• 05/23/2012, 08:35AM ET

Name an impressive sports feat.. And then top it!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-63) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-73)

going 4/4 is noice.. But pitching a shutout is better..

Scoring 42points cough cough kobe, is cool.. But not when you get 0 assits!
rondo, the assit making machine is better..

Scoring a hat trick is fantastic in soccer..
but, having so much pace, defenders are forced to foul you in the penalty box, is a more impressive feat, you cant teach pace..

Not missing a kick the entire season is cool, nfl..
Kicking 8/8, in rugby, requires a great deal more skill, cause you got to do sidelines and dropgoals..

Pitching a perfect game is noice..
but compared to striking out 20batters, its alittle over rated..

World records are noice in running/marathons..
but, to me, i admire 2 guys neck and neck, using strategy and mind games.. The mental challenge is more impressive..

Catching a 1000lbs marlin is breath taking..
but i"d rather catch 10 small delicious fish..

Federers 16 grand slams is hat tipping worthy..
but sampras being number one for 6 consecutive years, i respect more..
nadal is going to be remembered as a better player than federer anyways..

Winning 6 titles, being the best non-center in NBA history is nice.
Making the Bobcat fanbase miss Robert Johnson is an even more improbable feat

Winning 2 titles, being one of the best pure points in NBA history is nice.
Destroying an entire league and spending too much even for NEW YORK?
That takes talent

I'm OJ simpson . . .
Hello, I'm Rae Carruth
- too soon?

(Burn in hell Rae)

Getting Philly to Round 2 in the east (Doug Collins)
Getting the Clips to Round 2 in the west (CP3)

Making Pittsburgh Fans not miss Bill Cowher (Mike Tomlin)
Making Charger fans miss Marty (Norv Turner)

Getting NO love for winning 2 Super Bowls is hard to do (Eli)
Getting ESPN to talk you up as GOAT for 1 is harder ((Peyton)

Hitting a Batter is kinda hard, Body armor, time to move etc.
Making a bird EXPLODE with a pitch?

Winning NBA MVP is hard
Winning MVP,ROY,Finals MVP, Coach of the year, Exec of the year? (Larry Bird)

You lost my vote right there!

I guess i took all the good individual plays..
so you went for team accomplishments..
Nothin wrong with that..

I particularly liked marty.. How a team sacks a 14_2 coach is beyond stupid..
but thats cali for ya..

40 saves a season is over rated..
i respect 15 wins more..

20 wins is great for a startin pitcher..
but an ERA under 3, is the real deal!

Batting.400 is incomprehensible,
but getting on base 16straight times, is more improbable..

Shooting a bear, moose or stag is incredibably macho..
but i would rather shoot a young pig.. Pork is my 2nd favourite meat, behind duck..

Being the fastest man in the world is something to help the resume..
but i respect the guys who run 4hrs marathons more..
that is a world of pain..

Winning the world cup in soccer, makes you a legend..
but i respect the guys more who bring in club silverware..
club level soccer is better than international..

Federer, nadal and djoker dominating tennis is noice..
but sampras had to face a wider variety of opponents, respect!

I guess i took all the good individual plays..
so you went for team accomplishments..

Proof right there Frogs can't read. I didn't list a SINGLE team accomplishment.

But since you asked for it.

Winning back-to-back titles is impressive. To do it in the era CLEAN is even moreso. (FU Coach K)

Leading the League in Points and WINS is impressive. To do it with your top scorer under 19 a game and only TWO over 13ppg. (Spurs)

Making the Marlins relevant is impressive. To do it with a closer that has an era higher than his shoe size AND half of the old Cubans wanting you Fired, even moreso.

Making the SuperBowl is impressive. To do it when your owner is a BIDWELL, even moreso.

Winning a BCS title is impressive. To win anothe, in the same division as your old one- by BEATING that team, even after they beat you at HOME, even better.

Being the best soccer player in the world is impressive. To have a higher Q rating than the sixth-man on the 4th seed in the west of the NBA while BEING a soccer player . . . Well, that's impossible.

Winning a metric ton of gold medals in swimming is impressive. The fact we still would know your name 4 years later- even moreso.

I ran out of ammo, ha ha..
come up with 5 more, and you will win...



Hooking up with a Khardashian is, well not very impressive.
Getting there before the rush is tricky (Reggie Bush)

Running a Marathon is hard.
Doing it after beating the poo out of Persia and saving western civ . . .

Winning in Nascar is hard.
Doing it turning right - impossible.

Breaking the passing yardage record, and winning a Superbowl is hard
Almost as impressive as making the Saints relevant

Leading the NBA in points and rebounds is hard
Doing it as a white guy, even moreso

Getting 700 losses in TDs is, interesting
Getting there before Peachy and DJroxaLot, moreso

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May 23, 2012  09:31 AM ET

I banged your mom, but your sister was ever better.

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May 23, 2012  10:54 AM ET

Going 4 for 4 is nice, going 4 for 4 by hitting for the cycle is better.

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May 23, 2012  11:30 AM ET

I banged your mom, but your sister was ever better.

I banged your Sister but your MOM was better............

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May 23, 2012  02:33 PM ET

Id rather hit 2 homers than the cycle..The cycle is just a cute thing..

Hitting for a natural cycle (single, double, triple, that order) has been done 14 times in MLB history. Hitting two home runs in a game was done by Babe Ruth 67 times alone. Yawn.

May 23, 2012  03:55 PM ET

Shawn Kemp having 7 children with 6 women is impressive, but Travis Henry having 11 with 10 is LEGENDARYTiger Woods having 12 mistresses (allegedly) is putting in work, but Wilt Chamberlain banging half of the Western Hemisphere is EPIC

what about the dude in the south with 30 kids crying about how he has nothing after his child support and wants a break on it

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May 24, 2012  08:42 AM ET

Hitting for an un-natural cycle is still better than hitting two HR's in a game.

Hitting 2 home runs in an inning beats that.

May 24, 2012  08:42 AM ET

Hitting 2 home runs in an inning beats that.

Hitting 2 grand slams in an inning beats Hamilton's feat. Fernando Tatis anyone?

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May 24, 2012  03:30 PM ET

How does the Chargers firing Marty show "california for you"?

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