• 02/08/2012, 12:24PM ET

Gronkowski vs Gisele.. Who disappointed you more?

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs BM. (65-17-11)

Im going with Gronk.. as being more disappointing, to me..

There is something incredibly romantic about an athelete crying after he loses..
You can see the pain in Welkers eyes, after the game..
Meanwhile Gronk is dancing like a spasdic monkey..
Gronk is doing the polar opposite..
A real athlete, wants to lock himself in his hotel room for a couple of days and almost die of alcohol poisoning via drinking vodka, no ice, just like Alison form melrose place..
Bjorn Borg, would look like someone had died after one of his wimbledon losses..
Wheres the heart Gronk? Where is the grind?

Woman are emotional creatures..
Some drunk Giants fan was heckling her and making fun of her man..
Gisele was just trying to defend her man, and I have more respect for her now..
Dont mess with Gisele! or her man!

Hell, nobody else was taking this thing, so I figured I would.

I'm gonna start out with these two sentences that you posted:

Wheres the heart Gronk? Where is the grind?

This is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard on this site. No offense.

He broke the records for TD's in a season by a tight end and yards by a tight end this year. Dude was a beast.

He was "questionable" for this game and could have not played at all. The fact that he played showed he had heart.

The grind? He was visibly struggling with his injured ankle the entire game.

Point is, what did you expect from him? He had a great season and he celebrated afterwards. He's still young. Cut the dude some slack.

Gisele, on the other hand, should have recognized her place in this situation. She's a hot supermodel. She's arm candy for Tom. She shouldn't talk. She has no business opening her mouth unless it's for Brady's dong to enter.

She can complain all she wants when they get home, but when you are in public after the Super Bowl, shut your mouth.


I know everyone is different..
I know people react differently to failure..
Im just saying, I prefer it when athletes fail, they become complete basket cases..
It makes you wonder Gronk's commitment to winning..
I mean, if I came within ONE FREAKIN play of winning the SB..
I would Lock myself in the 5 star hotel room, and wouldnt leave until ALL OF THE ALCOHOL in the mini bar was gone! I would leave the room 2 or 3 days later, blood shot, alcohol sweat pouring out of my pores, skin white as a ghost and doing the super horrible after morning puking EVERYWHERE..

i DONT LIKE IT WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE THE ATHLETE WON, when in reality he just lost the biggest game of his life..

As for Gisele..
She looked EVEN HOTTER, when she got all bi-t-ch-y!
I cant believe TOM gets to home to that every night.. DAMN!
In my eys, she could murder, rape or even commit mass genocide, and I would still want to marry her!
Gisele can do no wrong in this world..
She was sent down from heaven, as an angel, to increase men's libido AND make sure the western worlds population doesnt decrease, so the arabs dont take over the world..

You prefer that athletes are unbelievably hard on themselves and drink themselves into oblivion alone in a hotel room? That's completely insane.

Yes, Gronkowski lost the biggest game of his life. But you fail to forget that he had arguably the best season by a tight end in NFL history. Not to mention the fact that he was drafted in 2010. It's not like his career is over. He career just started. He still has 10+ years left to win a SB, and with Brady still taking the snaps, he has a very good chance of doing so.

I applaud Gronkowski for not crying like a little pansy boy after losing the game. I'm sure he was pissed off, but drinking his sorrows away in public is a hell of a lot better than sitting in a hotel room crying.

Her actions aren't disappointing to you because she is attractive? Wow.

"In my eys, she could murder, rape or even commit mass genocide, and I would still want to marry her!"

Just when I think you couldn't possibly stoop any lower, you say something like this.

Oh, and by the way, Gisele's hotness is completely overrated and always has been.

quote from the rockband offspring:

"the more it hurts the more it showed you really cared"..
followed by shouting and screaming..

Why is that insane?
you like movies where the good guy wins..
i like movies, where im like:
"man that was messed up, I need a beer!"..
eg brokeback mountain, or the curious case of benjamin button..

If I had kids,
i would say:
"son, when you lose, dont act like gronk..
act like welker, someone whose soul has just been ripped out"..

Gronk is celebrating when:
1. Jacobs just said pats got decapated..
2. Jacobs again, told mrs brady to shut up..
3. Manningham just won hero of the SB, and became another boston villain..
4. Freakin eli just won his 2nd mvp and people are tryin to put him in the same class as brady and peyton..

If im gronk:
im just leaving the hotel room, after 3 days of crying and binge drinking..
im going up to the concierge and asking him:
"hey dude, can a puke up a pint of bile in the flower vase?"
after puking in the vase, I run to the nearest toilet,
i dont even have time to wipe strangers dried urine off the seat,
before the inevitable violent alcohol diahorrea takes place..

You are quoting wannabe punk bands now? Wow.

You are not very fly for a white guy. Now that we have that out of the way.....

You mentioned Brokeback Mountain? You should lose based on that alone.

Gronkowski has every right to celebrate. If I was a Patriots fan, I would be much more pissed off if he let it get to him enough to lock himself in a room and drink his face off. I would rather see him out having fun trying to shake off a tough loss.

Manningham has nothing to do with this.

Eli Manning has nothing to do with this.

Jacobs was right. Gisele should shut up. She is not a pro athlete, and Tom doesn't need her to defend him, especially not in the public spotlight.

So you think that puking in a vase in the lobby of a hotel is more respectable than going out and having fun after the game? That's odd.

This is quite possibly the dumbest TD I have ever taken part in.

Thanks for that!

February 8, 2012  12:33 PM ET

Voting left based on the Melrose Place reference.

February 8, 2012  01:20 PM ET

Neither disappointed me. As much as I hate Tom Brady, Gisele spoke the truth. And was Gronk supposed to be put on suicide watch after the game? He took the loss, but didn't let it effect him or change his plans.

February 8, 2012  01:22 PM ET

Neither disappointed me. As much as I hate Tom Brady, Gisele spoke the truth. And was Gronk supposed to be put on suicide watch after the game? He took the loss, but didn't let it effect him or change his plans.


February 8, 2012  01:43 PM ET

I want to go on the record as saying that Gisele has never disappointed me.


February 8, 2012  02:15 PM ET

Gisele did nothing wrong. She was correct.

February 8, 2012  02:20 PM ET

Gisele did nothing wrong. She was correct.

That's like a dumb **** reporter wanting to ask Harbaugh about his "feelings" after the niner loss. Wtf is he/she supposed to say? There were fans heckling her. I give her credit for not bitchslapping them.

As for Gronk, again, wtf do you want them to do; hang themselves?

February 8, 2012  02:20 PM ET

Neither did anything wrong. Gronk is still allowed to have a good time even a great time after a successful year. Everyone handles failure different. Some sit and cry in their beer, some get angry and beat their wives and Gronk takes some extacy and goes clubbing.

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February 8, 2012  04:29 PM ET

I was more disappointed in Gisele. She should have been giving Tom a consolatory knob-slob.

and I just had a comment deleted for talking about good weed.

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February 8, 2012  04:41 PM ET

Gisele did...
After our week of nonstop lovemaking...she never called...

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