• 02/10/2012, 02:17PM ET

Greatest current/active American sportsman..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-63) vs fvkasm2x (193-58-12)

1. Woods.. I know his results have tailed of late.. But even if he retired today, with his 14 majors.. He would still go down as the 2nd greatest all time Golfer, possibly the greatest, (does anyone think Jack Nicholas would come within a sniff of Tiger..

2. Lebron James.. He will win multiple championships.. He is the greatest basketball player we have seen since Jordan..

3. Peyton/Brady.. Peyton is more talented, but Brady has the better resume..

4. Pujols.. The machine! Sure would like his bat in my sox line up:)

5. Michael Phelps.. If he kicks bootie In London, Im willing to move him up to number 2..

6. Kobe Bryant.. Hate the guy, but he has 5 rings..

7. A-Rod. Cant argue with his stats..

8. Verlander. A legend in the making..

9. Adam Vinaterri. Beautiful/clutch kicker

10. Drew Brees. Just broke Marino's 27 year old record..

11. Rodgers. 15-1, a SB aint bad, plus he should win quite a few more..

12. Jeter

13. Dwayne Wade/Chris Paul

14.Roddick. He's been in the top 10 for almost a decade. Won the US open and davis cup. Came within a point of winning Wimbledon. But Fed Ex, greatest player of all time, took away a bunch of majors from him.

I have 2 issues with your list. The first, is that I consider honesty, integrity and passion for the game when considering people for "greatest sportsmen." Being talented is one thing (like Lebron or A-Rod), but being a great sportsman is another. As such, our lists will differ vastly. I will be knocking players down due to scandal, cheating or failing to show up when it counts.

I also don't like ties.


1. Jeter

Pains me, as I hate the Yankees. But... Class act, multiple rings. One team for his entire career (a dying thing).

2. Woods

The scandal and his recent slump drops him from the top.

3. Brady

Other than baby momma drama many years back, he's a media darling. Pretty good on the field too.

4. Roddick

5. Phelps

6. Kobe

Would be much higher if not for scandal and his attitude

7. Brees

8. Peyton Manning

9. Eli Manning

We just have to have him here, don't we?

10. Lance Armstrong

Doping aside, he's amazing

11. Rodgers

12. Dan Henderson

Best American fighter ever?

13. Chipper Jones

14. Lebron

Hasn't won anything

15. Shaun White

Pujols is an immigrant. I don't count him

being honest I dont like your list..
not one bit batman:)

Jeter at number one?
he"s not even the best guy on his team, let alone country..
and he"s one of the biggest horn dogs in the city, so much for being a role model..
i dont blame him, I would sow the seeds of love with multiple **** too..
but you were the one who brought up image.. Not me..

Armstrong is not active..

Roddick is way too high..
his groundies are worse than ivanisevic!
and if he was a 90s player, he pales in comparison to:
sampras, agassi and courier..

Freakin "elite" eli is way to inconsistent to be anywhere near this list..
he had 7 loses and alot were his fault..
he is just extremely lucky that he is on a team with so many weapons..

Not enough love for peyton..
he is the greatest pure passer of all time..
put him on a team like pats, steel or gmen andhe wins at least 3 rings..

Pujols has an american passport..
if the arabs invaded san diego, pujols would be given a machine gun and putting his life on the line just like the rest of us yanks..
but you are canadien, you have french blood..
so you surrender right away:)

1. Name an active SS with more rings than Jeter. You can't. Name the best SS over the past decade. Jeter. He may not be the best now, but he is active and he's been at or near the top of the list for a long time now.

2. Pujols wasn't born in America and doesn't represent the USA in tournaments played by Country. He played for the Domincan Republic in the WBC. You can count him if you like, but I find his patriotism lacking.

3. Who gives a crap where Roddick ranks against players from 20 years ago? It's current, so you should talk about current American players. He's by far the best American on the court for the last 10 years and it isn't close.

4. Why shouldn't Eli be on the list? He has more Superbowl wins than his brother. He has more Superbowl MVP's than his brother. He should at least be on the list.

5. Lance Armstrong entered a Triathalon that takes place later this year. Last time I checked, triathletes were athletic. He's active.

6. Shaun White might not be popular in the main stream (or Henderson for that matter) but there isn't anyone better at what he does. You forgot him.

I give you props for snow boarder white..
at the very least he should get an honourable mention..
he is just a snowboarder, so I wont beat myself up..
im sure if I thought long enough I could come up with random sports too..
im looking for the cream of the crop..

Pujols, with the tax money he gives us,
can feed the entire usa marines!!
dont worry he is extremely helping out the war effort and cause..
thats patriotic enough for me..

Eli.. Give me the big 4 anyday..
he is nowhere near the big 4..
and im glad he is not on my team..
heck, I would even take big ben over little brother..

So armstrong enters a race just for fun and that makes him active?
he is not riding in this years tour..
he retired from the sport..
not active..
let it go batman let it go..

A_rod was a better shortstop than jeter..
i would rather have a power bat in my line up,
than a dude who leads the league in singles..

Roddick is too high..
yes he deserves to be mentioned..
cause he will be remembered as the best yank over a decade..
but wade and cp3 are legends..
roddick is not a legend..
his groudies are awful and the top guys are not bothered by his serve..

White is not "just a snowboarder" and he is "cream of the crop." For you to diminish his skills and talents is absurd.

He's a multiple Gold medal winner for USA. You have Phelps at #5 but a multiple Gold winner in a different sport is "some random guy" ???

As for Armstrong, he's actually inked a deal to compete in 4 races. It isn't just for fun. He's being paid and he is competing. The winner gets money, a trophy, etc... It's a competition. Just because it's not Tour De France, doesn't mean it isn't a sport.

CP3 is a legend? When did that happen? Last time I checked, he was just a really good PG that hasn't won anything. Hell, he's only been in the league 4 or 5 years. Roddick's been around longer and has won tournaments. CP3 hasn't done anything yet. Great player, but not a winner as of now.

A-Rod is a cheater and a dbagg. You can't put that guy as a top Sportsman. That's like saying Bonds was the nicest man in baseball. You don't know how much of his "talent" is legit and even if you could, he's still a complete tool.

No comments on Hendo? I forgot Mayweather as well, but you have no love for the fights. Afraid of violence?

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February 10, 2012  02:36 PM ET

Troy Landry from Swamp People.


February 10, 2012  03:12 PM ET

LeBron at #2 is ridiculous.

February 10, 2012  03:19 PM ET

LeBron at #2 is ridiculous.


February 10, 2012  03:42 PM ET

Troy Landry from Swamp People.

+1, He might come to our place for a spring turkey hunt this year.

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February 10, 2012  04:17 PM ET

Pujols is a U.S. citizen now. He should be on the list.

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February 10, 2012  04:39 PM ET

Agreed. We all have some kind of immigration story in our past.Immigrants are Americans too.

A real American wouldn't have played for the Domincans during the 2006 Baseball Classic. I thought American born would be a better argument. Most athletes get citizenship for Visa & tax reasons.

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February 10, 2012  04:58 PM ET

Why such a low ranking for Shaun White? He dominates his sport more than anyone else on the list.

February 10, 2012  05:11 PM ET

LeBron at #2 is ridiculous.


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February 10, 2012  06:16 PM ET

Why such a low ranking for Shaun White? He dominates his sport more than anyone else on the list.

I don't think Froggy knows who he is. I didn't want to risk confusing him, but I had to at least have him mentioned.

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