• 02/02/2012, 12:03AM ET

Michael Jordan is BY FAR the best basketball player on the bobcats

The Book of Tebow (11-65-2) vs HOOTZ (33-14-9)

That roster is gawd awful.

MJ would lead this team in scoring at this moment.

Contraction time...

Contraction time... must be referring to your opening argument.

Michael Jordan is the owner Tebow. He's 48 y/o and hasn't played in an NBA game since 2003.

The Bobcats are a team suffering from injuries to key players. That doesn't necessarily mean their roster is terrible or gawd awful.

Starting forward Corey Maggette lasted about two weeks this season before he pulled a hamstring....that's the $10 million a year Maggette by the way.

Starting point guard D.J. Augustin has been out with a toe injury.

The Bobs had 34 wins last season and only 3 so far this season. That's what happens when your starters aren't playing.

As for all of the injuries, I'm not going to hit you with the consequences of a lockout shortened conditioning pre season. Although I do consider it to be a huge reason why Charlotte hasn't been winning.

If you want to argue about the Bobcats I would be overwhelmed if you would just go ahead and do so. If you have any clue what you're talking about, now would be the time to convince me.

Time to man up and stop looking like the joker wild. Lets get a real debate going in our final 2 arguments.

Good Luck and MTC

Corey Maggette is 32 years, injury prone, never been the 1st or 2nd best players on any contending team, in 6 games this season was shooting a solid .300 from the field.

DJ Augustin is okay at best...not even in the upper half of starting point gaurds.

If anything the biggest drop off from last season and this season was losing Stephen Jackson, who was actually pretty decent last year.

Now that he is gone, we have players who would be the 4th-5th best on a playoff team (Maggette, Ty Thomas), Lottery Picks who play non-lottery picks (Gerald Henderson, Augustin, Bismack!, Kemba), and a who's-who's of career journeyman (Diop, Najara, Diaw).

The Bobs are 3rd to last in scoring offense, and 2nd to last in scoring defense. They have lost games by 39, 30, 33, 33, and last night by 44.

If anything this shorten season should them more opprotunities to win, given they are able to catch teams on back-backs, but no.

The Charlotte Bobcats severly lack talent, at every single position, injuries or not. I stick by my original argument, that MJ would lead this team in scoring and that they should be contracted for the good of the NBA

I appreciate your full effort in argument #2. I knew you were capable. You've brought up a few good points here.

The Bobcats are going through a huge transition right now. The team has recently been sold and the head coach was replaced. This comes on the heels of their first ever playoff apperance in 2010.

In 2012 the Bobcats are ranked 14th in home attendance per game and 13th on the road. You're calling for contraction on a team that is selling tickets? Why? The bottom line is to make money and turn a profit. The Bobs are doing that. Fans want to see them.

What I've pointed out is the very thing you refuse to understand, injuries. Gerald Henderson, the teams leading scorer guessed it, out for 2 to 4 weeks with a hamstring injury that happened in last nights game against Portland.

Even the best roster on earth isn't going to amount to much when not only are its starters injured, but its backups as well.

Even teams that severly lack talent, like nearly every season the LA Clippers have ever played don't automatically get disposed of.

MJ didn't look very impressive with the Wizards years ago. There's no reason for me to believe he's gotten better.

Dwayne Wade, Zach Randolph, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Al Horford, Richard Hamilton, Andrew Bogat and Eric Gordan.

All these players have missed some extended time for thier team.

None of these teams are 3-22.

The Bobcats lost to washington. Twice.

They lost to New Orleanes.

The lost to Detriot.

Hell they even lost to the knicks. By 33 points. At home.

The Bobcats are terrible.

Basketball is better when the teams are better.

Contract them. Jordan can sell shoes

Hell they even lost to the knicks. By 33 points. At home.

There you go my friend. I'm so glad you threw that one into the heap. They even lost to the KNICKS! Why is that big news? Probably because the Knicks have a GOOD roster and are still underachieving.

