• 02/28/2012, 05:40PM ET

Brady not winning another SB would dammage his legacy..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-851-64) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

the main reason?
is cause of the gmen..
the gmen have humiliated tom twice..
that will be part of his legacy whether you like it or not..
But win a 4th.. We match montana and the 9ers..
the slate gets wiped clean..
people remember the braves more for their loses..
people remember the bad/what_have_you_done_for_me_lately..
maybe tom couldnt have done much first time vs gmen..
but his poor pass to a wide open welker will haunt him..
gmen have our number..
you can not debate this..
and the fact we lost to a 10_6 and 9_7 team,
is almost as bad as your girlfriend cheatin on yoj with a arab terrorist!

63.8%, 39,979 yards (248.3ypg), 7.5ypa, 300 TD's vs 115 INT's, and a 96.4 Passer Rating.

A lot of people don't like for QB's to get credit for wins. They say because it's a team game. Sure, it takes 11 men on offense working together and you have to be able to defend the lead with a reliable defense, but QB is so important to the offense. The Pats have gone 124-35 with Brady starting at QB for them. Coincidence? Nope. Brady is not 100% responsible for that record, but he is huge part of it.

16-6 in the postseason and steps his game up when it matters. He won his first 3 Super Bowls he played in. I realize he hasn't won any since, but you can't win 'em all.

His legacy is intact, HCF.

He could retire and never play another game and he will be in the discussion as 1 of the best QB's ever to play the game.

That my friend is an irrefutable fact.

I dont have any more ammo..
just the gmen angle..
i will give ya this..

February 28, 2012  06:16 PM ET

"But win a 4th.. We match montana and the 9ers.."

secretly HCF thinks hes TOM BRADY! lol

February 28, 2012  06:48 PM ET

"and the fact we lost to a 10_6 and 9_7 team,
is almost as bad as your girlfriend cheatin on you with a arab terrorist!"


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February 28, 2012  09:11 PM ET

nothing short of murder, child molestation charges, or evidence of game fixing could possibly keep brady out of the hall of fame on the first try. not a fan, not a hater, but i recognize that his legacy is as secure as they come.

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February 28, 2012  10:14 PM ET

Brady hasn't won a SB since he broke up with Bridget Moynahan.

February 28, 2012  10:15 PM ET

Is it better to finish as the #2 team in the league or to be entirely irrelevant?

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February 28, 2012  10:37 PM ET

Irrelevant. Although in the interest of full disclosure, as an Eagles fan I don't have much experience with being #2.

I don't believe that it should be that way. But I definitely agree that's the way people treat it.

Which in that case, Jim Kelly was the worst QB in NFL history.

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February 28, 2012  11:52 PM ET

HCF, the redundancy of another Tom Brady TD is pushing that fine line between what it is you're thinking and what it is I think I'm reading.

February 29, 2012  01:46 AM ET

Was Dan Marinos legacy ruined because he never won a superbowl? Was Ray Bourque terrible because he never won in Boston? Brady has three and still very much has a chance to get another in the years to come. He has played at a high level for a long time.

If you are a Patriots fan frog, you can't truthfully believe a word you just typed.

February 29, 2012  02:49 AM ET

First I'd like to say that I have enjoyed watching Brady play in the NFL, he reminds me of Joe Cool and is a sure bet for for the HOF. But I have to agree with the Frog, Brady and Belichick need a Super Bowl win after the VHSGate. If not, their Super Bowl wins are questionable at best and the perception of excellence is slightly "damaged goods".

Exhibit A:
Their AFC Championship game with the Raiders was questionable.

Exhibit B:
They haven't won the Super Bowl after the VHSGate investigation. I want to see Brady and Belichick win at least one more to "clear the air" and remove all doubt about the conspiracies surrounding the AFC Title game and the VHSGate allegations.

I feel that Brady himself would like one or two more Super Bowls to solidify his place with his Idol, Joe Montana. If the Patriots can't win without the usage of Videotape and the help of the League referees than I say that the Legacy is "damaged goods".

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February 29, 2012  05:37 PM ET

Brady is a very good QB. Once the Pats get their Defense put back into order they will get him another ring.


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