• 05/17/2012, 03:42PM ET

Losses that hurt so bad.. The person/s, will think about it till their death bed..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs mikeycook (16-6-3)

1. Sampras losin to edberg 92 us finals..
Even sampras said he was not himself that day..
after that, he went hardcore,
would not lose a final till 2000..

2. Federer loss to del potro..
ouch! Losing to a guy barely in top 10!
this is not goof..

3. Hockey russians losing to college kids..
in america, they glorify this, and rightly so..
but in russia, not cool..

4. Buster beats tyson..
its just an inexcusable loss really..
but tyson is nuts, he probably is more mad at burger king, when his fries are cold..

5. Pats losin to 07 gmen..
less said the better!

6. 03 sox to yanks..
oh if only grady wasnt such a dumb_a_ss..

7. Argentina losin to zee germans in 06..
if messi plays, even for a second, fine, no qualms..
but to leave a top 3 player of all time on the bench, is criminal..
the coach got too cute..
its like leaving jordan on the bench in the playoffs..
it will haunt that coach forever..

8. Buckner
sox fans forgave him in 04..
but everytime he goes to the grocerystore..
even the bag boy thinks,
man am i glad im not that guy

9. Arsenal losing to the turks in uefa cup final..

1. Cubs losing to Marlins - 2003 NLCS
Cubbies, leading 3 games to 2, give up 8 runs in the 8th to blow game 6 and ultimately game 7. I have never felt so bad for a team in my life.

2. Greg Norman - 1996 Masters
Blows 6 shot lead. Ouch! I don't even like golf, but watching it unfold was like watching a car accident.

3. Red Sox - 1978 AL Playoff
This was one of the first games I ever attended personally. I've gotten over '86 and '03 because of '04 and '07, but '78 will never go away.

4. Pats lose to '11 Gmen
Bad enough to lose in '07, but to have 4 years to prepare for the revenge game, and STILL stink up the joint?

5. Balboa over Lang, KO 3 - 1983
Clubber was so embarassed he changed his name to Mr T and starred in an overrated TV action show. No way he should've lost this fight. Pure overconfidence.

6. Bruins over Canucks - 2011
The city and the team has still not recovered. Team preferred to go out early this year than face a game 7 defeat at home.

7. Dewey loses to Truman - 1948
Even the Chicago papers declared him the winner. That must've hurt.

8. Michigan loses NCAA title game - 1993
"Wait, I thought we have another time out!"

07 pats vs 11pats..
i know welker looked like he had no soul, after 11..
and gisele wanted to beat that gmen fan to a pulp..
if alittle fairy came up to the pats and said 07 or 11?
pats would choose 07 in a heartbeat.. 19_0, immortalizes them FOREVER..
18_1, haunts them FOREVER..
we have won so many, 11, inless your welker, didnt hurt too bad..

As for golf,
frenchman vande velde.. British open..
tops norman..
the french guy looked like he lost the plot,
taking off his shoes, going into the water..
the trophy guy must have jinxed him, etchin his name onto it..
the french guy was never heard of again..
probably couldnt pick up a golf club after that nightmare..

My hockey russians have to be more broken, than a club team..
playing for your country hurts more than your club..
cause embarrassing the country is tough..

Honourable mention
86 angels closer killed himself, after blowin it vs sox..
being an athlete has its price..
these guys have alot of pride..
and the loses are very personal..

For Tennis, it's gotta be Jana Novotna. I think she might still be crying somewhere.

Russians are a good point, but when you grow up in the US during the 80s, you have no sympathy for any Soviet citizens, except those who tried to defect. The hockey team lived like fatted calfs in an unfair system. I can't bring myself to give them any sympathy.

I still think the '11 loss is worse for the Pats. Yes, they could've been 19-0, but if I didn't show up for the rematch I waited 4 years for, I'd be ashamed to come out of the house.

