• 03/08/2012, 03:47PM ET

Guess where pyton will go..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-850-64) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

1. Miami..
i really dont see him going to a NFC team..
cause he would dammage his brothers legacy..
and NFC is loaded..
i know miamis record was not great last year..
but alot of those games were close..
peyton could easily get to the SB sometime in next 2 or 3 years..
plus warm weather would help his neck..
and he has a house there..
the wild card would be easy to get too..
i know I want flynn..
but I wont be crying if we get peyton..
and there is a trend of miami going after big free agents..

2. Jags..
dont laugh..
gabbard was horrible last year..
plus a quality RD MJD, would ease pressure off peyton..
its another warm place and he would get 2 easy wins vs colts..
and he always plays well vs texans doesnt he..

3. Kc
follow in the footsteps of montana..
plus the division is cake

4. Raiders..
if broncos are contemplating dumping tebow..
why not dump palmer?

5. Arizona..
yes its nfc..and he would be afraid of beatin up little bro..
but its warm and easy wins over hawks and rams..

1-New York Jets. Mark Sanchez is clearly not the answer for the Jets. NY has some definite players there that would benefit from him. Santonio Holmes is very similar to Reggie Wayne. An electric WR (51 catches, 8 TD's) that can make some astounding plays. He had just 51 catches last season because he had some drops, but would benefit from Manning greatly. Dustin Keller is a solid TE (65 catches, 39 1st Downs) that could use a HOF QB throwing him passes.

2-Denver. I know they have Tebow, but Manning is much similar to John Elway's idea of a QB to lead the short term future of his team. Denver has the talent on hand for Manning to flourish in WR's Eric Decker (8 TD's with Tim Tebow throwing him the ball) and Demaryius Thomas (17.2ypc). They managed to beat the Steelers with Tebow at QB. Add Manning and if he is 80% of what he usually is, this is a dangerous team.

3-Arizona. The Cardinals invested a lot of money into Kevin Kolb, but he showed he wasn't the answer last season. He couldn't stay healthy. They can try and work a deal for him or just outright cut him since NFL contracts aren't guaranteed.

4-Kansas City.

5-San Francisco.

MTC on why KC and SF.

Ok, I think weather is a factor..
cold may tighten the neck..
in both your cases, in 2 years time where do denver and jets go..
plus you picked 2 nfc teams..
peyton will try and stay away from nfc, cause he would kill his brothers legacy..
eli needs all the help he can get..
his father is extremely over protective..
i only listed zona cause in case the other 4 teams dont show him the money..
replacing smith is bold ca use he was a god vs saints and managed the game well vs ny..
i could see the raiders being crazy enough to pull trigger..
it suits there insanity..
miami and jags are awesome places.
Plus peyton is a southern boy..
its a perfect marriage..
and yes, peyton would make jags playoff contenders.

Weather and nfc are factors here..
i will fan mail you 1000 times when ya see I am right!

4-Kansas City. Kyle Orton was a stop gap and Matt Cassel has been pretty ineffective (plus he hasn't lived up to his crazy contract). I say they let both these guys go and bring in Manning.

The Chiefs have some talent for Manning to work with in WR's Dwayne Bowe (81 catches, 14.3ypc, 19 plays of 20-plus yards, 57 1st Downs, and 5 TD's) and Steve Breaston (61 catches, 9 plays of 20-plus yards, and 39 FD's).

Factor in a healthy RB in Jamaal Charles and this offense is very good.

The defense allowed just 98 points in the last 6 games (16.3ppg) and can benefit from a QB that can move the ball like Peyton can.

5-San Francisco. Alex Smith played well last season, but he isn't a difference maker. The 49ers could become a lot better with Manning at just 75-80% of his normal effectiveness. Smith had a good game against the Saints, but they could use an upgrade.

Vernon Davis might have a huge year with Manning and his great completion %. Michael Crabtree had 72 catches and could experience a breakout season.

Frank Gore (1211 yards, 75ypg, 4.3ypc, and 8 TD's) gives Manning a solid veteran RB who can keep the opposing defense honest.


Cell is dyin..
must make 3rd short..

You not having miami..
is crazy horse..
miami is on a roll here..
they got a good thing going..
peyton obviously loves miami r he would not have a house there..

49ers would never sacrifice smith after going 13_3..
2yrs of bliss is not worth 7yrs of gettin job done!

Miami has suffered without a QB for long enough. I don't see them going after a QB that has maybe 2-3 years left in the tank. I believe they will make a splash and sign Matt Flynn to be the present and future of the franchise.

I really think the Jets and Broncos will go after him. The Jets were in back to back title games before this season and the Broncos made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs before losing to the Pats.

If Manning is interested in a chance at winning, he should go to NY or Denver.

In New York, he will get 2 games a season vs Tom Brady.

In Denver, the Broncos would be the favorite to win the AFC West and most likely get a 1st round bye in the playoffs.

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March 8, 2012  04:05 PM ET

Good Grief!!!

March 8, 2012  04:07 PM ET

I read today where he said no cold weather teams.

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March 8, 2012  04:14 PM ET


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March 8, 2012  04:34 PM ET

Manning plays better inside a dome stadium... so the Jets, Broncos, Dolphins and Redskins are out. I say Arizona.

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March 8, 2012  05:08 PM ET

I just don't see him subjecting himself to the fatman in NY

March 8, 2012  05:36 PM ET

Im just bored and excited ha ha

Hey, point that thing in the other direction.

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