The Knicks with Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, Baron Davis and Tyson Chandler are solid proof that good team chemistry wins or loses games, not good rosters. It also shows that injuries are a thorn in the side.

The Knicks have been a far bigger disappointment this season than the Bobcats. But, since this TD is about the Bobs, I'll go back to my original statement. The Bobcats have been so riddled with injuries its a small miracle that they have won even 3 games.

A team with depth can usually overcome a key injury. But, a team with several key injuries and little depth, with that little depth being equally as injured as its key players cannot be EXPECTED to win games.

Charlotte is rebuilding. That is to say they are trying to. Unsuccessfully at the moment. Other teams like the knicks are also trying to revitalize themselves. It's not easy. It takes time and patients.

Good TD Tebow.

February 2, 2012  01:12 PM ET

Wow. A pretty good argument by Tebow in #2. Where did that come from?

February 2, 2012  01:37 PM ET

Wow. A pretty good argument by Tebow in #2. Where did that come from?

holy spirit?

February 2, 2012  02:00 PM ET

holy spirit?

hahahahahaha...... Havent heard that one (sarcasm)

February 2, 2012  11:20 PM ET

The Bobcats have little to no team chemistery at this very moment. They don't have 5 solid starters and probably don't have 5 solid backups. Do you honestly not see how banged up this team is?

This season is an anomaly in more ways than just an abridged schedule. Not sure why you insist that Michael Jordan would lead the Bobcats in scoring. If you even knew what you were talking about you would have already realized that Jordan would be out from 2 to 4 weeks with an injury at this very minute. So, how is he leading in scoring?

February 2, 2012  11:39 PM ET

Contraction time...

It would have been very helpful if you would have offered some sort of explanation as to what your point is here? What's up with contraction? Are you pregnant?

February 2, 2012  11:59 PM ET

I appreciate your full effort in argument #2.

I'm also amazed at all of your partisan votes. Sometimes it takes a good opening argument. At other times it takes a village.

February 3, 2012  11:33 PM ET

You're 24 hours are up Tebow. You could have argued that Charlotte is one of the worst teams in history at this stage. At least I would have thought you could have. By now I've given up all hope that you're able to argue anything at all.

February 3, 2012  11:38 PM ET

It's hard to disagree with left.

February 4, 2012  01:16 AM ET

February 4, 2012  02:31 AM ET

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February 4, 2012  09:15 AM ET

MJ can still shoot better than 98% of the world, just can't get past his last playing stint in team ball. Talent never trumps team play. We are talking Wizards not Bulls.

February 6, 2012  05:12 PM ET

Would you please finish this TD Tebow?

February 6, 2012  05:23 PM ET

Looks like Jordan isn't going to have much of a legacy when it comes to running a team.

February 7, 2012  09:39 PM ET

Looks like Jordan isn't going to have much of a legacy when it comes to running a team.

Looks like The Book of Tebow isn't going to have much of a legacy when it comes to arguing a TD either.

Comment #16 has been removed
February 8, 2012  01:08 AM ET

MJ can still shoot better than 98% of the world, just can't get past his last playing stint in team ball. Talent never trumps team play. We are talking Wizards not Bulls.

Michael Jordan never played for the Wizards.

February 8, 2012  01:24 AM ET

Michael Jordan never played for the Wizards.

February 8, 2012  10:59 AM ET

Michael Jordan never played for the Wizards.

^You stand corrected!

February 8, 2012  11:01 AM ET

The Bobcats are only this bad because they were meant to be bad. They brought in Rich Cho (who helped architect the current Thunder and Trailblazers) to rebuild this team. They wanted to get rid of the bad contacts they have and build with young players. Give this team a few years. They'll be a competitive playoff team. People forget how bad the Thunder were when Durant first got there. And if any team should be contracted, it's the Pacers. They have one of the best records and the league and NOBODY shows up to see them. Look at photos of their home games. There are some sections of seats that are 95% empty.


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