• 05/20/2012, 03:00PM ET

Cleveland fans are the worst

HomertheGreek (5-2-1) vs HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64)

Yes, they are.

This is why i wasn't surprised to see Lebron James bolt out of there, and why I was one of the few that supported it. We are talking about a city that even boos their team when they are winning. Examples: s.ap/index.html?sct=hp_t2_a6&eref=sihp r-team-to-lose/

You guys ask what moron fans actually root for their teams to lose for a potential higher pick (even though basketball has a lottery)? If you said Cleveland fans, you are correct.

Oh and this:

Ungrateful fans. Without Lebron, your team would have sucked the whole last decade, instead of winning division titles and a bunch of playoff games. I don't blame James for getting outta there, with that ungrateful owner who thought buying the Cavs meant that he owned Lebron. Stupid Danny boy.

Cleveland doesn't deserve a title in any sports, because their fans suck. Give me New York, Boston, L.A., and Philly every year over this worthless city.

Lets just leave this to pro sports..

1. Oakland..
i would br afraid to attend games here..
safety comes first..

2. Miami.. Mostly baseball..
7 guys show up, great atmosphere!

3. Philie..
bunch of tough guys..
plus the santa incident..

4. A winning canadian team, ha ha..
its suppose to be american sports..
hard to talk trash with a canadien..
they are too noice..
plus, apart from hockey, do they really have any passion?
i know alot of pros who hate living there, mostly for financial reasons..
and when they do get superstars they tend to bolt..

5. Boston..
go to boston,
and you will see the crowd chant
"yankees suck"
they even wear tee sh%rts with this logo..
what is this kindergarten?

Honourable mention..
most under rated fans.. For nfl..
Plus, they get to play in one of sports cathedrals..
and there is a die hard cult following..
i hope we get a team some time,
hopefully before the canadiens!

i dont want you talking about them..
i dont want you dealing to them..
i dont want you forcing them into gay male prostitution!

For the two links that didn't work- s.ap/index.html?sct=hp_t2_a6&eref=sihp

and the second one: r-team-to-lose/

the Raider fans are pretty loyal to the team, but things can get violent.

i'd also say Philly fans are really loyal too, as to show up to the games in all the sports.

miami the worst more then cleveland? nah.

The thing about Cleveland fans is that they don't know any better. They have no common sense, and feel like they are entitled because they have been losers for decades.

fact is, these fans are ungrateful losers. booing your team to lose and get a higher lottery pick (potential)? oh and the recent article on SI quoting an irate Indians closer for terrible fans booing, even though they are in first place?

Things like that will only watch good athletes like the closer Perez, and even Irving to leave the city for a place that knows how to appreciate sports teams.

Cleveland shouldn't have any professional sports.

Cleveland in the 90s loved their baseball team..

I personally would never boo my team..

But boston and philie boo their team more than cleveland..

As david justice once said about cleveland fans, compared to new yorkers:

"you couldnt get worse fans than new yorkers,
unless they showed up to the games with uzis"

People in the north east are a_h_oles..
people in the south and midwest are warm and simple people..

Perez is probably just poed that he lives in cleveland, cause there is nothing to do there..
i lived in cinci for a year.. And i hated it..
getting hammered every night was the only way i survived..
perez probably feels the same..

The 90s was a long time ago. We are talking about 2012, and a first place team that not only ranks last in attendance, but also has fans booing the team, wven when winning.

i'm glad you would never boo your team, as a true fan should boo or hope their team loses for dumb things like higher draft picks.

I'm just getting sick and tired of hearing about Cleveland sports. since the Indians in the mid 90's, Cleveland sports has sucked, and that's hard to do with three professional teams. I consider the Cavs winning more of Lebron James winning, and not the team. So, the Cavs haven't done anything since the late 80s.

Perez has a right to be pissed. With so many closer breaking down, he is one of the few good closers still standing in baseball. i would not want to go on the mound at my home field, and see a bunch of empty seats with my own fans booing.

I say the Indians should be relocated, and just fold the Cavs and Browns. Sports in the U.S. will be in a better place.

Safety has to come first..

I would not feel comfortable,
walking into a philie sports bar,
if the pats were playing the eagles in the SB..

I was at a fish vs philie game, in miami..
when i cheered for the fish,
3 philie fans told me to shut up, if i knew what was good for me..

Like i said,
i would rather be around stupid fans,
than a bunch of a_h_ole tough guys from the north east..

Mets fans are alittle better,
they know they are lovable losers..
so they are not as competitive..

May 20, 2012  03:02 PM ET

and I for once proof read. *pat on the back

May 20, 2012  03:06 PM ET

off topic, I was surprised by all the crazy comeback wins by teams I thought were going to lose their games in Chelsea, Spurs, and Thunder. good day of sports yesterday.

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May 20, 2012  03:17 PM ET

Homer...Two or the three things you posted read 404 Error Message...great job there!

oh i don't know. here's the first one: s.ap/index.html?sct=hp_t2_a6&eref=sihp

and the second one: r-team-to-lose/

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May 20, 2012  05:13 PM ET

Los Angeles Raider Fans, they couldn't even support an NFL team so why do they deserve another one IMO.

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May 20, 2012  06:33 PM ET

Those d@mn Heatles.

oh i know, I was rooting for the Pacers. looked good at the beginning of the game.

May 20, 2012  06:35 PM ET

Homer...You are way outta line when you call Gilbert or Cleveland fans ungrateful. Get all the facts first, seriously. From the moment Gilbert bought the Cavs he could never say no to LeBron, even going as far as giving LeBron's boyz BS jobs within the organization to keep LeBron happy. Gilbert's inability to say no to LeBron is also why former GM Danny Ferry quit, he couldn't take it anymore. Now Gilbert made a fool out of himself BUT LeBron played Gilbert, the organization and Cavs fans like chumps on his way outta town.Now I'm not a Cavs or really an NBA fan for that matter but I am a lifelong Browns/Indians fan.

well, I think the way he trashed James when he left didn't show a lot of class on his part. it's a free country, brotha. you can work anywhere you want and shouldn't receive slack for it. this isn't Russia.

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May 20, 2012  06:48 PM ET

Man what happened to the Pacers today? Like you said they started out great and it was downhill from there.

the flow they had in the first quarter just didn't go through the rest of the game. i was at the gym watch on the treadmill and couldn't believe the Pacers lost their mojo. kinda like the Clippers, Lakers, and bayern yesterday. just goes to show that you can never determine the winner of a match until time expires.

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May 20, 2012  06:55 PM ET

So you have no problem whatsoever with how James turned his back on Gilbert after everything he did for him? Again Gilbert never said no to LeBron and he repays Gilbert with that absurd Decision? That's my issue with Bron-Bron, how he went about everything. He put 7 solid years in with the Cavs, he could have just went to Miami w/o all the sideshow antics.

he didn't turn his back on anyone. James was a FREE AGENT. that means he is free to work anywhere he chooses to work. If you're unhappy at your current job, and have the opportunity to work somewhere else that will make you more happy, and be with friends, which would you choose? Sure, you have been at that same job for years, and the owner has done things for you like vacation time and raises, but is that a good reason for you to stay and be "loyal" to the owner and that company? The sideshow stuff wasn't a good idea, but nobody is perfect and always come up with the best ideas.

May 20, 2012  06:56 PM ET

As much as I hate to say it gotta give some props to James and Wade. They killed the Pacers in the 3rd quarter.

yup. Wade woke up literally after playing 5-6 REALLY bad quarters in a row. winner of game 5 will win the series.

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