• 05/04/2012, 01:29PM ET

the best 10 franchise names

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs fvkasm2x (193-58-12)

1. blue devils, total bad ****.. I like the idea of satan being blue..
2. the gunners, arsenal soccer
3. mighty ducks, funny.. reminds me of the movie howard the duck
4. bull dogs
5. utah saints, (some call their football team, utes, that)
6. indians, love the hat
7. marlins, thats a fish with an attitude
8. the 3 lions, english national team
9. g_men, giants ia ok, but g_men is cool
10. REAL, madrid.. so cool, REAL, american soccers teams copied them..

The Angels are too "goody goody" but the Saints is one of the best names? That makes no sense.

Also... how does Mighty Ducks remind you of Howard the Duck and not Disney's THE MIGHTY DUCKS!!! Seriously dude.

1. Texas Rangers - Chuck Norris would punch me with his beard if this wasn't #1

2 and 3. - Raiders & Pirates - Obviously a +1 for the sea dwellers in the Ninja vs Pirates debate. I've never heard of a sports team named after Ninja... but there are a couple named after Pirates!

4. Sharks - If a Marlin is bad ****, what does that make a shark? Super bad ****?

5. STL Blues - The blues fit more with STL than jazz does with Utah

6. Titans - Just sounds awesome. Like a juggernaut. Gods of football

7. Steelers - The name fits the city and the team

8. Pistons - Detroit and cars go hand in hand right? It fits. Plus, if you don't like it... the Bad Boys would punch you in the ovaries.

9. Brewers - How can you not like a team that is named after beer?

10. Celtics - Fits with Boston's Irish heritage. Plus... rumor has it that the owner considered the names "Unicorns" and "Whirlwind." Thank Christ he chose Celtics.

steelers and brewers are awesome additions

utah saints is brilliant for 2 reasons..
1. church of latter day saints is the mormon church..
2. there is an awesome techno song called "utah saints", look it up on youtube..

never saw the mighty ducks..
I will check it out..
having said that howard the duck was awesome..
its about a duck, the size of a man, that saves the world..
I saw it as a kid in the 80s..

I prefer marlin over shark..
marlin is more original..
also, what kind of shark?
nurse sharks are very docile..
you should have said gators!
plus marlins have killed fishermen before,
by dragging them in the water and drowning them..
who is catching who?
plus plus:), its a romantic fish in old man and the sea, great book..

denzel washington ruined titans..
"remember the titans", was so corny and cliche..
you should have said the fightin irish!

Why is G-Men cool? I actually hate that nickname.

Plus, if we are being picky... Gmen isn't even the franchise name. It's NY Giants. Or NY Football Giants. It's not the NY G-men. Even if it were, that reminds of the certain rhyming "S" word that comes out of your wee wee when you're happy.

I don't know if it's censored, so I won't type it... but I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm not talking about captains, pirates or other "sea men" other.

YOU should have said Fightin Irish.

YOU should have said gators.

Why are the Indians so great? What about the Braves? Seminoles? Every other tribal name in existence?

Plus, screw techo music and mormons. They both suck. You dubstep loving wierdo!

Gmen is cool, cause its original, and nothing quite like it..
it has a ring to it and catchyness..
not many teams have nicknames.. of a nickname..

its not my fault gators is better than sharks,
and fighting irish is better than "remember the titans..
I intenionally left some out, cause it makes rebuttal easier..

indians have one of the best caps in sports..
plus the movie MLB, with now complete fu_c__k up sheen, glorified the franchise..
braves, I always found boring..
seminoles, I hated their chant..
redskins aint bad, but some say too controversial..

Who cares what the hat looks like? You said this was about the names, not the insignia, decal or logo.

I also don't care if a movie glorified the franchise. Lots of movies have done that to lots of teams in every sport. I also don't even know if Major League glorified that team... they were complete morons and miscreants who managed to come together in the end in a ridiculous way. Great movie... but not really glorifying the franchise.

And you "intentionallY" left out 2 great names in favor of your ridiculous choices, to make things easier?

yes, easier for people to vote for me!

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May 4, 2012  03:28 PM ET

Right's are so much better I wish I could vote twice.

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May 4, 2012  04:08 PM ET

Unicorns? Wow......I hadn't heard that one before......


May 4, 2012  04:08 PM ET

Unicorns?? Wow.....Hadn't heard that story before......


May 4, 2012  04:09 PM ET

Sorry. Didn't think the first one posted, so I retyped it.

May 4, 2012  05:14 PM ET

Washington Wizards should go back to the Bullets IMO.


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