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Build a Pro

[Mahewman]Big Bad Bruins (19-15-3) vs Argos. (184-101-29)

Today we will be building two super players.
1st. Starting with attributes from current NHL forwards ONLY.
2nd. Same attributes for Defensemen ONLY.
3rd. Argue Choices. If you choose to argue in the first or 2nd thats fine.

You cannot use the same player twice or the same TEAM twice. Ex. Cannot use Chara and Lucic.

Hands/Dangles: Datsyuk (DET)

Vision: Crosby (PITT)

Skates: Ovechkin (WASH)

Slap Shot: Kovalchuk (NJ)

Wrist Shot/SnapShot: Michael Ryder (Dallas)

Finishing Ability: Stamkos (TB)

Passing/Playmaker: H. Sedin (VAN)

Captain: Jarome Iginla (CALGARY)

Enforcer: Shawn Thornton (BOS)

Checking: Cal Clutterbuck (MIN)

Two Way Player/Backchecking: Ryan Callahan (NYR)

Let's Build some pros.

I'll keep my arguments to a minimum.

Skates: Gaborik (NYR) over Ovechkin
Since when was Ovie known for his skating?

Slap Shot: Ovie (Caps) over Kovalchuk
Ovie is known for his slapper

Wrist Shot: Kessel (Tor) over Ryder
Say what you want about Kessel, but he has one of the quickest, if not the quickest, releases in the NHL and a deadly wrist shot. The rest of his game can use some improvements, but what a wrister.

Enforcer: Boogard (Ducks) over Thornton

Two Way: Patrice Bergeron (Bos) over Callahan
Centres tend to be better backcheckers, Bergeron is one of the best.

I hate the Canucks.

Just a couple quick snippets then ill get into my defender.

The Enforcer has thrown me for a loop. Who are you even talking about? Aaron Boogard? He isn't in the NHL. Derek, as you must know, is no longer with us. If you meant Parros, then idk where Boogaard came from.

Gaborik vs Ovechkin. Skates.

Ovechkin isn't "known" for any one trait. A debate could be made that you could slot him in almost any attribute. Ovi is explosive with the puck and it starts with the way he skates. His acceleration is top notch.

Kessel vs Ryder.

Both great choices. Kessel has better accuracy, but Ryder has the ability to put the puck top shelf just about as fast as anyone out there. His doesn't have the legs like Kessel but he sure as hell can get off one hell of a wrister.


Hands: Boyle (SJ)

Vision: Keith Yandle (Phoenix)

Skates: Duncan Keith (Chi)

Slap Shot: Shea Weber (Nash)

Finishing: Erik Karlsson (Ott)

Passing: Doughty (LA)

Captain: Campbell (Florida)

Enforcer: Gleason (Canes)

Checking: Luke Schenn (Tor)

Got rid of some because our options are limited.

Oh, I have no clue what I was thinking, did my argument fast. Paros is my correct pick...

Ovie is a big man, not known for speed. Gaborik is among the fastest, if not the fastest in the NHL.


Skating: Karlsson over Keith
Karlsson is probably the best skater in the NHL, right now. So effortless, so fast. Keith is good, but Karlsson is faster.

Finishing: Streit over Karlsson
Not as good at finishing as Karlsson, but had to make this change, and pretty damn good at finishing.

Captain: Phaneuf over Campbell....
Just joking. I wont do a change here.

Checking: Chris Pronger over Schenn
Pronger is mean, and a hard hitter. The only reason that Schenn has been among the league leaders in hits the last two years is because; 1) The Leafs home official scorekeeper is generous, he gives hits/blockshots/shots for anything, 2) The Leafs suck, and the other team always has the puck, which means more hit opportunities

Tough to leave Keith off, but he is kinda really really great at everything, but not the best at anything.



The reason i chose Keith was because he is BOTH fast skating backwards and forwards. He narrowly lost to Letang in the backwards skating contest, who we couldn't choose due to Crosby.

Finishing: I honestly wanted to put Streit in their somewhere but i just couldn't. Streit could be considered for a lot of different categories but i'm not sure Finishing is where I would put him. He is more of a playmaker than finisher.

His career high in goals is 16 and only has 6 this year.
Karlsson is just getting started and he already has 19 this year.

Karlsson plays like a forward and has the finish of a forward.

Overall, with Duncan Keiths wheels and Karlsson's finish, my pro would be at least 2 points higher if we were to make NHL BE A PRO's in NHL 12. haha

Checking: Now i did have Pronger as my captain then took him out due to his injury. Who knows how mean Pronger will be when he comes back. Schenn has 200+ more hits this year! :)

I have never heard about the Leafs scorekeeper being generous but that is hilarious.

To finish, i do love your Patrice Bergeron pick.

Checking: Pronger at 50% is still a better checker than Schenn and nearly every other NHL player.

The Leafs scorekeeper is so generous. Hence, the Leafs being 4th in the NHL in hits this year, despite being a small team that does not hit.

Pronger hits for injure, and his hits hurt. He is great at it, and one of the best all-time.

Skating: Karlsson has wheels, and is the best skater in all of hockey, in any direction. Keith is pretty good, but it is no contest.

Finishing: Karlsson has an edge, but Streit is one of the best PP QBs in the league, and constantly, when healthy, one of the top scorers among NHL d-men in the league. He is no slouch.

I got big edges at forward at; Skating, and two-way. I also have smaller edges at wrist shot and slapper. I'll give you enforcer.

For defense, I got edges in skating and checking, while you maintain an advantage in finishing.

Overall, I'm better. I win. :)

March 21, 2012  11:09 PM ET

You're building a pro Argos and you you're using Kessel?

You got some funky legos man.

Leafs Suck!

Comment #2 has been removed
March 22, 2012  09:16 AM ET

is boogard not dead?

March 22, 2012  09:18 AM ET

Iginla for snapshot, Toews for Captain

March 22, 2012  09:35 AM ET

You're building a pro Argos and you you're using Kessel?You got some funky legos man.Leafs Suck!

Just for his wrist shot.

No other part of him.

March 22, 2012  11:41 AM ET

Just for his wrist shot.No other part of him.

his wrist shot hasn't really scored that many goals for him this year. They have mostly been on the side of the net bank them in

March 22, 2012  12:16 PM ET

his wrist shot hasn't really scored that many goals for him this year. They have mostly been on the side of the net bank them in

You obviously haven't seen him play.

He doesn't go within 5 feet of the net. Nearly all his goals are perimeter wrist shots.

March 22, 2012  02:17 PM ET

You obviously haven't seen him play.He doesn't go within 5 feet of the net. Nearly all his goals are perimeter wrist shots.

i get screwed into watching him on sportsnet ontario. Wife is a dreamer and cheers for them. We must be watching different games then because what I see is him sneaking in to the side of the net. He uses his snapshot down the wing from the circles and usually hits the goalie and watches it go out of play.

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March 22, 2012  07:33 PM ET

Kessel is super fast and he does have a really good wrist shot.

I guess that's why he's still in Boston?

March 23, 2012  02:49 AM ET


March 23, 2012  09:42 AM ET

Kessel is super fat and he does have a really good beer belly.


March 23, 2012  12:06 PM ET

could almost put hands Corey Perry and Captain Lidstrom, hard to leave off either one of the two redwings. Interesting Td format

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March 24, 2012  01:13 PM ET

He's soft and doesnt back-check..thats why he's not in Boston. Love his wheels tho...cant deny his speed.

So he's kinda like owning a Yugo that is really fast?


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