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Top 5 NFL Quarteracks

MorningWoodley (8-12-0) vs fvkasm2x (193-58-12)

1. Rodgers
2. Brees
3. Brady
4. Stafford
5. Eli Manning

Assuming you're only counting THIS year, I've got a shocker for ya.

#4 Eli
#5 Romo

I think Stafford comes in at #6.

I have Eli up there because he's found ways to win. He's staged comebacks in the 4th quarter doing the 2 minute drill (as does Romo. I'll talk about this later). He said he was an elite QB at the start of the year and everyone laughed at him. I think he's done enough to prove that he's at least in the discussion.

He threw for 290 more yards than Rodgers

And yes, I have to include Romo.

- 4th in Passer Rating at 102.5
- 5th in TD's
- 2nd in Interceptions
- 3rd in Passing %

I think if his supporting cast was healthy all year, the Cowboys would be in the playoffs and Romo's numbers would be even better.

Remember, he only had help from his RB (Murray) for part of the season. He didn't play in the first part, dominated and then got hurt. That takes pressure off Romo and allows him to do better. Also, his WR were often hurt. They played at less than 100% and missed games. Still, Romo put up great numbers.

I've got some situational stats for the next argument, which should help prove some of my points.

How can you not have Matt Stafford on this list? He was one on the 3 quarterbacks to pass for 5000+ yards this season.

Compared to Romo he is still a lot better. He had 10 more touchdowns this year, over 800 more passing yards than Romo, and his team had a better record than the Cowboys did.

When they played head to head (Week 4) after taking a 27-3 lead behind the support of the home field crowd, Romo blew the game by throwing 3 interceptions in the 2nd half.

Romo is notorious for choking.

You can't have someone that can't hold onto a lead be on the list of top 5 qb's this year!

I was hoping you'd bring up 4th quarter numbers. You (like many) are actually blinded by media bias and aren't really aware of the numbers.

Romo is great in the 4th quarter. You (like many) focus on the 1 or 2 failings he has and think it's representative of his entire body of work. Let's look at those 2011 situational stats I mentioned:

4th quarter performance:

Romo: 104.4 passer rating
Within 7 points in the last quarter? Try a 99.8 passer rating.

Stafford: 89.2 passer rating
Within 7 points?: 91.5

Both numbers lower than Romo. If Romo is terrible in the 4th, what does that make Stafford?

Romo threw 10 TD's with only 2 picks in the 4th quarter all year long. That Detroit game you talk about is the ONLY game this year in which he threw a pick in the 4th quarter and those 3 INT's in the half were half his entire INT totals all year in those quarters.

How about the stats when their team is losing?

Romo: 11 TD's with 2 picks and a rating of 102.9

Stafford's rating: 93.9

Overtime performance?

Romo: 116.7 passer rating

As you can see, Romo's numbers show that he plays VERY well late in the game.

If he plays so much better in late game situations then why is his record worse than Staffords?

Stafford's overall stats are way better than ROMO's! 10 MORE TD's!! Explain that? 800 more yards. Stafford had the 3rd most passing yards in the league this season.

Stafford is 5th in passer rating. Only one behind Romo. He won more games than Romo did. Stafford also had the 3rd most passing touchdowns this year while Romo was at 5th after a huge drop off.

I already mentioned Staffords amazing amount of passing yards but lets look at Romo's. Romo is 7th behind Phillip Rivers (who had a terrible year) and just above Cam Newton.

They were both sacked 36 times so they were facing about the same amount of pressure.

Clearly Stafford's total regular season stats are so much better than Romo's! Stafford should be on this list and not Romo!

"overall stats" are better? No... he has more yards and more TD's. That's it. Those are the only 2 numbers that are better. That also comes from more passing attempts.

Those 2 things are all you have.

Stafford also has more interceptions. Stafford also has a lower completion rate.

Completion %:

Romo: 66.3
Stafford: 63.5


Romo: 10
Stafford: 16

Saying Detroit won more games doesn't really matter that much. You have to look at defense, special teams and schedule strength when examining team wins... not just QB performance.

I also said Eli was better than Stafford. Why didn't you discuss that? I feel that you are focusing too much on Romo and not at all on Eli. If you look at my list, I said they were both better than Stafford, but you haven't questioned Eli once.

And lastly, Romo played hurt and played well. That game was impressive and shook some of the doubters off Romo. Stafford is most improved player (perhaps) but that doesn't make him a top 5 QB. I can't recall a game this year where people talked about his grit or tenacity, which should also be factored in.

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January 20, 2012  03:08 PM ET

As much as I dont think 4-5 arent nearly top5 QB's, it is tough to argue who else is

January 20, 2012  03:18 PM ET

As much as I dont think 4-5 arent nearly top5 QB's, it is tough to argue who else is

Well with the Peyton injury, Big Ben being mediocre and Rivers fiasco this year, the door was wide open.

January 20, 2012  03:18 PM ET

There aren't 5 still left in the playoffs.

I think he's talking about the year

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January 20, 2012  03:32 PM ET

Brady #3? People still don't get it I guess.

In the NFL overall, he's #1. This year alone, he probably is #3. Brees and Rodgers set records. Brady was "just" great.

I'm impressed Romo made the cut here. Kasper's finally listening to the smart guys around here like myself, Marlins and CCC. lolz!

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January 20, 2012  03:38 PM ET

Brady #3? People still don't get it I guess.

not in NE ;)

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January 20, 2012  04:10 PM ET


ali and Frazier used to talk each other up too...just sayin.
was just kidding with you today anyway, thus the gai winky emoticon.

January 20, 2012  04:10 PM ET


I will enjoy if we can get a rematch of the 07 SB.

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