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Is Braun a cheater?

killercee (0-2-0) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

I know that they said that they caught the man cheating. I know that they said that the tests are accurate. How ever they couldn't prove that it was. I personally don't blame Braun for contesting the MLB's decision to suspend him for 50 games. I also commend him for proving his case. I simply don't understand why people are insisting that he is cheating. They say that he won on a technicality. Well, that technicality was enough to bring about reasonable doubt. When the sample that you take from a player doesn't make it where it belongs when it is supposed to be there; where's your proof that the sample wasn't tampered with? I believe that was Braun's arguement! That would certainly be mine. This guys sample was sitting in someone's refrigerator over the weekend! Really?! Why wasn't sitting in the labratory's facilities fridge? I know they say that FEDEX and UPS doesn't run during the weekend but why wasn't that sample placed in an area that was secured in a limited access facility until they were able to send it off? Alot of things just don't add up. Therefore, I think that his sample was tampered or at least contaminated. They need a more stringent way to handle the samples!

"I know that they said that the tests are accurate. How ever they couldn't prove that it was."

His testosterone was way above the normal limits.

And Braun knew he tested negative in October. But, he wasn't about to say anything because he was in the running for the MVP award.

"I personally don't blame Braun for contesting the MLB's decision to suspend him for 50 games."

Why? Wouldn't an innocent person want to prove he is in fact innocent?

You understand he got off on a technicality, right? He wasn't proven innocent at all. There was no reasonable doubt at all.

[/B] There is no question at all that his urine contained a banned substance.

His sample was tampered with? Who had something to gain by tampering with it? This is some type of a setup?

Look! I hear what you are saying about his higher than normal increase of testosterone levels. However, there are other reason that his testosterone levels are higher than normal!

- Testicular Cancer
- Hormone Replacement Therapy to treat low sex drive
- Sex
- the Body can naturally produce heiger the normal levels in men.
- malfunction in the a man's testes (which produces testosterone) or pituitary gland (which controls it)

My question did they do a full medical examination to see if there were other reasons as to why his levels were higher than normal? Were they waiting on the results of the urine sample? They tested the sample and found testosterone levels were higher than normal but did they look into what could have actually caused it? Did they find steriods in his system? Or did they assume (like most of are) that he was cheating? If it was artificial, the test should find the cause, right?

My point is that when you don't follow procedures you leave things open for questions to be asked about the validity of the tests. There was reasonable doubt! Braun's the 1st to get his suspension overturned? Something to make you say HMMMMMMM!

Post a link supporting he has testicular cancer.

Can't find one? Didn't think so.

He is 28, so I seriously doubt that he has a low sex drive.

They tested the sample and found testosterone levels were higher than normal but did they look into what could have actually caused it?"

No. That's something he would do if he wanted to file an appeal and he actually had any of those things you mentioned.

There was no doubt regarding his guilt. It was about the procedure and handling of the sample that was under question and led to him getting off.

The person in charge of the sample should be fired.

Hey guess what? On a search online, Braun said he has never had ****. Thought that was a little nugget of information you might want to know about your apparent hero.

Obviously, there was doubt about his guilt because the ruling was overturned.

Also, he is NOT my hero NOR will he ever BE my hero!

However, my point in bringing up the othere causes of high testosterone count is simply to show proof that there are other ways that you can experience an increase in testosterone production outside of artificial means. These are the one's that I DID find on the internet and there could be more.

All I am saying is that in light of the idea that there are other ways, as well as the fact that there was enough evidence Braun's innocence for the arbitrator to overturn the decision. It is wrong for us to say that he cheated with out a definitive answer on what caused the spike in his testosterone levels. What we have failed to do is put ourselves in Brauns shoes and ask ourselves (after all that has been said and done and the ruling was overturned) would I like someone to call me a cheater especially when my name has been cleared? I know I wouldn't!!!

Baseball isn't my favorite sport. I prefer the NBA and NFL.

But, I remember when the story first broke. He didn't deny it!!!! If you are truly innocent, there would be some type of moral outrage. Wouldn't there? I know I would be morally outraged at the suggestion of being a cheater.

The Hebrew Hammer has brought shame upon himself and this MVP will forever carry the cloud of suspicion. I truly thought he deserved the MVP over Matt Kemp. He had a great season, but now it seems so unfair to Kemp.

The arbitrator didn't overturn it because of a technicality, he overturned it because of a technicality. Kind of like in the OJ Simpson trial.

Time for....

Cake and.....

February 27, 2012  06:32 PM ET

Conspiracy theorists unite!

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February 27, 2012  06:54 PM ET

Good lord.

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February 27, 2012  07:32 PM ET

The guy's a cheater. Had he not been considered one of the chosen ones, he would have been hanged like the others who were caught and suspended. If he ever makes a trip to Yankee Stadium I hope they let him have it mercilessly. The guy has the nerve to act like a victim when he should be grateful that he was able to buy off that lousy 'arbitrator.'

February 27, 2012  07:34 PM ET

Right off the bats, a quote load by right.

: (

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February 27, 2012  09:53 PM ET

I have a vial of Jimmy Rollins' urine in my fridge, and now I'm not sure what to do with it.

Dump it into an empty Mountain Dew bottle and watch someone suffer for 12 seconds.

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February 28, 2012  07:05 AM ET

People are having a hard time realizing that yes, it was a technicality, and even though because of that technicality Braun got off, there still isn't any reason to doubt the validity of his crazy high testosterone levels.The USADA, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, has no rule in place saying that a sample has to be mailed within 24 hours. The USADA actually said that under their guidelines the sample would've still been considered valid because there wouldn't have been any degradation of the sample.It's only the fact that MLB put this ridiculous and unnecessary "mailed within 24 hours" clause into their CBA that Braun got off. There' no reason to have such a clause, but MLB outdid themselves with this one and now they have to live with the fact that a known cheater beat their stupid system.I can virtually guarantee you that MLB will review and revise their policies so as to prevent another similar occurance from ever happening again.

Arbitrators do kinky stuff to urine during the 25th hour. Everyone knows that.

February 28, 2012  07:07 AM ET

Well, I guess the dude holding the urine wasn't the arbitrator. I just woke up. Close enough.

February 28, 2012  08:24 AM ET

From now on, Braun will be considered a cheater and a dirty player by a lot of fans, fairly or not.

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February 28, 2012  10:59 AM ET

I think it bears repeating that Braun's sample was SEALED and signed, if it was tampered with it would have taken some grade A, secret agent moves by a person who collects pee for a living.

February 28, 2012  11:12 AM ET

baron-sorry, it is you who is clueless. The bottom line in this case is the person having control of the bottle kept it at home over the weekend instead of shipping it right away, so two members of the panel decided that broke protocol and ruled for Braun. That does not make him innocent of the charge. I fully agree that MLB needs to have a better way to test and take samples. For starters, always have control of the samples with 2 people, and the bottles need to be covered with a seal over the lid AND the bottle, then signed by the person taking the sample and the player. No way to tamper with it. And then the final piece- samples go straight to a lab, no layovers at someone'w house. Current methods are lame. So Braun gets a pass this time, but let's face it, he cheated, like hundreds before have and will continue to do in oreder to compete and make money. Sad.


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