• 05/17/2012, 06:37PM ET

Are the Miami Heat really in trouble?

J-Business (78-66-18) vs HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63)

This is a big question (as evidenced by a recent article in the T&R section)

Let's first assume that with all the hype, a failure would be to not win the title, so are they in trouble
I will definitely say yes.

The Heat are a very good team but they have serious flaws

For one, they finished the regular season arguably as the 4th best team (Bulls, Spurs, OKC) and this isn't a case of saving it for the post season

Now they are in a tough fight against the Pacers and it's tied 1-1 going to Indy

Now w/o Bosh, the Big 3 are down to 2

LeBron is the better talent, but Wade is a proven winner = dilemma in the 4th qtr

Having Bosh down low as a threat allow Wade and James the option to drive the lane with the option to pass. Now it doesn't exist

The Heat are literally getting nothing from any other players, nor does anyone expect them to

The Pacers have 5 starters who can score and energy off the bench
They also have a good big man and play D

If the Heat are able to beat the Pacers, I think the Celtics will expose their flaws
If not Boston, than definitely the Spurs or OKC

With all of the hoopla, for the Miami Heat, this is trouble

No, miami is not in trouble..

We all know they are down 2_1..
but once bosh is healthy, they will start to steamroll as usual..

The bulls are dead.. End of discussion..
nba regular season is virtually meaningless..
its like best fat chick in a bikini contest..

Call me arrogant, but the pacers dont have household names..
if bosh was healthy, this is a sweep..

The celts have issues too..
everyone is jumpin on their bandwagon..
take out rondo and we are doomed..

Miami gettin to the finals is a success..

The Heat finished the season as the 4th best team in the NBA.
They are very weak in the post and they don't have a good pg

They are young but Chicago, OKC, Memphis and the Clippers are younger.

The Pacers don't have any household names but they have very good players and a much more complete team than Miami
They have a good point guard, a decent SG, a well rounded small forward, a seasoned PF and a very good young center.

Bosh is a key component, but without him, they still should not have gotten blown away

The really important thing here is that no one is really all that surprised

Everyone could see the holes in Miami's team
No point guard
No center
No bench
LeBron and Wade play the same position, same style

As the playoffs go on, players get better but more importantly, the coaching units also get better
If Miami is having trouble with a young Indiana team, what do you think Doc Rivers is going to do with Rondo and Garnett?

What about Popovich?
Westbrook will go wild against Miami

Bottom line is that this Heat team has good parts but they simply don't fit together

Check out my other TD in which I mention trade options

I do agree with you,
that the heat have holes and are an incomplete team..
with the bulls droppin out, the east is weak..
philie and boston are worse than indiana..
if they can just get by indian, (and they will once bosh is healthy)..
the heat will get to the finals..
and that must be considered a success..

The Heat are definitely in trouble and if they do get by Indiana, it will be by the skin of their teeth

This Heat team was supposed to be one of the "greatest teams ever" because they brought together a team that had 3 of the top 10 players in the NBA
The fact that they haven't finished as the #1 regular season team in the NBA since their inception
They are struggling in the second rd (not the Eastern Conference Finals of Finals)
LeBron and Wade increasingly are looking uncomfortable playing together
They have major holes and teams are exploiting it

The Miami Heat put a lot of money into this team and it's simply not turning out the way they planned

I don't see Micky Arison and Pat Riley sitting around and not doing anything about this

One thing is for sure is that both of them have tasted a title and they won't settle for anything less
It's a business and they'll make decisions (read trading Wade) because their goal is to win a title and their ultimate goal is to become a dynasty

Im down by 7..
but i will leave it up to voting:)

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May 18, 2012  01:09 AM ET

way to jump out on a limb

Lol. Well to be fare, i posted this TD before they were trounced. I'll let this one die (assuming no one takes it). I'll post a TD on which of the Big 3 will be traded, or will any of them be traded.

May 18, 2012  02:35 AM ET

The Heat were done when the three amigos decided to join forces and combine that with an NBA rule change on defense. They painted a huge target on their back and the fact that the NBA is allowing a Zone Defense has hurt some of the one-on-one match ups that Wade & Lebron usually dominate.

They lack a strong force down low, I don't think they have any one over 7', and Lebron at 6 ' 8" 260 should provide a post presence while Bosh is out.

The Heat, IMO, is owned.

May 18, 2012  02:36 AM ET

Next up: Should the Lakers be worried?

Too late.

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May 18, 2012  12:24 PM ET

I didnt think anyone would take this..thought why not..

congratulations on writing the award winning paper HcF!

May 18, 2012  02:18 PM ET

Who is jumping on the Celtics band wagon? I would be absolutely shocked if the Celtics can string together another performance like they did against the Sixers in game 3. The team is old, simple as that. The other two games in the series, the Celtics looked pitiful. The Celtics have a massive advantage at the PF position with Garnett vs. Elton Brand/Hawes/Lavoy Allen. That match up is killing the Sixers. However, that massive advantage is gone against Indiana or Miami.

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May 18, 2012  04:41 PM ET

Any team with a legit 3 quarter superstar with no killer instinct, a whiny former superstar, and a soft big man plus no bench is in trouble.

Nuff said!

Ruff ruff!

May 18, 2012  05:02 PM ET

I don't understand why the Heat don't run pick and roll basketball with Dwade as the ball handler and Lebron as the post setting the screen. This seems almost too obvious and I almost never see it. This would be the best way to take advantage of Lebron's supposededly improved post game. If they aren't going to do that, could they at least pretend that they have an organized team offense and run through a little motion and set some picks and move guys around? When I've watched them play recently, it is just LBJ or Dwade taking turns clearing out and then passing to the wing if they don't get to the basket. It's crap and it doesn't win. The offense a team runs should manufacture some easy points throughout the game and they don't even pretend to run one.

May 18, 2012  05:05 PM ET

Has anyone actually asked the Miami Heat if they are in trouble? It's not very nice to assume things about others. Let's all try to make the world a more enjoyable place.

May 18, 2012  07:57 PM ET

Winning takes more than just assembling great talent. It takes team chemistry and leadership. D Wade and Lebron just don't have it.

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May 21, 2012  01:28 AM ET

HighwayCrossingFrog said 05/20, 03:02 PM
Im down by 7..
but i will leave it up to voting:)



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