• 05/16/2012, 12:39PM ET

Remember the minnows.. Days were the little guys/teams had their days in the sun..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs mikeycook (16-6-3)

1. Martin verkerk"s run to the finals of the french open..
a dude who was a measly tennis instructor the year before..
not improbable, his draw fell apart..
no one ever heard of him, before or after..

2. Greece wins the euro cup..
strange things happen at the euro..
plus their german coach knew what he was doing..

3. Vince carter leads freakin canada into the playoffs..
Showboating all the way, in an exciting, breath taking fashion..
canada has never been the same, before or after..

4. Sucky aj feely beating a great pats team that went 14_2..
you could tell feely wasnt used to celebrating..
cause his victory dance was awful..
he was playin for the fins,
a team who has been sent back to purgatory, since marino left..

5. 86 mets..
basically a bunch of fu_k__c ups..
dwight gooden got sooooo wasted the night before,
he was too hungover to go to the victory parade!
deryl strawberry, with those monster nostrils, just looks like a coke head..
i know the 04 red sox were called the lovable idiots,
but boston looked like harvard scholars compared to the 86 mets..

Can't see how the '86s Mets are little guys. The team was loaded and won 108 games. How about these?

1. Doug Flutie - Boston College beats Miami 47-45
If you're gonna honor little guys, start with a little guy. Midget knocks off Thug U.

2. Spud Webb wins Slam Dunk competition
An even littler guy in the quintessential big guy competition. Sure, it's only the Slam Dunk competition. But then again, he's only 5' 7''.

3. Buster Douglas beats Mike Tyson
Technically Douglas was taller, but he was also selling vacuum cleaners for a living. Beat the baddest man on the planet at that time.

4. Villanova beats Georgetown/NC State beats Houston
Impossible to pick between these two, the ultimate underdog upsets. Either way, a lot of Davids beating a lot of Golaiths.

5. Marlins over Yankees - 2003
The Joes beat the Pros!

86 mets..
in my eyes, they shall be considered minnows for the following reasons:
1. We may never see the mets win again.. They will always be in the shadow of the yanks, and the braves just nwver go away..
2. They were the biggest fu_k_c ups of all time..
just as likely to vomit on the pitch as be brilliant..
thank god there was no wild card round back then..
one more victory party and someone would have overdosed for sure!
3. Angels and red sox were better that year..

Little guys no, minnows for the reasons stated above yes..
had they cut strippers, nurses and partying by 50%, ok with that talent, i remove the minnow label..

When i said little guys,
i was refering to individual sports,
like my tennis,
your boxing..

guess you can attack 86 fu_k_c up mets
other parts of my list..

Ps marlins in 03 had an insane amount of household names/young talent.. Pavano, jeff conine..
miggy carbera, beckett, dtrain willis, mike lowell and pudge rodriguez plus psycho ugeth urbina slamming the door..

Thought guys/teams meant we could do both. If you want teams, I'll give you a few...

First, though, can't say '86 Sox and Angels were as good as Mets. Record and players say otherwise, though I agree it was incredible they could even function. '04 Sox deserve bigger props, not just for winning, but getting the 800lb Gorilla off their back.

Greece may have won the Euro cup, but now they're giving everyone Euro problems.

And Vince deserves credit for nothing. Could've been one of the greats.

If you want teams, here's a few more "days in the sun" teams, starting with the BEST one:

- 1980 - US Men's Hockey Team - Beats CCCP, wins gold
- 2011 - Butler makes NCAA Basketball Finals
- 2011 Chiefs, 2007 Giants, 1996 Jaguars, 1985 Dolphins - Undefeated Team Killers!
- 2007 - Appalachan State defeats mighty Michigan
- 1960 - Pirates beat Yankees in 7
- 1991 - Duke over UNLV - Another undefeated killer
- 1954 - Milan High over Muncie - So great they made a movie called Hoosiers
- 1982 - Chaminade over #1 Virginia
- 2001 - Pats over Rams - Everyone had the Rams in this game. Pats were minnows.

you can do individual sports too..
I did tennis..

we both agree that the 86 mets were complete fu-k-c ups:)
The lovable idiots of 04 boston, did they drink too many beers and shots? SURE..
But the Mets86, took it up 11 notches with cocaine. Thats a serious hardcore drug
And who misses their victory parade???
These guys were completely out of control/complete mess.
Im sure we will see a couple of them on Intervention some day, ha


You americans get caught up in the big trophy too much.
We euros, like to judge on consistency, the way it should be.
yeah, we do knockout competitions too. But if you win the knockout competition, they gave you a flimsy piece of underwear for your lady
I still watch the Buckner game, and red sox were the better team
If it hadnt been for the greatest Fup in all of sports, the red sox would have won for sure
How great of a team can you be, when you have to rely on a mistake, the average 5 year old would not make?
They had to give the trophy to someone that year
Here is the dirty secret about the Angels.Their fans should be more heartbroken, than sox

You know a lot about 80s baseball for a Euro. :)

Face it, you euros like the big win as much as we do. How much press coverage is devoted to the European national teams and whether they'll win? How much devoted to world cup, champions league, EPL, La Liga, etc? The difference is, you like to win. We're used to winning.

The US has always favored the underdog because our whole culture is built on it (see: 1776). Even though we're Golaith, we still think we're David.

As a life-long Red Sox fan, I can tell you that they did not have the better team in '86. But, they did have the series won and they should have won Game 6, obviously. But the '86s Mets were an absolute juggernaut. Their 108 wins is tied for second most in National League history. They beat a tough Astros team whos top pitcher was throwing an illegal pitch (allegedly). And, though they would ultimately not live up to their promise in later seasons, that '86 Mets team was one of the most loaded teams ever. In upcoming years, the players from that team would populate numerous title teams. Don't let their partying mislead you. It was an all-time great team.

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May 16, 2012  02:19 PM ET

Michigan fans know the correct answer.

May 16, 2012  02:26 PM ET

You want obscure....'98 Harvard Women's Basketball Team

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May 16, 2012  02:28 PM ET

The vuvuzela

May 16, 2012  02:29 PM ET

the Bad News Bears

May 16, 2012  02:38 PM ET

Miracle on Ice.

May 16, 2012  03:03 PM ET

Miracle on Ice.

You mean when the little Russians almost beat the mighty USA!

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May 16, 2012  03:23 PM ET

Im digging right's list.

Frog is a glutton.

May 16, 2012  03:32 PM ET

Frog's top 2 won't be popular choices, but they are indeed great choices. Number 2 would probably be my #1. Iraq winning the Asian Football Confederation Championship in 2007 with a literal team of nobodies has to be one of the most amazing surprises by the outsider as well.

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May 17, 2012  08:53 AM ET

Miracle on Ice.


May 17, 2012  08:53 AM ET

Leaning WAY right!

May 17, 2012  09:04 AM ET

Appalachan State Is my All time favourite!! Cocky Wolverines fans crying made my entire year!

May 17, 2012  09:05 AM ET

Iraq can suck a fart out of my ****.


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