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49ers OVER Giants: The Giants are the hotter team right now, but I still like the 49ers to win. They have the #1 run defense in the league, Bradshaw and Jacobs will be shut down.

The Giants have a very good passing attack and the 49ers dont have a great pass defense. That is the only way the Giants will score. They will for sure score, but there was one thing I noticed about the GB-NYG game. Eli had all day to throw. This will not be the case against the 49ers pass rush.

The Giants have a better offense, but the 49ers showed they have a strong offense as well. Smith is a reliable QB who doesnt turn the ball over, and he has one of the top TE's in Vernon Davis. Gore is a very good RB.

49ers 27 Giants 21

Patriots OVER Ravens: High powered offense VS Great defense. The difference in this game will be whether Baltimore can score. I dont think they can.

I believe the Pats will get off to a quick start. They will pressure Flacco to throw, and he will have a rough game, even against that pass defense. The Ravens Defense will keep them close but they dont have the offense to compete point for point with the Pats.

Patriots 21, Ravens 16



I hate to be the one the one that points this out,
but packers just got their **** kicked by the giants!

Your argument about eli being rushed is, ooh la la..
brees was rushed and he still put up 32 points..
eli is of the same caliber of brees..
yes, yes he is..
manning threw for almost 5 freakin thousand yards!

You know what the best thing about having 2 quality running backs, like ny?
jacobs will give the 49ers bruises of their own, and convert 3rd and one situations..
bradshaw? a beautiful compliment.. If he can just get past the d_line, he will wreak havoc..
49ers are great at making hard hits, when the guy is exposed..
but they are not the best tacklers in open field..
grahm bent them over in open field harder than lindsey lohan gets bent over during a one night stand..
excuse the sexual ineuendo..
so lets not get to gushy over the 49ers secondary..

You are right about pats, but wrong score..
pats will open a can of whopper ****!!!

Did you just say Brees and Eli Manning are of the same caliber? Can I have some of what you are smoking?

Eli may have about 500 less passing yards, but Brees does not have Cruz and Nicks. If Brees did have those targets, he would have many more yards but anyway onto the argument...

The 49ers have the best rush defense in the league. The Giants were statistically the 32nd ranked rushing team in the league. They may not be the 32nd best but they certainly are not going to wreck havoc on the 49ers rush defense.

On average opponents get:
just over 3 rushing 1st downs per game
3 rushing touchdowns for their opponents all 16 regular season games!
3.5 yards per rushing play
around 75 rushing yards per game

So you think that Bradshaw and Jacobs will run all over this defense? Please.....

It is going to rain in San Fran. It is supposed to rain all throughout the weekend. What does this favor? The running game, not the passing game. The 49ers rely on their run more than their pass and the Giants rely on their passing much more than their running, advantage niners.

If Bradshaw can just get past the D-Line..... no wait HE WONT!

I know, this is a catch 22 comment Im about to make, but let me explain..
If the saints dont commit those 5 turnovers, then they dont lose the game..
Heck, if they only committed 3 turn overs, then they win with breathing space..
I know, and respect the fact that the 49ers brute physicallity defence, had alot to do with the saints committing 5 turnovers.. I got it good..
But do you really think the Giants will committ 5 turn overs?
No way!
If you are relying on 5 turnovers to win games, something is wrong..

Call me crazy, but I see alot of similarities between the falcons offense and the 49ers offense.. Both have game manager QBs, (although Ryan is significantly better than Smith), AND They both have beast RBs, (Im more of a Turner fan, cause he's got 30lbs on Gore! What a beast!)..
WHERE Im going with this, is that if the GMEN have the capabilities, to shut down the falcons offense.. I see no reason why the GMEN cant shut doown the 49ers offense too..

Plus, in the second and thrid quarter, Smith didnt really do anything against the Saints..
Thats a long time to do absolutely nothing.. Great QBs dont go through that long periods of nothingness..

The 49ers won because the Saints turned the ball over. That is true but same goes for the Giants. If Green Bay did not turn the ball over four times AND their receivers did not DROP 8 passes, they would have won. The Giants are advancing because the Packers did not show up to play the game. Sure the Saints may have had 5 turnovers, but the Packers played an awful game.

Do I think the Giants will commit 5 turnovers? probably not BUT, if the Saints can turn it over 5 times, so can the Giants. Remember, the Saints are supposedly a better offensive team that the Giants.

The 49ers and Falcons may have similar offenses but two things that separate them is

A) The 49ers defense has capability of giving their offense the ball quicker and forcing turnovers
B) Matt Ryan is much better in a domed stadium than cold weather. If the game was in Atlanta, the Giants defense wouldnt have looked as great.

Again, do you really think that Bradshaw and Jacobs will be effective against the 9ers run defense. Again, it will rain and that favors a run heavy team. The Giants will not be able to run anyway against the 49ers defense.

Advantage 49ers

Its pouring rain, its pouring rain!
Although rain is a factor.. Its not in the top 5 hardest conditions to play, (heat, snow, altitude etc etc are all tougher)..
Plus these guys are pros, they can still catch the ball if its wet..
If anything, I think it hurts san fran more, because if they fall behind, they will need another miracle from alex smith.. And Smith + rain + trying to come from behind = DISASTER!

Listen Godfather,
Lets be realistic, the 49ers are not as well rounded as the GMEN..
GMENs running game has come around.. Im not expecting the GMEN to run the ball effectively.. But they will run just enough to keep the 49ers guessing, and give their defence a chance to get some coffee and skittles..
GMENs defense has come around too.. They now have a quality defense, that will put pressure on Smith, (as if he didnt have enough problems)..

I keep telling people this..
This is the year of the passer..
Its only fitting that we get 2 quality QBs in the finals.. Eli and Tom..

I hope you are right.. My oldest bro is a giants fan and I hate my brother..
Your prediction isnt crazy either.. I give the GMEN a 57% chance of winning..
My dad agrees with you too:(

January 19, 2012  08:14 PM ET

since Beefy Burritos runied the last one and I want an actual debate

January 19, 2012  08:16 PM ET

Can't disagree with either. It's gonna rain like hell in San Fran this weekend.

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January 19, 2012  09:43 PM ET

I can't see the Giants losing to the Niners. Either way, I don't really care, either. lol.

January 19, 2012  10:39 PM ET

As long as New England doesn't win, I'm happy.

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January 20, 2012  10:52 AM ET

Tom Brady better be careful, because if Ray gets a chance, he WILL kill Tom.

and then be acquitted.

the man is just unstoppable.

January 20, 2012  10:53 AM ET

also, in 2010 when baltimore played in NE they crushed them. not sure if you remember that...

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