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[Mahewman]Big Bad Bruins (19-15-3) vs mikeycook (16-6-3)

First round. Top 5.
Second round. Next 6-10.
Third Round. 7-15

Rank the Top 5 players that will have the most impact in their team winning the cup.

1. Quick.

Starting straight out of the gate with Quick. In my opinion, he has been lights out and has a pretty significant edge over Marty. As of right now in their careers. Quick leads the playoffs in goals against, save percentage and has had two shut outs thus far in the playoffs.

2. Dustin Brown.

Dustin has been a force. He trails only Kovy in points and has played in 3 fewer games. He has a staggering +13 plus/minus and has made an impact in almost every facet of the game.

3. Zack Parise

From captain to captain, Parise is the leader of the Devils and is an extremely talented spark plug. Plays hard every shift and has provided the Devils the spark they have needed.

4. Ilya Kovalchuk.

Pure scorer. Deadly shot. This is what the Devils paid him for. He leads the league in playoff scoring. Enough said.

5. Anze Kopitar.

Brilliant playmaker. Seems to be a calming force for the Kings. He may have a bigger impact than anyone listed above. This is Anze's chance to really solidify himself as a star.

You made some good, though obvious choices. Let me see if I can change a few...

1. Quick

Have to agree. Best goalie in the series and the biggest reason the Kings are here. And it seems like we haven't even seen the best of him yet.

2. Dave Clarkson

Who's been the difference maker for NJ? I'd say it's Clarkson. He's got 3 game-winners and he's turned a -8 in the regular season to a +8 in the playoffs. While Kovalchuck and Parise are important, they aren't playing much different than they did during the regular season when New Jersey finished 6th. Clarkson is playing on a new level and that's why the Devils aren't sitting at home.

3. Brown

All-around impact player. Can't say enough about his performance thusfar. Likely Conn-Smythe winner in my book.

4. Kovalchuk
NJ would be lost without his scoring. He's been money on the power play as well as at even strength.

5. Adam Henrique
Henrique leads the Devils in +/-, has 2 game winners, and has been an anchor on his line. All at 21 years of age. Cup winners generally have one young guy play over his head (see: Marchand, Brad). Henrique is this year's guy.

Dave Clarkson in the top 5? Crazy! He ranks around 12 on the team for on-ice time. I understand that he has had some very clutch goals. But top 5? More important than Parise, Kovy, Broduer, Elias? No chance.

He isn't exactly a difference maker on the ice.

6. Marty Broduer.

He's old, but can become a record breaker if he were to carry the Devils to the Cup. Stanley Cup Championships in three different decades?

7. Patrick Elias.

He is the veteran leader for the Devils. Kind of like Mark Recchi on the Bruins last year, but Elias has been a key cog for the Devils for a very long time. Couple big plays from Elias would mean a hell of a lot for the Devils.

8. Drew Doughty

The way he includes himself in the offensive zone is tremendous. He has shown why he is one of the more sought after offensive-defensemen in the league. Very talented and tough enough to make a big difference.

9. Adam Henrique.

He has been phenomenal.

10. Mike Richards.

If Mike Richards breaks out in this series. No chance LA loses.

You didn't say 5 best players, you said 5 players with the most impact on them winning.
So far, Clarkson is the biggest difference between the regular season devils and the postseason devils. Most other gusy are playing the same. Clarkson sucked in game 1 and the Devils lost. When he plays well, they've won.

Elias and Richards have been average at best. They haven't been difference makers thusfar, so no reason to think that'll change.

6. Parise - You don't get by the Panthers, Flyers, and Rangers without good leadership and he's been the model of consistency.

7. Doughty - When you're always playing in 1 goal games, defense is critical, and it's Doughty's defense that has been most impressive here, even more that the offense he's known for.

8. Kopitar - Has finally become the goal creating machine that was expected during the regular season. Game 1 winner was a beauty.

9. Bryce Salvador - Devils best defensemen in the playoffs. Already has more points in the playoffs than the entire regular season. Unheralded, but solid.

10. Travis Zajac - Been better than Elias. Third in Devils points and has 2 game winners. He's been the key to the Devils third line.

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May 31, 2012  11:39 AM ET

Doesn't left mean 11-15 for the 3rd argument?

May 31, 2012  03:35 PM ET

Doesn't left mean 11-15 for the 3rd argument?

Yes lol

May 31, 2012  04:45 PM ET

The Kimgs are now 9-0 on the road in the playoffs. NJ will have to win one at home to have any chance in the Cup Finals!!!

May 31, 2012  06:26 PM ET

Reason the Devils went down last night was no one covered Kopitar in OT... Williams made a nice pass behind the back and Kopitar was gone!!! The Devils need someone to constantly cover the speedsters on the Kings... I didn't see a lot of it last night.

June 1, 2012  03:13 PM ET

Is this throwdown just ranking the top 15 players left in the playoffs?

June 1, 2012  03:53 PM ET

Is this throwdown just ranking the top 15 players left in the playoffs?

Supposed to be which 15 players, in order, will have the most impact on their teams winning. That doesn't necessarily mean the best 15 players (otherwise I wouldn't have Dave Clarkson at #2).

June 1, 2012  04:14 PM ET

Keys to the Cup. Lift glass to mouth, tilt head back then lift bottom end of cup.

June 1, 2012  04:33 PM ET

Keys to the Cup. Lift glass to mouth, tilt head back then lift bottom end of cup.

That's a lot better than...

Key to the Cup. Slide into jock, align with genitals, pull up pants.

June 1, 2012  04:52 PM ET

Interesting TD...

I am looking forward to the conclusion of these arguments...

GO DEVILS GO!!!!!! 1 more for Marty!!!!

July 23, 2012  01:02 PM ET

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