• 05/17/2012, 07:19PM ET

Most Underpaid Coach in FBS

Mr Monopoly Man (4-6-0) vs Bigalke (142-42-16)

Frank Beamer is the most underpaid coach in all of the FBS. He's the longest tenured head coach at his level, entering his 26th season at Va Tech. He's gone 209-98-2 at Virginia Tech, and led the Hokies to six BCS bowls (with two other appearances in current BCS bowls before the BCS was created). The six appearances he's bagged is second to only Bob Stoops in all of FBS.

Clearly, Beamer knows how to coach. Nobody doubts that. He's the best coach in the ACC by far, if not the nation. Then why isn't he paid like it?

Beamer has dominated the ACC. His teams won the conference in its first season, and has won the coastal 5 times in 7 seasons, claiming the ACC Championship Game three of those times. The lowest he has finished is second in the Coastal. Clearly he has this whole conference thing down.

Still, Beamer is not among the most paid coaches in the game. He currently sits as the fourth highest paid coach in the ACC. He trails three other coaches in a league that he has personally been the class of.

The man is the highest tenured coach in FBS. He's been to the second most BCS games in the nation. Bump him past fourth in his own conference.

Don't get me wrong, Beamer is good. But is he really the most underpaid?

Sure, he has the whole conference thing down. But he's also sustained inexplicable losses out of conference since then... (see: East Carolina, Boise State & FCS JAMES MADISON)

Why does Beamer have so many BCS bowl appearances? He had the benefit of an auto-bid... remember, no Hokies team has had fewer than two losses since 2000. Without Vick in the fold in 1999 and 2000, would Beamer EVER have posted a 1-loss season? You're saying $2.25m base is too little for THAT?!

Now if you want a truly underpaid, undervalued coach, look west. There's a guy who will be joining Virginia Tech's former conference soon enough, who has taken his team to two BCS bowls DESPITE not having an automatic bid. In six seasons he has posted a 73-6 record. Twice his teams have finished a season undefeated. Three other times they have sustained but one close defeat. (And, while a 2-loss Tech team was basking in BCS glory, his team was being shunned despite a direct victory over the Hokies.)

So who is the MOST underpaid coach in the FBS? Chris Petersen of Boise State & his $1.52m salary...

Consistency in college football isn't always the easiest thing to find. Beamer has provided just that for VT. He has guided them from league to league, and he has done nothing but win the entire time. Sure, he has some loses that look bad but you cannot question how he has won year in and year out.

You can't play the Vick card and then throw out a coach who relied even more on his QB. Kellen Moore is the winningest coach in NCAA history. He was the driving force for Boise State over the years. If any other player was at QB, would Petersen have only 6 losses on his record? Would the be a BCS contender? Absolutely not. Moore made Petersen more than Vick did Beamer.

Beamer won before and after Vick. Petersen hasn't won at Boise without a strong QB (3 loses came when Tharp was the starting QB). I admit, Petersen is a good coach. But without a very good QB, Petersen hasn't shown he can keep Boise as a BCS threat. Heck, he can't even win a bowl game. Give it a few years. Let's see what he does now that Moore is gone and he's not in the weak WAC.

Beamer is the proven commodity. He's stuck around, been through it all. Dominated his conference. Pay him what he deserves.

Who handled the snaps that led the Broncos to their improbable first undefeated Fiesta season after defeating Oklahoma? It wasn't Moore but Jared Zabransky. So the card doesn't exactly play for Petersen, either. I notice you didn't name another VT quarterback in defense, though...

Second, what's more consistent than 10+ wins every season of your head coaching career? Beamer can't say that. Petersen can. Further, you're going to bring up Petersen's bowl record (4-2, 2-0 BCS, W3 streak) when you're trying to defend Beamer (8-11, 2-6 BCS, L2 streak)?!

With incentives and bonuses, Beamer can make $2.7m+. Petersen makes at most $1.7m. Petersen has yielded results more consistently, holding his own against non-conf BCS opponents (his only loss in 2007 at Washington 24-10 with, as you said, Tharp). Had he taken any of the myriad positions -- UCLA, Penn State, Arizona, Oregon -- for which he was rumored at one point or another, he'd get twice what he's making.

At a million less than Beamer, Petersen is undercompensated for what he delivers. Grouped right around FSU's Fisher & GA Tech's Johnson ($2.7-3.4m) Beamer makes fair value for what he delivers...

May 18, 2012  11:31 AM ET

Highest is definitely Kirk Ferentz

May 18, 2012  11:31 AM ET

Highest is definitely Kirk Ferentz

Meant too high

May 18, 2012  11:42 AM ET

Nice choice Bigalke

May 18, 2012  02:29 PM ET

Weird to think that a $1.52m salary is low.

May 18, 2012  03:26 PM ET

I would imagine a $1.5 million salary goes pretty far in Boise. Besides, Petersen has had the opportunity to move onto bigger programs, for more financial reward, and turned them down.

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May 19, 2012  01:53 AM ET

I was going to pick Petersen, but he's actually going to make $2m a year, not $1.52m. If you look at consistencey and the difficulty in schedule, Beams takes the cake.

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May 19, 2012  01:24 PM ET

Gotta go with Big. Peterson has built a powerhouse able to compete with far more talented programs.

May 20, 2012  11:01 AM ET

I miss time limits... "5 minutes remaining" last so long these days...

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May 20, 2012  09:23 PM ET

I think Brady Hoke is the most OVERPAID coach in CFB right now.

Haha! You're just mean! He took a craptastic team to an 11 win team with a new attitude in just one season!

May 20, 2012  09:23 PM ET

Haha! You're just mean! He took a craptastic team to an 11 win team with a new attitude in just one season!

Plus, it's Michigan... they are going to pay their coaches.

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May 21, 2012  11:25 AM ET

Gooooo Lakers!!!!!

They ain't going no where!

<flips quarter to Percy Pringle III (Paul Bearer, for you younger folks)>

Sorry DJ, I just could resist using that Percy Pringle quote. 8^D

May 27, 2012  02:24 PM ET

I'd love to hear your last argument, Rich Uncle Pennybags... the sooner the better, considering you've had "5 minutes remaining" for a week now. ;)

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