• 02/28/2012, 04:58PM ET

Top 10. Good guys..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-73)

1. Tebow
going to prisons to help people turn their lives around..

2. Federer.
helps the poor in africa..

3. Gasol..

4. Agassi..
set up a school for the needy..
plus his retirement speech was so gracious.

5. Sampras..
weeping during a match cause his coach was dying of cancer..

6. Messi..
on his acceptance speech after becomin mvp..
"i only hope to help my club win more trophies"
dude is seriously humble..

7. Lin..
probably the only humble basketball star..

8. Favre,
the day his dad dies..
he has a great game, and cries his heart out..

9. Pedro martinez..
its not everyday someone admits their bitter rivals,
are their daddy:)

10. David wells,
taking verbal abuse like a man from cleveland indian fans..
the abuse was directed at his dead mother..

1. Tebow
So Colin has something to talk about so he can ignore 25 NFL teams

2. Drew Brees
Did a TON for New Orleans, maybe more than on the field

3. Matt Birk
NFL Man of the Year

4. Chris Paul
Also New Orleans

5. Dean Smith
If You don't know, then Black history Month is a failure

6. Cam Newton
How many rookies setup a charity BEFORE buying the car?

7. Bettis - Guy dont do a THING unless his Bus stops here gets a cut.

8. AC Green - Just like your No8, also wang-related nicety.

9. Jerry Rice - Every Ex-player respects and loves him

and the ultimate good guy


Impossible to rebute..
guess you picked more charitable guys..
i picked a couple and then looked for character and acts of valour..
guess let voters decide..
if you attack my list..
i can defend it..
eitber way..

When I think of nice guys in sports.

I think of guys who did/do more than just make lip service or write a check.

I think of guys that swing a hammer and get a blister on occasion, and/or do the heavy lifting at their charity, not just show up for the ribbon cutting.

I will say that Dikembe Mutumbo was a HUGE massive oversight. Duncan to lesser extent.

Im down 8-2..
You can have this..
My favre pick doing inappropriate text messages killed me..
But who doesnt do that? lol, ha ha

February 28, 2012  05:13 PM ET

you must be bored.

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February 28, 2012  06:06 PM ET

I thought Favre was on your "bad guys" list because he was texting photos of his wang.

February 28, 2012  09:15 PM ET

Yea don't know how Favre made the list. Wasn't exactly a charitable person from what I understand. I am sure he gave some as all do for tax breaks but he wasn't known to give a lot.

One thing I learned about Phillip Rivers who I used to not like is that he gives all his off field earnings to his charity. That is pretty impressive to me.

February 28, 2012  09:23 PM ET

So crying and not attacking a fan is qualifies someone as a a good guy?

What MVP doesn't say what Messi said. Jeremy Lin the only humble basketball player? D-Rose!!

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February 28, 2012  09:27 PM ET

Mark Buehrle
Jim Thome

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February 28, 2012  11:41 PM ET

I thought Favre was on your "bad guys" list because he was texting photos of his wang.

But he sent those peckertexts free of charge. Very charitable of him.

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February 29, 2012  02:14 AM ET

Tim Duncan.

Excellent choice and Championships.

February 29, 2012  02:28 AM ET

How can you not vote for AC Green and the Jheri curls?

February 29, 2012  02:35 AM ET


Game, set, match right there.

February 29, 2012  09:01 AM ET

Where is Kurt Warner?

February 29, 2012  09:19 AM ET

Where is Kurt Warner?

was just gonna bring him up.....i remember when boldin broke his face, warner felt so bad about where he threw the ball, he considered retiring.....not too mention all the charity work he does.

February 29, 2012  11:11 AM ET

What about a list of guys who the media and league made out to be a good guy but really turned out to be just normal or bad?

Comment #18 has been removed
February 29, 2012  05:57 PM ET

Dikembe Mutumbo has been recognized during a presidential State of the Union address for his charity work in Africa. I think it included being responsible for the construction of hospitals, but I could be wrong and it could be schools that he helped construct.

February 29, 2012  06:01 PM ET

"5. Dean Smith
If You don't know, then Black history Month is a failure"

Dean Smith was white.....


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