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Which NFL teams have the best AND worst fans in the league?

No-Huddle (1-9-1) vs HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64)

1. City must have an NFL team entering the 2012-13 season.
2. Personal opinion is expected, but sources are accepted as well
3. Keep it clean and keep sportsmanship in-tact. My intention isn't to start a war, but to merely get a feel for how others view fans of other teams.

Here it goes:
My vote for the best fans in the NFL goes to the Buffalo Bills. And when I say true fans of Buffalo Bills, I mean the fans out there cheering on the Bills in -20 degree weather. Since the Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas era, the team has had more pitfalls than not, but the Bills still remain in Buffalo due to fan support. I have seen many articles where Bills fans are quoted as being some of the most respectful fans in the NFL. They have had their turmoil and success all in one breath. But many loyal, respectable fans still remain in upstate New York.

My vote for the worst fans goes to the Denver Broncos.
Tim Tebow, Jay Cutler, Josh McDaniels, and Mike Shanahan are A FEW examples of people who were (at one time) the "Bronco Messiah", only to get run out of town due to a heavy number of disgruntled fans and frustration. Bronco fans are some of the most flip/floppy, fair weathered fans.

Worst fans..
RAIDERS, too violent..
i went to a sports bar in philie, when tampa had their SB season 10years back..
a couple of guys wearing tampa jerseys entered the bar,
immediately 5 eagles fans got in their faces and told them to F off..
the tampa fans fearing for their safety left..
i told my bro, that was the wost thing i have ever seen, sportswise..
my bro replied, nah, if this was oakland, they would have followed the tampa guys out of the bar and beat them up..
safety has to be the number one issue here..
otherwise no one will go to the games..

Best fans
Green bay..
with its passion and tradition..
humble people from the mid west..
someone told me, from green bay, that he would actually have dreams about Favre and brett would talk to him..
doesnt really get more diehard than that..
plus the cheesehead thing cracks me up..
every team in the NFL is replacable..
but not the packers..

Raider fans are notorious for being a little "radical" when it comes to football, no doubt. BUT...for the most part Raider fans are true to their team and pride themselves on being "America's cheaters"...referring "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying". Raider fans are outspoken, to say the least. I also would credit alot of that to the area of the country. SPOILER...Los Angeles/L.A. area isn't exactly the City of Angels. I think the whole "Raider" vibe feeds the fans, and has been that way since before Al Davis. My point; I give Raider fans a pass because they're the original bad boys of the NFL. I'm not defending them, but I'm saying...what is the line between passion and assault? Certainly not Jamarcus Russell.

It's easy to root for the Pack. There isn't much to root for around GB, and (for the most part) the Packers have been a successful team in one of the smallest markets in the NFL. Neb. football has the same deal. I wouldn't say EVERY team is replacable. Try moving the Steelers out of the Steel City. And that little "tale" you just told is a little frightening. It makes me not want to drink the water when I go near there.

I will comment on my own argument next time

With your raiders argument..
you are trying to rationalize, something that should not be rationalized..
if people fear for their safety..
forget bringing the wife and kids, heck im 230lbs and if its as bad as people say it is, i dont want to go..
all you get is a bunch of thugs..

I thought about steelers as my 2nd,
but they are not on the packers level, sorry..
plus with dirt bag big ben, im sure even some of their own fans wouldnt mind the team going away, (so long as a new one came back)..

Bills aint bad..
but thwy are cursed..
4 loses in SBs and OJ, that will hurt any fans passion..

Again, I am not defending Raider nation. I am just providing fans with a little awareness regarding the location of Oakland. With regards to a fan who asked why Jacksonville didn't have the worst fans? You have to HAVE fans in order to have bad ones. Enough said.

As for Denver, I encourage everyone to read an article ( This writer took a poll with avid Bronco fans; Tebow or Orton. Orton won 28-2. Later that season, Orton was also booed off the field and was never received well by Denver after. You don't boo your QB.Ever. As a side-note, going to a Buffs game as a Nebraska football fan is horrendous. Thank god they converted beer bottles to plastic. Those same Bronco fans

Again, it's easy for to be a Pack fan when they have the kind of success they do. 3 HOF QBs in 40 years is not an everyday occurrence. Buffalo hasn't had much to brag about since OJ...then losing 4 Super Bowls, and they STILL pack the house. In upstate NY (southern Canada), football isn't exactly like it is in Texas. But the Bills make it worthwhile for alot of fans. Who ever heard of a Buffalo fan beating up an opposing fan? Hats off to true fans everywhere.

I wont lie.. The best fans, live in cities, where there is nothing to do..
in no order..
St louis

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June 14, 2012  02:03 PM ET

worst: Eagles/Jets
Best: I like your Buffalo argument, the same may be said about K.C. i think

June 14, 2012  02:09 PM ET

I live in Boulder, the Bronco fanbase here is pretty solid. And there are still fans upset here that TT got traded. Not sure it's fair to say they are flip/floppy, fair weather fans. Bottomline with McDaniels is he wasn't ready to be an NFL HC. And after 14 years it was time for Shanahan to go.

Bottom line: every team has it's share of fair weather fans.

I will source other parts later, developing my argument. I am a resident of that stretch of land between Denver and KC called Nebraska. Keep in mind, this is not a generalization...but more that some ruin it for others. It's all meant to be in good fun. Hope I didn't offend you, WAMU.

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June 14, 2012  02:38 PM ET

Packers have the best fans.Vikings, Bears, and Lions all have the worst fans.

Spoken like a true Cheesehead! HA

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June 14, 2012  02:46 PM ET

Don't mess with his cheese. Gus doesn't like that!

HA! I avoid tussels with Cheeseheads! They never quit. They just keep coming back...

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June 14, 2012  02:51 PM ET

Tebow, Shanahan and Cutler were definitely not run off by disgruntled fans.

Fans in Denver LOVED Tebow, Elway just found the right guy to make them forget in Peyton Manning, most teams are gonna forget about their previous QB if they sign Peyton Manning. Cutler was loved by the fans, he was ran out of town by Josh McDaniels. Shanahan was loved by the fans, but the higher ups decided it was time for change after several losing seasons in a row.

There's a reason McDaniels was run out of town. He tried to trade Cutler for Matt Cassel, which made Cutler mad, and he was a loudmouth.

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June 14, 2012  03:10 PM ET

Packers have the best fans.Vikings, Bears, and Lions all have the worst fans.

With you on that Gus.

Not only that, when you can get the girls out in their Cheese bikinis, that's a win for everyone.

June 14, 2012  03:19 PM ET

Best fans: Tennessee TitansWorst fans: Cleveland Browns

Doesn't make sense. The Browns fans single-handedly saved the franchise after Model moved the team. No other fanbase pushed back so hard that the NFL had to promise to put a team back right away -- and kept records, colors, unis in the old town.

Do you remember the outcry with the RAMs left LA ? Cardinals ?

There were sure a lot of empty seats in Jacksonville last year.

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June 14, 2012  03:30 PM ET

Very good point there about the Browns fans.

Yeah, you can't mistake fan support and mismanagement.

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June 14, 2012  04:35 PM ET

worst: Eagles/JetsBest: I like your Buffalo argument, the same may be said about K.C. i think

You are obvious biased: Eagles fans as the worst fan base? Yes, Eagles fans are the worst possible NFL fans EVER. Your definition of worst fan base must include selling out there stadium every week, having a 50 year waiting list for season tickets, selling tons of merchandise, having flocks of fans travel 1.5 hours in the middle of nowhere to watch training camp, etc......

Yes Eagles fans are terrible.


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