• 05/31/2012, 06:29AM ET

The Spurs will be undefeated in the playoffs.. PLUS How this is bad for the sport..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-850-64) vs Hyped78 (222-22-6)

Spurs are a 9.5
Oklahoma 7.5
Heat 7
Celts 6.5

This has no longer come down to who will win..
Its just a question of how quick the blood will dry..

When the Pats were undefeated in the regular season, it was one of the greatest and most important moments in the history of man kind, (not as important as who won world war2, but its up there)..

When the yanks won 14 consecutive world series games, from 1996-2000..
We knew we had just witnessed something greater than the virgin mary..

Or how about dem Blue Devils 98/99 season..
Only dropping one game in the regular season to Cincinnati..

But an old man Spurs team sweeping the playoffs?
This is not that dominant Laker team that we saw in the early 2000s, who lost a total of one game in the play offs..
We are witnessing a great streak, yes..
But are we really seeing something that is up there with greatest accomplishments of all time?
I have to sell..

Tonight is really important in this debate..
Oklahoma win.. AND This TD is over..
Spurs win, and the blood dries faster than blood on the Jokers knife, after he has just kicked Batman in the groin!

The Spurs will not go undefeated in the playoffs, although probably winning it all.

As things stand they have to, at least, play 2 games in Oklahoma City and 2 games in Miami (most likely than Boston).

Of those 4 games I do believe they will drop at least 1.

Bear in mind that, if doing so, the Spurs would become the only team to sweep the playoffs since the current format has been implemented.

When the Lakers, that you mentioned, went 15-1 in 2001, but the first round was still with the old format (best of 5).

The Thunder and the Heat are good enough to at least steal a game from the Spurs.

As for the second part of the TD, the Spurs domination is absolutely not a bad thing for the NBA and for the sport in general.

And I'll use a comparison to prove that.

In 1998 the Chicago Bulls won their 2nd three-peat.

Jordan was 35.

Pippen was 32.

Rodman was 37.

Ron Harper was 34.

Even Kukoc was 30.

They were what you would consider an "old team", won it all and nobody saw it as a bad thing for the sport.

For the same reasons, the Spurs winning it all is also absolutely not a bad thing.

May the best team win. That is all.

You can not debate the fact, that tonights game is the turning point/key for the Spurs quest of the holygrail/golden fleece..
If the Spurs win tonight, they will have all the momentum to roll over the thunder faster than Hitlers invasion of Poland..
I mean, come on Hype.. Did you really think that the Spurs would build up a 20 point lead against such a fantastic Oklahoma Thunder, in game 2??
Its just incomprehensible.. It hurt my sanity sooo much, I thought someone spiked my ciggie..

As for your beloved Heat..
With Bosh gone.. This team is like that crazy bird from watership down who helped the rabbits..
Yes, that crazy bird could beat up the giant evil rabbit..
but really, the Heat are not as good of a team without Bosh..
Yes it means that wade and lebron get more touches..
But Bosh is a key man defensively and he is always a handy man, when it comes to rebounding..

That Bulls team you mentioned was really special.. an exception to the rule, if you will..
Duncan, Ginobili and Parker were all better players 5 years ago..
same way as sampras 95, was better than sampras of 2000..

Even if the Spurs win tonight, that doesn't mean they will go undefeated all the way. And that's what this TD is about.

If they are, so farr, crushing the Thunder, it's simply because San Antonio has great players and one of the game's top coaches, who turns those players into a cohesive and productive team.

Like I said, the best team wins. And the Spurs are obviously looking like the best team right now.

The Thunder, even baffled as they have been so far, may steal at least 1 game from the Spurs.

And the Heat, even without Bosh, are still a formidable team, the Celtics will certainly tell you as much.

In the Finals, the Heat would/ will win at least 1 game.

So, if the 1998 Bulls are an exception (which they aren't), then maybe I will show another example.

The 1995 Houston Rockets.

Clyde Drexler was 33 and Hakeem Olajuwon was 32.

And behold as they won everything.

Sometimes age doesn't matter.

The Celtics are old, as are the Spurs. But yet the Spurs look like the prime candidates to win it all, while the Celtics are struggling against the Heat.

Maybe you're not a Spurs fan. I respect that. But they're looking like world beaters.

Ha ha..
even geniuses make mistakes!
i totally jinxed the spurs ha ha..
i just felt that if spurs won last nights game,
it was theres for the taking..
oh well..

I will let you do a jerry springers final word..

Well, you gambled.

If the Spurs had won, you would have had more momentum for your case.

As they lost, your TD fell completely apart.

But it was fun!

PS - I think the Spurs will lose at least another game in the current series vs the Thunder

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May 31, 2012  06:37 AM ET

Does your TD include the Finals?

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May 31, 2012  07:12 AM ET

A connection here?

Sort of :)

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May 31, 2012  07:22 AM ET

oh cool england vs portugal..portugal under cristian ronaldo, has englands number..but what scares me more is that freakin sweden, not only has our number, but our freakin social security!!!!

Portugal's group for the Euro Cup: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark

We're doomed.

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May 31, 2012  09:18 AM ET

I will do my 3rd after tonights i got ammo

That is dangerous Frog....very dangerous.

May 31, 2012  09:24 AM ET

But remember, you heard it from me first that the Spurs will be undefeated!!

Oh man!! That is a huge statement to make... Undefeated is a big word.. Personally I don't think they will beat Miami, if Miami beats Boston that is. Match ups and styles make the series and will run the Spurs into the ground.. Losing bosh hurts cos quite frankly even if he returned for the finals he will be rusty, Bosh is already a non factor... but, you still made a bold prediction and I salute you for that, but you are wrong. They will lose 1 or even 2 to Oklahoma and will not beat Miami...

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