was first year defense that had tge mozt dominant defensive line in the league now that is dominant . Lets takk bout the secondary and where the eagkes rank in their respective conferences the eagles made the top 15 as for the steelers they didnt even make the top 15. Now still remember this is a 1st year dline and secondary . As for the future i would take the eagkes any day over the steelers with young secondary nd dline the steelers are in for a let down for the future. As for asomugua u may think he ws overated but i dont think so he ws put into a new scheme to play mostly the reciever in slot nd did fairly well job. But goig in to the secondyer with this defense will sure upup the chances of the eagles to make the playoffs .. nd as for mike vick he is not just a runner he can sit in the picket nd deliver elite throws and he has proved it before EAGLES BETTER BUILT FOR FUTURE...

well i can't understand what u were saying but i'll try..

First year defense or not I don't believe you can top what Pittsburgh brings to the table. Experience is the most important thing in the NFL and your defense all star Nnamdi Asomguah wasn't even the best player on that side of the ball, Jason Babin takes that award. I'll admit the Steelers secondary got cooked in OT vs the Broncos but you put Troy Polomalu on ANY secondary and i'll take that one over any secondary in the league. He's hands down the most versatle defensive player in the NFL.

Steelers let down for the future? Need I remind you they have the best draft history in the league. They draft so well I don't feel they'll fall off anytime ever. The Steelers keep players and coaches alike for long periods of time. Meaning Mike Tomlin will be going nowhere soon. The youngest coach to ever win a superbowl will be the headman in the Steel City for a very long time. He's got two conference **** as well, as long as Andy Reid and Michael Vick are in Philly the Eagles are going nowhere.

Experience didnt do the steelers that good against tim tebow nd co. Especiallyin the playoffs but u will see how much slower the steelers will be next year nd years to come on defense .. thats preety much why pitt got swept by Baltimore this year a slow nd old defense. And i never said nnamdi was the best player on defense this year it was clearly jason babin .. nd if Pittsburgh defense was so good why could thety stop tim tebow the guy cant even throw a spiral but against Pittsburgh he sure did on their "number 1" defense.. so when the steelers draft more younger players on defense then come talk to me cuz Pittsburgh has been havingthe same dc for the past watever years nd still lost to a tim tebow in the playoff rite? all the eagles are far more younger and talented nd by next season they will have the chemistryon defense as if the eag le defense has been togets for years ... also the eagles have been as good as the steeerz in drafting chek it out cuz u really need to .. So AGAIN YOUNGER FASTER MORE TALENT IS WAT THE EAGLES ARE AND BETTER BUILT FOR THE FUTURE....

January 18, 2012  02:27 PM ET

Come on Ralph, enter your argument so I can vote against it.

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January 18, 2012  05:30 PM ET

I think it depends on what you mean by "The Future".

If you mean next year, it's the Eagles, because the Steelers D has too many older starters and their young guys aren't ready to step in. Even though the Steelers receiver corp is great and young, the Eagles passing game is pretty good, too, and they have a better running game and will probably have a better D next year.

But if the future means 2-3 or more years, then how can you bet against the Steelers, a team that's won 6 Superbowls and has a proven system of drafting and developing players, as opposed to a team that's never won the SB.

January 18, 2012  06:43 PM ET

Depends how many years Dick LeBeau has left.

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January 19, 2012  09:11 AM ET

Second string defense? Because one of their safeties was held out of the game? Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't get it.

I think he's also referring to 2/3 of the starting DL going down with injuries during the game. However, I wouldn't call that a second string defense just because some backups were getting more playing time than normal. The Steelers normally rotate their DL anyway, so taht didn't have a real big effect.

January 19, 2012  09:12 AM ET


January 19, 2012  09:13 AM ET

behind a brady, brees, and rodgers? anyone else better than him? name someone else with more rings.

January 19, 2012  09:20 AM ET

Based on the way the Steelers operate, they have a good platoon of young players on both sides of the ball already. Not to mention they draft better than 90% of the league, year in and year out.

They have a young coach with a long ways to go, 3 stars at WR, 4 RBs avg age 24, and OLine is in need of some serious overhaul with young super-talent.

The defense: frankly, is aged across the board. On the other hand, we have a solid group of under 26 players that will fill in as the veterens drop off (like Timmons already has). The Dline is the biggest factor right now with all 3 starters over 33 and injury plagued.

How do the Eagles match up with that?

January 19, 2012  09:21 AM ET

behind a brady, brees, and rodgers? anyone else better than him? name someone else with more rings.

i agree. Big Ben has that "It Factor". Dude gets it done. Plain and simple.

January 19, 2012  09:35 AM ET

as long as Vick is starting for the iggles, they will can't get anywhere with a RB playing under center...he was effective for the beginning of LAST season....then teams figured out how to stop him and they have sucked ever since (just like the wildcat has failed ever since a few weeks after the Fins made it work) addition, the iggles are built around a lot of talent that doesn't work well, their players are overrated....Asomugha was supposed to be a shut down corner that everyone would avoid but then QBs abused him constantly over the season...their #3 CB turned out to be their best one...iggles are also likely to release their best WR because he's a biiitch and an ****...unless they have one hell of a collection of draft picks, iggles will finish worse next season...

January 19, 2012  09:52 AM ET

comments 14 and 16 were basically my third argument lol. you guys got ahead of me

January 19, 2012  10:28 AM ET

The Eagles play in a weaker division than Pittsburgh though, so going 9-7 may win the Eagles the division next year. Not that I would say thats better than Pittsburgh cause we will be in the divison race again, even if its a three-way race next year.

January 19, 2012  10:36 AM ET

i agree. Big Ben has that "It Factor". Dude gets it done. Plain and simple.

That includes getting away with rape, right?

January 19, 2012  01:33 PM ET

That includes getting away with rape, right?

spare me with the rape talk. he didn't do it, *looks around room* ; but honestly i care about what happens between the lines. everyone in pittsburgh knows big ben is a **** but i could care less as long as he keeps bringing the lombardi to the steel city. is that the best you have? really? "that includes getting away with rape" please..


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