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Best NBA trade deadline move

J-Business (78-66-19) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

Which team made the best trade deadline move?

To start, let's automatically eliminate the Orlando Magic. Their keeping Dwight Howard makes that a no-brainer.

There weren't any real blockbusters but there were some decent trades made by teams looking to compete.

I'll say the LA Clippers made the best trade at the deadline

They traded Brian Cook and a 2nd rd draft pick for Nick Young

So basically, they gave up a player who didn't play much and a pick that most likely wouldn't have made the team for the guy who'll most likely be their starting SG

Young has averaged 17 pts a game the past two seasons and will feel at home in LA

He's 6'6 and can drive to the basket and shoot from outside.

Pairing him with Chris Paul will give the Clippers a much more legit backcourt

Young won't put up great numbers in the playoffs, but he'll have a few 20pt games and this will help the Clippers be a real threat to OKC, Spurs and the Lakers

The Clippers will enter the playoffs with a starting team of:
Caron Butler

They are now skilled and young at every position and this will set the team for years to come

Golden State trades Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson was the best deal at the trade deadline.

The Bucks made out like bandits in this trade. They got an explosive player (21.9ppg, 6apg, 3.4rpg, and 1.5spg) to team with Brandon Jennings in Milwaukee's backcourt.

Milwaukee was only going to be a borderline playoff team with Bogut and Jackson. With Ellis and Jennings, they have a dynamic 1-2 punch. Plus, Bogut had played in just 12 games this season and has a history of being hurt. Jackson didn't want to be in Milwaukee and the Bucks had to unload him.

Nick Young is a solid player, but he doesn't pass (1.2apg with the Wizards), rebound (2.4rpg), or play defense. He will score, but his efficiency isn't that great. He made just 40.6% of his FG's, so he can score, but not at a high percentage.

Not to mention, the Clippers are a team that has a good vibe and the Wizards traded him for Brian Cook and a 2nd rounder. Why? Because the Wizards just wanted him gone. Has to make you wonder, doesn't it?

The Milwaukee Bucks will go exactly where the Golden State Warriors went with Monta Ellis
No where

He basically changed into the exact same situation he had in Golden State.
He's a small shooting guard who needs the ball and he's playing with a small point guard who shoots too much

Jennings averages 5.4 assts and 16.5 pts
So he definitely doesn't play like a traditional point guard.

On top of that he's only 6'1 (shorter than Curry), so pairing him with Ellis will give opposing teams a match up advantage

Yes Bogut was hurt, but he was one of their best players
When healthy, he's an all-star big man who can put up 18 pts, 10 rebs a game

The Bucks will still struggle to make the playoffs and if they do, they'll be the 8th seed and lose to the Bulls or Miami, easily

The Clippers on the other hand now have a more complete team to legitimately compete for a title
Young is a SG, he's not expected to rebound and of course his assists will be low
The Wizards were a horrible defensive team, so throw that piece out the window

The Clippers trade solidifies their position as a contender

The Bucks trade solidifies their fight for the 8th or 9th seed

Both players pass the ball. Jennings averages 5.4apg and Ellis averages 6apg. It isn't like they both hog the ball. They are both capable of playing off each other.

This deal was win-win for the Bucks. They are in the hunt for a playoff spot and they got a dynamic player who is more versatile than Young is.

Nick's a scorer, but it takes him a decent amount of FG attempts to get those points. 40.6% isn't very efficient at all.

Milwaukee has been in a lot of close games this season (lost 12 games by 6 or fewer points) and they just picked up an excellent scorer who can help in those close games.

The Clippers aren't going to win much of anything with Young. Neither are the Bucks. But, the Bucks acquired a superstar SG for peanuts. And this definitely helps them make the playoffs more than Bogut and Jackson would have.

Jennings averages 17 shots a game and shoots 40%
Ellis averages 18 shots a game and shoots 43%

They are both small and both shoot the ball a lot
It's simply not a good fit

Can you please tell us when Monta Ellis was elevated to superstar status?
Superstars usually make the all star game, which Ellis has never actually made
So a superstar he is not

Nick Young's scoring will become much more efficient by playing with Chris Paul.
He'll also benefit from playing with a team that has legit big men in the box

This is where you are wrong
The Clippers can win much with Young
In fact, they now match up very favorably with the Lakers and Spurs by having youth at the wing position

Young may not put up big numbers but he'll make Kobe and Manu work at the other end of the court

That will count big time in the playoffs

Milwaukee's trade basically makes them the Golden State Warriors of the East
Two small guards who can't defend bigger guards and a team that doesn't have a big man in the middle

The Clippers trade is simply a much better trade and shows that the Clippers want to win now

Ellis is an excellent player, Business.

WE ALL KNOW THE ALL STAR GAME IS ABOUT POPULARITY. Toiling in Golden State, he doesn't get a lot of exposure.

The Clippers lost to the Pacers by 13 last night. He up making just 5 of 13 FG's (1 of 7 in his 1st game). He isn't very good at much, other than scoring.

The Clippers needed a player like Ray Allen who can help provide some leadership and championship experience. Not a malcontent who was traded for very little.

The Bucks are 2-0 since the trade.

Ersan Ilyasova is the reason they traded Bogut who is always hurt. Ersan averages 12.3ppg and 8.6rpg. He is solid young player who has been a reserve for his career in Milwaukee. The Bucks have decided to stick him in the starting lineup and see what he can do.

Drew Gooden (14.6ppg on the season) had 19 points last night with Jennings and Ellis getting him the ball. Ellis had 9 assists and only took 8 FG's. Jennings had 6 assists while doing the bulk of the shooting for the Milwaukee guards.

Ellis is averaging 6.5apg in Milwaukee. He is working with Jennings, not against him.

The Bucks made a move to try and get into the playoffs.

March 19, 2012  04:36 AM ET

Orlando being able to keep Howard for the rest of the season.

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March 19, 2012  10:42 PM ET

Really DJ? Voting already?



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March 20, 2012  02:01 AM ET

I like the Young pick up. The Clippers lost Billups and Young can provide another much needed scoring threat to help CP3, he is also a good free throw shooter when the game is close.

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March 20, 2012  10:59 AM ET

March 20, 2012  12:25 PM ET

Better case for the LA team.

March 20, 2012  02:26 PM ET

I thought Stephen Jackson went to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson? No?

March 20, 2012  02:31 PM ET

I thought Stephen Jackson went to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson? No?

Yeah, he did. What is your point?!

March 20, 2012  02:47 PM ET

I need moar STATS!

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