• 03/29/2012, 02:14PM ET

Recent sports heroes

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs ElevenRingsSTL (20-5-1)

in no order..

Beats a red hot Federer..
I know he got stuffed the next round..
But he showed, on his day, he can knock ANYONE out, with that serve..

Torres Chelsea,
Sets up the winning goal vs benefica.. Giving Kalou a shot I could have made..
Maybe its presumptuous but it looks like he is finally getting out of his slump..

Kevin love Minnesota NBA..
Its always fun, when a white boy drops 40's and 50's like nobodys business..
Kind of like, whoa? where did that come from?

John Elway
Dont know how he did it, but somehow he managed to convince Peyton to come to sucky Denver, instead of awesome 49ers..

Jets GM + seattle GM..
1. Jets convincing tebow to come to NY over an automatic starting spot at Jags.. What a salesman!
2. 8.5 mill for 3 years, 10 mill guaranteed for Flynn!!!! Thought for sure this dude would get at least 10 mill a year.. What a bargain!!

Bartolo colon
Yeah hes old and fat..
But 8Innings and 1 ERA vs seattle..
Thought this dude would be sitting on the couch by now..

You know you are good, when people say, can they beat a pro team?

AC Milan
Shutting out mighty Barca, for the 1st time in 3 years..
Way to go Boys!

I'm not sure what your definition of "recent" is, but I'm just going to use 2012.

Lance Berkman - for accusing Selig of extortion. I wish he hadn't apologized.

Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens - for turning down a Big Ten gig at Illinois to stay at their mid-majors. I know they'll both likely leave at some point, but it's nice to see people not jump at the first available big conference pitch.

Mario Manningham - for making a crucial catch to help the Giants win the Super Bowl.

Lehigh Men's Basketball team - for beating Duke in the NCAA Tournament. One of the biggest upsets ever in the tourney.......and it was Duke.

Sam Gagner - for scoring eight points in a game earlier this year for Edmonton

Magic Johnson's ownership group - they paid a bundle for the Dodgers, but it gets Frank McCourt out of MLB.

I like 95% of your list..

From the super bowl.. While yes, the Manningham catch was impressive..
I personally was more impressed with Gronk, playing on a bummed ankle..
It must have been agony for him..
He sacrificed his health for the team, and a greater cause..
Plus, "the catch", in many eyes will be over shadowed by "the drop" by welker..
But yes, if there was an award for "biggest play of the super bowl", Manningham for sure would have won it.. As would david Tyree 4 years ago, with his helmet catch..

Othe heroes?

going 4 for 5 on opening day, in front of a "home crowd".. Whats not to like?

Wiping out the american dream singlehandedly, with some fantastic tennis..
Fries Fish, ICES hot-Rod..
Hopefully he can give the Djoker a good fight..

The new, NY knicks coach..
Maybe Im being too presumptuous, again:)
But it looks like he has got the ship going in the right direction..

Only cause he is the only humble NBA player in the whole League..

this isnt really heroic..
But the 49ers with Jacobs and Gore as RB's will be alot of fun to watch:)

Thanks Frog. 95% is pretty good.

I think my list includes better accomplishments.

Berkman calling out Selig........the Duke boys crashing and burning......McCourt out of major league baseball.

Gagner's game was only the 16th 8 point game in NHL history, and the first in 23 years.

Roddick beat Federer, but then got knocked out. Kind of took the shine off of his defeat of Federer.

Colon beating Seattle isn't that big of an accomplishment.....and Kentucky can't beat a pro team. If they could.....then it would be an accomplishment.

Ichiro having a great day on opening day isn't a significant accomplishment. He's done that many times before. Nice game, but not a tremendous accomplishment. Who will remember what he did on Opening Day in a few months?

Way too early to judge Woodson's impact in New York.

You have to wait to let the blood dry, before judging NY knicks.. TEE-rue!

But Berkman? a whistle blower = hero???

In all fairness, march madness has been a massive disappointment..
There have been zero buzzer beaters = no classic games..
This is why I hate college basketball.. There is no time to let the blood dry!
All you get is once every 10 years, you get ONE classic basketball game..
All the others are like coagulated blood from an HIV victim..
Same can be said about other college sports.. 99% of the time you can count me out!

Federer was red hot going into miami.. Trust me.. Beating a red hot federer is something you can tell your grand kids..

Colon is like 38 years old! and he was horrid for the yankees last year..
There is something romantic about a fat guy doing a dominating performance in a major sport..

Oh come on.. Ichiro returning to japan was a fantastic sports story..
And Im sure he made front page

Other heroes;
1. APOEL, a small cyprus team getting to the quarters in the champions league..
This is like the pittsburg pirates getting to the play offs!
2. New chelsea coach, de matteo, for righting the ship..

Again, I think overall my list has the greater accomplishments. Two or three of yours were just single game feats (Ichiro, Colon)

Berkman isn't a whistle blower, he called Selig out, and Bud deserved it.

I'd agree that the tourney hasn't been the best I've ever seen, but the first couple of days were, with two #2s going down on the same night. Duke being one of them. That is much more of an accomplishment for the Lehigh kids than Colon winning a game against the Mariners that no one saw.

Beating Federer is always a nice win, but it certainly minimizes the effect when Roddick loses in the next round.

Ichiro returning to Japan may be a nice story, but how is it an accomplishment? As you said he went 4 for 5 in the opener.......but he also went 0 for 4 in the second game. If you're going to use his return to Japan as the basis, you need to include the entire story.

Look at the overall accomplishments here of Berkman, Lehigh, Magic, Gagner, Manningham and the two mid-major coaches Stevens and Smart. They clearly overshadow what guys like Roddick, Colon and Ichiro did for one game or one day.

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March 29, 2012  05:01 PM ET

I don't think Colon should be on here. Can't most people that even resemble a big league pitcher shut down Seattle's offense?

March 29, 2012  07:00 PM ET

Your definition of "hero" seems to be slightly lame

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March 29, 2012  07:47 PM ET

Ichiro got 4 hits in 1st the answer is no..most teams can not shut down seattle..

Ichiro is one hitter in the lineup.

March 29, 2012  08:12 PM ET

Was thinking about this and was interested. The time it took me to get a drink, was the time it was snapped. Will enjoy the read.

March 29, 2012  08:15 PM ET

also think the term "heroes", should be replaced by "accomplishments"


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