• 05/21/2012, 11:58AM ET

The quality of the nba is low this year..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Hyped78 (222-22-6)

1. Old guys celts and spurs..
too old..
we are still waiting for the next generation of superstars to emerge..

2. Boshless heat..
oh if only lebron or wade got injured..
team would be more complete..
now we face a dilemma of bosh not being ready till the finals..
which means more ugly basketball..

3. Rose injury destroyed a great bulls team..

4. Nobodys philie and indiana actually makin noise?
what happens if they play each other in ECF???
david stern is sweatin bullets..
that is not must see basketball, sorry!

5. Clippers and lakers, griffle upsetting ah? Ah?
clippers just make highlight reels..
lakers never recovered and stern destroyed us of seeing great basketball..

6. Nothin bad to say about thunder..
durant is a class act, on and off the court..
westbrook is sick..
but you stole perkins from us!!!
it would be funny/great story, if oklahoma were world champions..
if you got one year to live,
Move to oklahoma, cause one day there,
feels like freakin eternity..

I don't know what your problem is, really.

Even with the compressed schedule, the regular season was interesting. Probably because of having 66 games instead of 82, every game was more meaningful than what it usually is.

You've concentrated on the playoffs.

Well, the Western Conference is going to have a great showdown between 2 very dominating teams, the Thunder and the Spurs.

The Spurs have won 18 in a row, and Poppovich has brilliantly complemented his aging 3 stars with a vibrant supporting cast.

The Thunder seem to be as good as it can get, with the Durant - Westbrook - Harden trio being seemingly unstoppable. Getting rid of the defending champs and of the Lakers in dominating fashion is no small feat.

Spurs vs Thunder is a great conference finals.

On the other side things are not so clear but I don't understand why you are dismissing the Pacers and the 76ers.

The Pacers have a very powerful frontcourt with Hibbert, Granger and West. That size will give any team loads of problems.

And the 76ers play like a team, took advantage of Rose's injury.

More to come, but to me it's clear this season and these playoffs have been having good quality.

You can not debate the fact,
indiana vs philie,
will not have high viewership..
and the fact that it could go on for 2 weeks scares me..
and the fact that the thunder would cream any team in the east scares me..

This isnt recess..
everyone wants to see competitive matches..

The bulls days were better..
jordan on suspect teams, barely gettin by..

The lakers one two punch, and a bunch of deadbeats,
sliding by..

4super powers, mavs, spurs, lakers and portland, couple years back,
fighting for supremacy..

Celts and spurs..
its like having a bunch of del pieros on your team,
expecting to be rememebered more than denzel washingtons titans..

How competitive is the league,
if it is dominated by old guys?

The next generation..
are still boys.. Not men..
except thunder..

Oklahoma is OK:)

The league isn't being dominated by "old guys", it is being dominated by the best teams and players.

Thunder vs Spurs is going to be an incredible series. Both have been dominating enough to become champions, so this is going to be a grueling match-up.

And, on the other side, most likely it will be the Heat versus the Celtics.

The Heat have a lot of pressure on their shoulders and it is basically a situation in which Heat fans and LeBron fans will be supporting them, and just about everyone else will be hoping they choke badly.

This is the year LeBron needs to win a championship. The MVP isn't enough.

And for the Celtics it's the last chance with the "big 3". But when you talk about age, you obviously chose to disregard that the best Celtics player is now, arguably, Rajon Rondo. And he's 26.

Your "old guys" remark doesn't make much sense. The best teams and players win and go through.

"indiana vs philie"
Most likely that series isn't going to happen, as both teams are currently down 2-3, so that's another non issue that you're pointing out.

The conference finals are going to be exciting and intriguing.

Ok.. The heat are playing 66% up to their capabilities..
they need bosh to be 100%..
the fact that they can be 66%, and coast through this tourney,
shows the competition is weak..
how deep can the competition be, if a team can be 66% and chill like champagne on ice..

Celts are a shadow of the team that had perkins..
this team will always be like that busted sister of the pretty one..
the 08 celts would destroy this team, striking them out in 2 pitches..

Indiana and 76ers, are like the last fat chick at the bar..
its either the fattie or the internet..

We agree on oklahoma..

Spurs? When they lose in 5..
i will remember how you tried in vain to promote this series..

On one hand you dismiss teams because they are too old (Celtics, Spurs) but, on the other hand, you also dismiss teams that are young? (Pacers, 76ers)

The fact that the Heat are at 66% is exactly why they were down 1-2 to the Pacers, now 3-2 and with a potential game 7 not out of the equation.

The Heat, unlike what you stated, are definitely NOT coasting through the playoffs. They are absolutely not "chilling".

The Pacers have a great frontcourt and the 76ers are a hustle team with good perimeter defending.

Will Lebron finally win a ring? Or will he "choke" again?

What can the Pacers still do in their series?

Can Garnett, Pierce and Allen win it all one last time?

Are Durant, Westbrook and Harden finally mature enough to beat re-energized Duncan and Tony Parker? (who was an MVP candidate this year)

I get it, you're not interested in these playoffs.

I, for one, think they are turning out to be more exciting and unpredictable than they have been in previous years.

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May 21, 2012  05:19 PM ET

The quality of the NBA is low every year....


May 22, 2012  01:27 AM ET

Those "old guys" are still in the playoffs. AND... the Spurs have been dynamite all year long. One of the best teams in the last few years and a great chance to win it all

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May 22, 2012  12:53 PM ET

The quality of the NBA is low every year....


May 22, 2012  01:25 PM ET

Reg season should be 66 (or fewer) games every year.

May 22, 2012  02:50 PM ET

I actually watched more games than usual in this shortened season.

May 22, 2012  04:32 PM ET



May 22, 2012  09:09 PM ET

Spurs V Thunder ; if you dont like that you don't like Basketball.

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May 23, 2012  08:18 AM ET

Thanks for the TD HCF!

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May 23, 2012  03:59 PM ET


That and the Other! 8^D


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