• 02/10/2012, 11:19AM ET

List, in order, as many factors as possible, on why the GMEN were victorious.. GOOD LUCK!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs Mitch Cumstien (29-10-5)

1. Gronk not being healthy.. I hate to sound like sour grapes.. But if Gronk is healthy, then we win this game:(

2. Welker's dropped pass/Bradys poor throw.. However you want to diagnose this play.. We make this play, and again, we win the game:(

3. That freaking Manningham catch:(

4. That freakin 2 pointer/safety.. I know the refs made the right call here.. But I have heard some analysts say they would not have been suprised if the refs turned a blind eye on that particular play.. Plus, if the Pats were winning 17-13.. Then we really would have seen what the GMEN were made of.. The easy TD Bradshaw gets, never takes place.. And cause they can no longer settle for a field goal, the GMEN have to work hard to score the last 7 points of the game..

5. Belichicks rare unforced error, of having 12 men on the field:(

6. Belichicks 2nd rare unforced error, of challenging that freakin Manningham catch.. We dont burn that time out.. Maybe with the extra play, we get 20 yards closer.. And chances of Brady working a miracle increase 22%..

7. THE HAIL MARY.. If Gronk is half a foot closer to the play.. He makes the catch.. And then we would really see Disco boy Dance:)

1. This first factor, in my opinion is very much the most crucial and without a doubt tops all of your selections. In the immortal words of one John Madden "the team that puts the most points on the board should be able to win this game" So what is my #1 factor as to why the G-men peat the NE Pats? The Giants scored more points than the Patriots!

2. There is no need for any further factors as my #1 covers them all, and have a good day.

Dude.. Im totally bored at work..

If you dont start taking this TD seriously.. Im sure I can find someone who can..

You didnt give me much to rebute..

The fact that Gisele could probably do a better job at dissecting the game,
means you lose a man card!

Now go drink your watery cr-a-p-py American light beer..

Us real men drink peroni, grolsch, Kirin, Stella, Trumer Pils, Paulaner Pils, Paulaner Hefeweizen and REGULAR AMSTEL!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and my choice of poison for ciggies is PARLIAMENT!

I also like to go to chucky cheese for the Pizza..

My favorite American restaurant chain is Carrabas, cause they have Peroni on draft..
Unfortunately my girlfriend is more of an outback girl..
But although they do serve stella on draft, it is not 2 for one:( like carrabas..

2 peroni's.. On draft.. for $5.50.. Wonderous..

I also like Tony Roma's, Benniha's and chinese food, but only if its in a London restaurant:)

I spear fish and fish.. So I only have sea food when I catch it.. AND i catch it quite alot:)

So it would appear that because you obviously do not have a suitable factor that has greater relevance to the topic at hand than mine, that you took an immediate left turn so as to avoid the subject all together. Your ability to try and distract the voting public from your inferior stand point should be lauded.

In response to points made in your second argument.

The first blaring inaccuracy in your statement, is that you go to Chucky Cheese for the pizza. Why must you hide your motives sir? Is it because the real reason is so deplorable that you fear the backlash of the masses? By the way there are far better places to pick up chicks.

As far as beer goes, you obviously have not had the delightful pleasure of tasting such American classics as
Bud Light - Clamato
Game Day Light exclusively at 7-11
Rock Ice (I'll give you not American, but who cares)
Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry
Extra Smooth Super Premium High Gravity Lager xxXxx - Camo 24
or MGD 64

On a final note: if I hear of you bad mouthing America again I will punch you straight in your mangled tooth carrying mouth. Always remember who saved your rear in the second war of the world!


Dude, pizza from chucky cheese is the bomb.. Its alittle expensive..
But their ingredients are better than pizza hut, papa johns and dominos..
Ideally I would rather get a new york style pizza.. New york pizzeras are everywhere..
Chicago pizza is good too, but hard to find.. I guess pizzera Uno's aint bad..
I just happen to live close to a chucky cheese at the moment..
My girlfriend has a 15 year old son.. So I kill 2 birds with one stone..

I cant even believe you are even trying to begin to attempt to debate that american beer is better than german beer.. Bayern would slap you silly...
The closet vicinity to america where they have good beer, is dos equus amber, but that is in mexico.. Dos Equus amber on draft is a thing of beauty..
My 2nd choice of poison would have to be molson xxx.. I dont particularly like the taste of molson xxx.. I only drink it, if I want to save money and get really hammered in the process.. Molson xxx is something like 8%, so if you drink a 6 pack of the stuff, you will probably end up waking up in some random bush or underneath a tree.. Good times:)

Labatt ice aint bad, brewed to be smoothe, as smoothe as ice:) catchy logo.

If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I???d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife.

I???d thank my lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
??? Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can???t take that away.

And I???m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I???m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
??? Cause there ain???t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

From the lakes of Minnesota,
to the hills of Tennessee.
Across the plains of Texas,
From sea to shining sea.

From Detroit down to Houston,
and New York to L.A.
Well there's pride in every American heart,
and its time we stand and say.

That I???m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I???m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
??? Cause there ain???t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

EAT IT These colors don't run baby

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February 10, 2012  12:01 PM ET

Because everyone wanted to see Maria Menounos in a Giants' bikini


February 10, 2012  12:36 PM ET

Reasons why they did win, not a listing of mistakes minor or major that the Pats made? Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes they are not as over-analyzed as this.
Fact is if the Pats make a few more plays they win, but they did not. if the Pats make a few more plays and the giants do too then the same thing happens.
what happened was the Giants did more, made less mistakes. that is what is called a victory.
It is not because of any one individual instance that fortuitously turned history against the Pats. they lost, on that day to a better team.
really gets old all of the revisionist stuff..if only if...the reality is the Pats were as good that day as they were, and no more. Which by the way was pretty damn good. It was a close game.

February 10, 2012  12:36 PM ET

I still have not gotten over that game!

this is clear form what you wrote...

February 10, 2012  12:52 PM ET

#1 reason.... HCF is a Patriots fan.

February 10, 2012  12:55 PM ET

Right's second argument makes me want to stand up, salute the flag, and kick some foreign kid in the mouth. God bless you, Sweetness and God bless America.

February 10, 2012  01:02 PM ET

Mmmmm... Chucky Cheese MILFs.

February 10, 2012  01:06 PM ET


February 10, 2012  01:07 PM ET

Number one reason... Eli owns Brady:)

February 10, 2012  01:08 PM ET

Right's second argument makes me want to stand up, salute the flag, and kick some foreign kid in the mouth. God bless you, Sweetness and God bless America.

Sweetness done gone Republican on his ****, somebody hand me a lapel pin!

February 10, 2012  01:08 PM ET


Sweetness was on a great roll, sometimes you just have to go with it

February 10, 2012  01:08 PM ET

Mmmmm... Chucky Cheese MILFs.

But their Pizza is craptastic!

Great first and even better 2nd arg Sweetness!


February 10, 2012  01:10 PM ET

Sweetness was on a great roll, sometimes you just have to go with it

someones been watching Animal House again

February 10, 2012  01:49 PM ET

it's Dos Equis (XX) for the 2 exes, for years it was Dos Equis here in the states but Tres Equis if you were in Mexico, but it was a darker version with more malt flavor. I understand that they have dropped the Tres Equis cause it confused hell out of the tourists

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February 10, 2012  02:10 PM ET

Really? Maybe it's by area, but the Chucky Cheeses in MN are in kind of poorer/undesirable neighborhoods.

MILF snob

February 10, 2012  02:21 PM ET

MILF snob

HAHAHA well played.

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