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Moss to the 49ers: What do you think? Good move/Bad move/indifferent

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Randy Moss is not a good idea for a team that just made the NFC title game. [B]This is a bad move[B] by SF.

I know some will say he hasn't made the team yet, but you don't bring in a player like Randy Moss just to play in the Pre-season and fill out the roster. You bring him in with the idea of actually making the roster and trying to help improve your WR corps.

Michael Crabtree caught 72 passes for 874 yards (12.1ypc) and 58ypg with just 4 TD's, but is more suited to being a 2nd WR since he is a possession WR.

They released Braylon Edwards after he caught just 15 passes for 181 yards (12.1ypc).

The last time Randy Moss played was in 2010 when he played for New England, Minnesota and Tennessee. He caught 28 passes for 393 yards, 14.0ypc, 24.6ypg, and 5 TD's in 11 games.

He is 35 and didn't play this past season. He is no longer a No.1 WR. That is what SF really needs. Moss really doesn't fit into what the 49ers do. They are a ball control team that runs the ball and doesn't throw downfield a lot. They have a conservative offense.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it was a good deal.

Here's the dealio: the 49ers have a very good team but they're WR-deficient. If there was one obvious hole in San Fran's squad, it'd be their lack of quality wideouts.

So Moss' potential value is sort of obvious. If he can be anything close to what he was in Minnesota/New England then the 49ers just hoodwinked the rest of the League. If he sucks then San Fran can let him go, just like they did with Braylon Edwards.

Worst case scenario would involve Moss **** the field and being a **** the locker room, but even then you just cut the guy. No harm, no foul. Again, it's pretty much the gamble the 49ers took with Braylon Edwards, and although Edwards never did anything noteworthy in San Fran he also didn't hurt the team in any way. The 49ers had Edwards last year and almost made the Super Bowl. Moss just might be the guy they need to put them over the top.

Sounds like Moss' head is finally in the right place anyway:

"One thing I want the sports world to understand is the love and passion I have for football."

Sounds good to me.

The potential reward far outweighs the potential risk.

They could have gone with a WR in the upcoming draft. This is a draft that has a lot of good WR's and they could have gone with someone with no history of causing trouble.

Or they could have gone after another FA WR. Laurent Robinson had a breakout season with Dallas. He caught 54 passes for 858 yards (15.9ypc) with 11 TD's. Apparently, Dallas can't afford to bring him back next season. Also, Robinson could be acquired for 3-5 million. Not an outlandish price at all. Robinson would form a nice 1-2 punch with Crabtree.

Robert Meachem and Reggie Wayne are other FA's.

Far outweighs? No. The reward factor is there, but he caused problems in NE wanting to get paid, he insulted a caterer in Minnesota, and he didn't do much of anything in Tennessee when they needed a clear No.1 WR.

Bringing in Moss isgnals they are going for the quick fix. That doesn't always work out. As they found out with Edwards. He showed he wasn't the right fit. So, they go with an older player? Sure, they can release him. After, he has already disrupted the teams chemistry or shown he is no longer the same player he once was.

You keep saying the 49ers could've gone after a WR in the draft. Well... they still can, if they want. Or they could save the draft pick for a different position now that they signed Moss.

Options are always good.

Also you mention the other free agent wide receivers who are available. What's the difference? Why not go for Moss in the hopes that he still has something left in the tank? How can you assume that Laurent Robinson at 5 mil per year is preferrable to Moss at 2.5 mil for this next year? Splitting hairs, at best.

And yes... the potential reward FAR outweighs the potential risk. Braylon Edwards is known for being a bit of a diva, Vernon Davis had that reputation for years... and it turns out that neither of those guys hurt their team at all. I don't see why it'd be any different with Moss, especially when No-Nonsense Harbaugh is manning the helm.

Moss isn't a quick fix. Moss is a smart attempt at solving the teams' biggest deficiency.

It's a good deal.

If Moss excels then the rewards are obvious.

If he throws a temper tantrum or fails to produce then you cut him.

Plain and simple. It was a good deal for San Francisco.

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March 13, 2012  02:26 AM ET

Holy God...Worst case scenario would involve Moss **** the field and being a **** the locker room

Apparently FN is like one of my ex-girlfriends...she wouldn't ever use "sucking" and "dick" in the same sentence either...


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