• 03/11/2012, 02:39PM ET

The best leaders in sports..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-850-64) vs fvkasm2x (193-58-12)

1. Jason varitek..
any guy that can beat up friggin huge arod is wonderous..
later he said, he did it, cause he just wanted to be a good team mate..
sounds like somethin out of a fairy tale..

2. Ray lewis..
gets his team fired up like nobodys business..
i hope he runs for president..

3. Garnett..
dude is one in a million..
theres something intense about him..
passion is contagious..

4. Brian urlacher..
he is a blue collar guy..
that just looks like a leader..

5. Pedro martinez
"i dont believe in curses.. Someone wake up bambino and I"ll drill him in the ****"
honest and chip on the shoulder.. I like both..

6. John terry cause he banged a team mates wife..
im kidding, we like to have fun here:)

7. Lin.. The only humble guy in the nba..

8. Tebow..
he installs confidence in his teams..
hes the officer type..

9. Dempsey..
his sister died..
he thinks deeper than most..

10. Christian laettner.
a white boy takin over a game is unheard of..
hes like a messiah!

I have to take this, because you are missing 2 of the most iconic leaders in sports IMO. Plus you don't have the best coaches in history.

1. Steve Yzerman

Captain of the Red Wings for his entire career. A legend in the game.

2. Red Auerbach

3. Vince Lombardi

4. John Wooden

Ten NCAA championships

5. Ray Lewis

Not a fan personally, but you can't knock his methods or passion

6. KG

The Ray Lewis of basketball

7. Mark Messier

Teams coveted him as a player all his career, simply for his leadership abilities.

8. Derek Jeter

Long serving Yanks captain. Never gets in trouble, never throws his teammates under the bus.

9. Phil Jackson

Yes he's had good teams... but he wins. He manages the egos. He knows how to use the talent he gets.

10. Scotty Bowman

Coach or front office, this guy makes winners out of people.

I would hate jackson as my coach..
i know he has to deal with alot of tools..
but his methods are too extreme..
he made the whole team hate kobe..
it was a psycolgy thing..
focus your anger on one person and unite the team..
had he kept shaq, fine.. But he didnt and failed..
plus pipoen hated him too..

Jeter vs varitek..
jeter is not a leader..
hes quiet and lacks intensity..
just a guy in the right place, right time..
hes not a guy I would want to ne in a foxhole with..
he comes across as a ****..
hes probably gay too.. Nothin wrong with that..
but how many gay presidents are there?
he dumped mariah carey!?!?!
no sir..
not a leader..
im not bitter.. Brady is not a leader either.
noice guys are not the officer type..
hes not married, when by now he should be ..

Just because Jeter doesn't run his mouth to the media, flap at the umps, etc... doesn't mean he can't lead. You're basing your assumption on what you see on TV. I have to assume that he's a great leader. You don't remain a Yankee your entire career and you don't be a captain of a storied franchise for that long... if nobody respects you. Leaders can be quiet. They don't have to freak out all the time. Not everyone is an Ozzie Guillen.

Jeter gay? He's dated some of the hottest women on the planet. Minka Kelly is 500x better than anything you've "shagged" I would bet money on it. And it's also stupid to suggest gay people can't be good leaders.

I see you've failed to address Stevie Y (for good reason). I wouldn't argue against him if you paid me. The guy is amazing.

As for Phil Jackson... he didn't make anyone hate Kobe. Bryant is passionate, crass, driven and aggressive. Anyone he offends, he does himself... not with the help of others. That said, Kobe also makes his teammates try harder and is a proven winner. Pippen didn't hate Phil, Pip just wanted to be "the man" when Jordan left and Phil wanted team play.

While yes, it is true that some gays have been great leader.
alexander the great is the best example of this..
the religious right wing would make it an unwise desicion for gays to come out..

I dont like jeter..
hes too noice, clean cut and is like the pg13 guy..
i like my leaders rated R..
Do you really think jeter would take on a 6"5, steroid freak like arod?

Look I respect the guy and would like his bat in my line up.
but not as a leader..

You should have said joe girardi.. That guy had grit and intensity..

Instead, you basically chose john cusak, an 80s actor that never got the girl cause he was too noice..

Phil jackson is a descpicable person..
come on..
dating the owners daughter?
come on..
it reeks of alternative motives..
you can not debate this..
you can not trust this cat..

From what I heard stevie y is a good choice..
i only follow olympic hockey..

The owners daughter is a responsible adult. A business woman. You make it sound like Jackson is out trolling for kids in his pedo-van. She can make her own choices and if Mr. Buss wasn't a fan, I'm sure he could do something about it.

I have no idea why you are comparing John Cusak to Derek Jeter. That reference is over my head. You say you respect him, but then also go on to call him gay and a terrible leader. What evidence of his shoddy leadership do you have?

There are dozens of other great leaders in sports and I don't think you chose very many that actually fit the bill.

I mean Jeremy Lin? Jesus Frog, he just started playing. How can be a great leader?

March 11, 2012  03:25 PM ET

HCF always is a big Boston homer, but having Varitek at number 1, let alone being on the list at all, and not having Jeter anywhere was not a good choice IMO.

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March 11, 2012  03:37 PM ET

Jim Valvano FTW.

March 11, 2012  03:38 PM ET

P_us_sy got censored?#

If you can't find it, it can be censored.

March 11, 2012  04:06 PM ET

Jason Varitek? I don't know about you but I think good leaders should prevent their teams from playing each game drunk.

March 11, 2012  04:15 PM ET

"hes not married"

He was engaged to Minka Kelly.

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March 11, 2012  08:37 PM ET

HCF always is a big Boston homer, but having Varitek at number 1, let alone being on the list at all, and not having Jeter anywhere was not a good choice IMO.

i would respected his boston redsoxs pick if he picked YOUK instead of varitek..

i never hear tek say SHET! so what 1 fight wow now hes a leader...

March 11, 2012  08:38 PM ET

i would respected his boston redsoxs pick if he picked YOUK instead of varitek..

i never hear tek say SHET! so what 1 fight wow now hes a leader...

March 11, 2012  08:39 PM ET

damn SN with lag.. sorry for double post

March 11, 2012  08:40 PM ET

I can't agree with Jeter. His "leadership" is vastly overrated. He actually got into a media purse fight with A-Rod a couple of years ago.

No "leader" does that.

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March 12, 2012  12:14 AM ET

Season hasnt started yet!

lay off the homer juice and sucking of the boston N sack!

March 12, 2012  01:56 AM ET

ARod is 6'5" now? MLB really needs to get an HGH test soon.

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March 12, 2012  08:56 AM ET

Haha, Jeter's not a leader because he dumped Mariah... and because he's "probably gay".I think Jeter's list of exgirlfriends offers some hard evidence that he's actually not gay, but regardless the whole "he doesn't lead because he dumped Mariah" thing is pretty flimsy.

compared to some of the other women Jeter has dated? Mariah is kinda 2nd or 3rd string anyway! plus, her music kinda sucks for the most part, great voice but poor song choices


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