• 03/27/2012, 08:32PM ET

Jimmy Graham should be suspended (and/or fined) for his involvement in the Saints Bounty Program.

(Un) (93-18-8) vs MattUSA (3-4-3)

In Week 6 of the 2011 season the New Orleans Saints traveled to Tampa Bay for a game against the Buccaneers.

On their third offensive play of the game, with approximately 11 minutes remaining in the 1st quarter, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham caught a pass from Drew Brees and immediately ran toward the sideline where he launched himself into head coach Sean Payton's knee, tearing Payton's MCL and fracturing his tibia.

At the time of the injury this was presumed to be a freak accident. Football is a violent sport so we discounted the injury as part of the game. However, in the aftermath of the Bounty Scandal we have learned that no injury suffered at the hands of a New Orleans Saints player during the last three seasons was accidental. It is now apparent that the Saints had placed a bounty on Saints head coach Sean Payton in a deliberate attempt to remove him from the game.

Roger Goodell has shown zero tolerance for the Saints Bounty Program, issuing fines and unprecedented suspensions across the New Orleans Saints organization. He needs to extend those punishments to Jimmy Graham.

It is virtually impossible to argue the facts that you have so accurately explained in your opening argument. Jimmy Graham, clearly and with malice took out Coach Payton. He earned every dollar that was awarded to him. If it weren't so grotesque, it would be a thing of beauty.

Where you have errored is in the fact that there are no rules protecting you from your own teammates. If such rules where in effect, David Carrs offensive line would have been permanently expelled from the NFL during his playing days with the Texans.

This is a situation that should have been handled in the locker room. If my sources are accurate, it indeed was. Not only was Graham forced to return half of the $5,000 bounty, it was his responsibility to purchase (and have the team sign) the over sized get well card.

As much as you and I would love to give Roger Goodell more power, he cannot be responsible for team on team injury. This is more of a Team not league issue.

Safety is a league issue. With former players threatening lawsuits and Congress paying close attention to how the league handles injuries, it's up to Commissioner Goodell to protect the future of the NFL.

Jimmy Graham's bounty hit on Sean Payton's knee set a dangerous precedent. Never before have we seen players assault those outside of the field of play. Roger Goodell needs to make an example of Jimmy Graham to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. The stiffer the penalty, the less likely we are to see another head coach targeted and injured on the sideline.

Making this hit worse is the fact that it undermines one of the most well-known unwritten rules of the game: you never take out another man's knee.

In the NFL knee injuries are career-threatening. According to research (link) published by the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2010, less than two-thirds of those who suffer knee ligament tears in the NFL are able to return to the game.

So when Graham intentionally dove through Payton's knee he didn't just take Payton out of the game, he threatened Payton's livelihood.

If the NFL takes your advise, it will set a dangerous precedence. What is next?

We both know the answer to that question. The League will be forced to perminantly suspend Peyton Manning for intentionally and with malice aforethought braking his own neck.

The reasons are obvious. The plan was hatched between Manning, Elway and Andrew luck back in 2010 when it became clear that Tim Tebow would redefine the QB position. No longer would it be necessary for your QB to have "throwing" ability. Reading defenses? A thing of the past.

Instead of sending scouts to major colleges looking for franchise QB's, they would go to humanitarian missions across the globe. Find a good Christian with intangibles and plug him into their offense. The results? Instant winning.

Manning, Elway and Luck wouldn't stand for this. As the e-mails (in Goodell's possession) prove.

The three would hatch a brilliant, yet devious plan, that will be outlined in my last argument.

If the League were to take your narrow minded advise, there would be no turning back. The slipperry slope would have been set into motion.

This is the current state of the NFL: bounties, head-hunters, and knee ligaments torn to shreds.

When Jimmy Graham was drafted in 2010, Gregg Williams' bounty hit culture was already well established. The New Orleans bounty program is the only style of professional football that Graham has ever known. He's the football equivalent of a trained assassin, coached into a 6'6 260lb knee shattering machine.

His trained assault of a 47-year old head coach is exactly the kind of fodder needed for the NFL's opponents to launch a class action lawsuit large enough to financially cripple the league.

Traditional style quarterbacks, scrambling Christians, they both boost ratings. But it doesn't matter who is playing QB when the NFL declares bankruptcy.

Jimmy Graham is a legal liability who threatens to bring down the entire league. Roger Goodell can't afford to sit back and allow his league to be left open to litigation. He needs to fine and suspend Graham. He may even need to ban Graham from the league.

Whatever the penalty may be, Jimmy Graham needs to be punished for his involvement in the Saints Bounty Program. It's necessary to save the league.

As promised I will detail the plot that must banish Peyton from the NFL.

I will start with the Email that has already been made public:
from: to
jan 2011: Get well soon. You will be rewarded in 2012.

It is easiest to understand their plot, by knowing the final goal.

The final goal set forth in 2010 was Tebow in NY = Failure.

Elway couldn't trade Tebow to NY without getting crucified in Den.
Unless he could replace him with a legend. Enter Manning.

Manning was still under contract in 2010, so he needed an out. He knew Indy would only release him if they doted his health and had his replacement in line.

3 things had to happen:
1) Manning needed injured
2) Indy needed the #1 pick in 2012
3) That pick had to be for Andrew Luck (Peyton 2.0)

Luck was convinced to pass on the 2011 draft, and return to college.

Manning did his part. Intentionally breaking his neck, and missing all of the 2011 season. Guaranteeing the Colts would have the #1 pick in 2012.

It all worked like a charm. Manning was released in 2012. Signed with Denver. Finally Tebow's failure was finalized. He became a Jet.

March 27, 2012  08:34 PM ET

I should have resized that picture. Too late.

March 27, 2012  08:42 PM ET

Strongly agreeing with the ZBra....

March 27, 2012  08:46 PM ET

I've longed for a (Un) for the longest time...

March 27, 2012  08:50 PM ET



March 27, 2012  09:14 PM ET

Leaning left, but will wait for one more argument.

March 27, 2012  10:53 PM ET

"If such rules where in effect, David Carrs offensive line would have been permanently expelled from the NFL during his playing days with the Texans."

Hahaha So true.

And if this posted twice blame FN!

March 27, 2012  11:10 PM ET

Leaning left, but will wait for one more argument.

Me too. Had you said malice aforethought I would be leaning right for sure.

March 27, 2012  11:14 PM ET

this is hilarious

Comment #9 has been removed
March 28, 2012  08:28 AM ET

my understanding is that he also had to furnish and fetch Sean's Juicy Fruit gum for the rest of the season

March 28, 2012  09:07 AM ET

my understanding is that he also had to furnish and fetch Sean's Juicy Fruit gum for the rest of the season


March 28, 2012  09:09 AM ET

Shoudn't a HC be worth more than $5,000??? 8^0

Comment #13 has been removed
March 28, 2012  12:25 PM ET

Shoudn't a HC be worth more than $5,000??? 8^0

only if it's Rex Ryan

March 28, 2012  01:35 PM ET

only if it's Rex Ryan


March 28, 2012  01:37 PM ET

what a stupid throwdown

March 28, 2012  01:49 PM ET

what a stupid throwdown

no... stupid is admitting that you live in Kenner

Comment #18 has been removed
March 28, 2012  02:06 PM ET

what a stupid throwdown

I think it's funny.

Watchoo got?

March 28, 2012  02:21 PM ET

I think it's funny. Watchoo got?

not a whole lot apparently


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