• 02/10/2012, 11:05AM ET

WILD Things Americans can do, to help create excitement in their own sports bubble..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs BM. (65-17-11)

1. CFL team plays a top college team.. For years, all I hear about is a top college team could "hang in there" with a bad NFL team.. Its a shame, they cant at least have an exhibition game.. College rugby teams, play against 2nd string professional club teams and 2nd string international teams, ALL THE TIME! Why cant the americans do it? I would love to see this match up..

2. Call me Blasphemous.. Have a super bowl in London.. If you yanks are ever going to get remotely serious about expanding the sport to an international level.. The first step on the Golden path is London.. Alot of yanks dont know this, but there is a "cult" following amonst us Brits, that follow the NFL.. Since the 80's there has ALWAYS been a TV program in England, that will show game of the day on Sunday night NFL style..
Wembley is one of the most gorgeous stadiums in the world..
And while February in England isnt exactly super weather.. It wont be artic either..

3. The US female national soccer team, plays against one of the top male college teams..
Everyone loves a battle of the sexes..
And with USA consitently getting to the semis and finals of the WC.. It is a decent product.

"2. Call me Blasphemous.."

You are blasphemous. A Super Bowl in a foreign country is completely unamerican, and would do the exact opposite of creating excitement for Americans. American fans that would normally attend the game would be stuck watching it on TV. The Super Bowl should always be in the U.S.

A CFL team playing a college team would only be half-american. No go for that one.

Americans, generally speaking, don't like soccer. Nothing will change that.

1. Play the Super Bowl at Lambeau Field. The biggest game played in the most brutal weather possible. Real men playing the sport in real weather. Fighting your opponent and the elements simultaneously. The ratings would be incredible.

2. NBA games at Rucker Park. I don't like basketball, but I think I would watch this. The crowd would be raucous and electric. It would be highly entertaining.

3. NFL QB Skills Competition. Everybody is always arguing who the best QB is, so they can prove it here. Accuracy, distance, evasion, etc... That would rule.

Those are my ideas.

Hey, Im not the first person to flirt with the idea of having the superbowl in London..
If you think about it, England has alot more in common with your policies, than the "deep south".. We have always been a kind ally towards the States, and we have always tried to help you out where we could, even if it meant sacrificing our own blood for a stupid cause, (eg Iraq)..

Back in 1994, USA of all countries hosted the World Cup in soccer..
Everyone knew it would be a horrendous world cup, cause americans dont have any passion when it comes to soccer..
However, the dudes in charge thought it was worth a shot, cause they wanted the chance, (even if it was a small one), for the sport to grow..

If you want the sport to grow.. You are going to have to take risks..
"Sitting at home is not going to do anything"..

Besides its just one freakin Super Bowl..
Its not like a soccer world cup, that happens ONLY ONCE EVERY 4 YEARS..

Super Bowl happens EVERY Year..
Not having it on american soil, for one year, I think its something we can live with..
You guys will still get to celebrate a super bowl, 99 times out of 100 years..
Quit being such a baby:)

The Declaration of Independence is proof that the Super Bowl should never be held in Europe. Especially not in England. We are free from you douchers now. Going back to England would set this country back 236 years.

Again, nobody here cares about soccer. It's shallow and pedantic to us high-class, hard-working americans (shown below).

Selling americans on a SB in Europe would be the exact opposite of this salesman selling Peter Griffin volcano insurance.

We just won't stand for it. It's American. It should be held in AMERICA. The idea is horrible. Samir said it best:

The NFL will never grow to include European countries on a regular basis. It's an inconceivable idea. The travel would just not work.

No, we will get to celebrate a Super Bowl 100 out of 100 years because it's just never going to happen.

ok, you dont like my SB Euro Idea..
But if they can make a disney world in Europe.. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE..

My other 2 ideas would involve highly competitive games, that you are under estimating..

Like I said in my first argument.. EVERYONE LOVES A BATTLE OF THE SEXES..
Although I dont particularly like womens sports..
I do like the USA and Sweish national soccer teams, cause they have some of the most beautiful women on the planet.. I have a major crush on Hope Solo.. She would just tear you up.. and she's not one of those air head models.. Solo, actually has another skill other than getting paid for men to drool at her..
And I did watch Japan beat the states in the world cup final.. I hate to say this but it was a good highly competitive game, with alot of suspense involved..

The tennis equivalent of Bobby vs billie jean King, was a massive success, and made a ton of money..
Deep down in my heart.. I know my soccer proposal is an excellent very plausible idea, (injuries in soccer our at a minimum, and Im sure the college guys wouldnt try and kill the girls via rough tackling,)..

Just because YOU dont like soccer..
Doesnt mean my idea would be a great success..

Disney in Europe? That's your argument?

Disney is a worldwide phenomenon. It makes sense for Disney to have a presence in Europe.

England doesn't even have an american football league. I highly doubt that thousands of Europeans are going to shell out a few grand to attend a game for a sport they aren't even familiar with.

Yeah, everyone loves a battle of the sexes. But Americans dont like soccer.

If it was bikini beach volleyball, you can bet your funny accent that americans would watch it. We like to see half naked chicks running around with their boobies flopping around.

But not soccer. The women wear sports bras.

We like manly sports.

Again with the soccer. The UNITED STATES, in general, DOES NOT LIKE SOCCER. We just don't. There are much better alternatives. It's not that it's just me that doesn't like soccer. Soccer is not big in the U.S. unless you are talking about little kids playing.

The SB will never be played in London, and we hate soccer.

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February 10, 2012  11:39 AM ET

Best thing American sports can do is ignore Europe.

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February 10, 2012  12:19 PM ET

An extremely quick Google search provides at least 12 hotels within a small radius of Lambeau.Doucher.

12? For the thousands of people that would be going? Even in Indy people had to stay as far away as Cincinnati because they didn't have enough hotel rooms. I don't think Lambeau is possible.

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