As far as Norman vs. Vande Velde is concerned, here's why I picked Norman. Van de Velde's collapse was epic, but he never should've been there. He was not ever a world-class golfer, so while his collapse was painful and extreme, it shouldn't have been a big surprise from a journeyman

Norman, on the other hand, had a history of being close, like in '86 when he was tied for the lead on 18 and blew his approach. In '96 he not only lost a 6 stroke lead. He lost the championship by 5 strokes. It was so bad that Norman, one of the best golfers of the 80s and 90s, never seriously challened for a major again. It destroyed him.

Jana novotna is a great example..
im sure Seles will always wonder what her career would have been like,
had she not got stabbed..
its not a match, but im sure it haunts her..

Van de velde had a 5 shot lead going into 18..
not to mention, this was his only chance..
it has to drive him crazy..
had he played it safe, he would have won..
but instead, he tries to act all macho..

Another great example,
Is dan obrien92 qualifiers olympic decathalon, pole vault..
all he had to do was vault a measly height and qualify..
instead he goes for an absurd height, to break the record..
he fails..
must have been awful..

Funny you mention O'Brien. I had been thinking of another Dan-named olympian, namely Dan Jansen, who failed in numerous speed-skating events in 1988, 1992, and 1994 as the favorite, finally winning in his last opportunity in '94. I'm sure the '94 race brought him some solice, but only a little.

I'm not suggesting Van de Velde's collapse wasn't epic. Both his and Norman's were. Too bad we have to choose.

A few more honorable mentions I thought of:

Ivan Lendl - Couldn't win Wimbledon, despite being a dominant #1 for several years and training for it
John McEnroe - 1984 French Open, up 2-0 sets with a chance to be the first American to win since the 50s. Blew the match.
Jackie Smith - Drops sure TD in end zone in Super Bowl XIII. Cowboys lose. He retires.
2000 Trail Blazers - Led game 7 over Lakers by 15 in 4Q. Missed 13 straight shots.
John Starks - Game 7, 1994 Finals. Complete brick-a-thon (2-18, 0-10 in 4th) kills Knicks title hopes.

May 17, 2012  04:24 PM ET

Missed a big one in football, will see if mikeycook agrees with me.

May 17, 2012  04:25 PM ET

Badgers losing to Michigan State and Ohio State on Hail Mary's in back to back weeks. [No not the one I am thinking for the above comment]. I will never get over that.

May 17, 2012  04:49 PM ET

The Bills losing to the Giants in Super Bowl 25. IMO the hardest loss, easily beats the Pats loses. The Patriots have 3 Super Bowl victories. The Bills have to live with that missed FG and never getting that great team of theirs a championship.

Guys like Sampras and Federer won so much I don't think their loses are as crushing as people who made it to that peak and fell short.

May 17, 2012  05:09 PM ET

Frog, for soccer, I would suggest the 1954 World Cup final. The Hungarian goal keeper eventually did kill himself, mentioning the loss of the match in his suicide note.

Also, 1999, Bayern-Manchester United Champions League final. I've never seen anything more brutal in my life.

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May 18, 2012  08:27 AM ET

May 18, 2012  08:28 AM ET


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May 18, 2012  10:46 AM ET

No Jean Van De Velde blowing up to lose the British open?Really? It was the most epic final round collapse in golf history....

That was totally inexplicable.

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May 18, 2012  11:38 AM ET

HCF - I am shocked Andr??s Escobar is not on your list. He should be #1 on your list. He paid the ultimate price for a loss.

May 18, 2012  11:38 AM ET

HCF - I am shocked Andr??s Escobar is not on your list. He should be #1 on your list. He paid the ultimate price for a loss.

stupid mods....Andres Escobar

May 18, 2012  11:39 AM ET

stupid mods....Andres Escobar get to 50 comments.....

May 18, 2012  11:42 AM ET


May 18, 2012  11:42 AM ET

50 BAM!

May 18, 2012  12:19 PM ET

HCF - I am shocked Andr??s Escobar is not on your list. He should be #1 on your list. He paid the ultimate price for a loss.

That's a good choice, though he's obviously not thinking about it.

May 18, 2012  12:56 PM ET

No Jean Van De Velde blowing up to lose the British open?Really? It was the most epic final round collapse in golf history....

When you only need a double bogey on the final hole to win, but you you log a triple... so painful to watch.


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