• 04/23/2012, 06:03PM ET

it would be better if usa sent college basketball kids to olympics.. instead of pro"s..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-850-64) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-74)

lets face it olympic basketball is boring..
mainly case usa is such a massive favourite..

in hockey it makes sense..
theres 6 or 7 countries that al think they can win..

but in basketball, if we win, its embarrassing..
if we lose its boring:)

lets give college kids the chance for a cool experience..
plus the competition as a whole would be waaaaay more exciting..
imagine if the college kids, did the unthinkable and won..

the pros play too many games as it is..
they are too banged up after a ridiculously long season..


NBA players HAVE lost in international competition.
There is a solid chance that Spain could beat the US when they play.

So you would be incorrect there.

Part of the reason the NBA players are in the Games is that the US players were playing Professionals in the games anyway, only the US players were unpaid and they were more or less government employees in other countries (Russia, Germany, Yugoslavia etc)

But here is something you might miss.

Say LeBron or Kobe or another Players blows an ACL and never plays again.

He's a Millionaire, He will do fine for the rest of his life, his kids will and his kids kids will.

What happens if Uni-Brow blows a Knee?

He can't live off that Kentucky money, and his Kids won't be riding Bentleys off that Olympic Insurance.

Let the BEST Americans play the BEST of the World.

Its no longer 55 point blowouts, its getting closer.
As it should be.

the injury angle..
yes its possible, but not likely..

I like the idea of college kids playing,
cause it gives them baby steps into the nba..
the leap from college to pros is massive..
let them play against the minnows, like germans, italians and turks..
let them get a taste for blood,
and best of all, the kids have nothing to lose..
and at the same time play on a massive stage..
if they win, they become heroes and quadruple their salary..
if they lose, we just use the, "oh, well they are just kids" excuse..
we have nothing to lose..
its a win win situation..

owners hate olympics!

Not Likely?

Lets hit the rewind machine to 1992. The FIRST time the US sent the pros

Stockton - Broken Leg
Bird - Strained Back - Retired
Malone - strained Hammy
Barkley - High ankle strain.

Yeah, no injury factor there.

We DO have something to lose, THIS IS OUR GAME.

Most countries don't play Futbal Americano
The Games are every 4 years- meaning having more than a handful of baseball games just cant fit in the time restraints.

Basketball is IT.

We don't need to come in 7th in a game WE Invented.

The players CAN turn down, its an INVITATION to the tryouts, they Don'T have to go


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April 23, 2012  07:01 PM ET

The US won every Olympics basketball tournament but one (1972, when the US should've won but for an obvious blown call allowing Russia to score a final basket) when the US sent all college players.

April 23, 2012  07:13 PM ET

no pros in sports like basketball and baseball and soccer should be at the olympics, especially basketball.

April 23, 2012  07:15 PM ET

Just send the University of Kentucky over every year.Gold Medals every time.

they can barely win college titles as it is. too bad no one wants to play in that school for more then a year i don't blame them.

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April 23, 2012  07:33 PM ET

people are making billions of dollars off team usa..and the players dont see a dime..ITS NOT FAIR!


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April 23, 2012  10:37 PM ET

It's a ****-ing priviledge to get to represent our country.It's sad that these fools need monetary compensation to have any desire in competing for national glory.I like capitalism and everything, but this whole "representing America is meaningless... I need dollars" deal is sickening.These crybaby-**** NBA players ALREADY make more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetime yet they need MORE before they'll play for Team USA?It makes me sick. It really does. This **** has gone too far; WAY too far. These **** need to pull their greedy heads out of their childish **** and get a ****-ing grip. They can play with their stacks of money when they get home from representing our country.Personally I'm at the point where if these babies are too **** greedy to want to represent America then **** em. They can sit their punk **** at home while a real athlete goes to the Olympics and plays for national glory.I hate that ****. ****-ing ruining sports. Greedy ****.

Hell, I would play for Team USA for free with my present income!

April 23, 2012  10:38 PM ET

Hell, I would play for Team USA for free with my present income!

Sure the only record I would break was amount of gatorade drank by the 4th quarter, but, still.

April 23, 2012  10:46 PM ET

plus they risk injury

Players risk injury by waking up every morning, people like Sammy Sosa missing games by sneezing prove that... Players should quit being babies.

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April 24, 2012  12:48 AM ET

Yea make around 20m and accomplish one of the goals of your life or stay in college for another year attending classes.Tough choice jackass.

so then how can a Kentucky team win in the olympics if you admit that they won't stay in college, mr. jackass?


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