• 06/19/2012, 03:36PM ET

All-time teams, head to head. Kentucky and Duke or possibly someone else.

And the Prophecy Read (42-14-5) vs Marlins Fan (156-78-31)

I'm going with Kentucky.

If this was based off the last 5 years alone i'd still have a hell of a team. But since its all time there are some greats I could pick from and quite a few more I had to leave off.

My team is as follows:
PG - Rajon Rondo
SG - Jodie Meeks
SF - Kenny "Sky" Walker
PF - Jamal Mashburn
C - Anthony Davis

G - Tony Delk
F - Tayshaun Prince
C - Dan Issel

Rondo was every bit the player he is now that he was in college. A defensive whiz and a great distributor. One hell of a point guard to have in a match up like this. Would cause your PG havoc all game.

Meeks is a great shooter and all around scorer including a 54 point game at Tennessee. He also is big and quick and a great perimiter defender.

My frontcourt is solid. Kenny Walker is a amazing athlete and Mashburn bullies people down low. Davis is the reigning player of the year and has a great, unique offensive game to go with a nasty defensive game.

My bench features all americans and a great shooting PG in Delk, a do it all player in Prince, and quite possible the most decorated player in UK's history in Issel.

Good luck Marlins.

I'm a FSU homer so it kinda pains me to do this... but I'm going with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. I had considered typing "UNC. MJ. Game over." as my entire argument but I'm not going to do that. It'd be a disservice to the storied history of the UNC basketball program, and considering how many good options I have as far as roster spots, I'm going to go ahead and do this TD legit-style.

Without any (more) ado, here's my All-Time UNC team:


PG- Phil Ford
SG- Michael Freaking Jordan
SF- Harrison Barnes
PF- James Worthy
C- Brad Daughtery


G- Vince Carter
F- Tyler Hansbrough
C- Antawn Jamison

I wanted to put Dante Calabria on the team so bad... but I couldn't. Regardless of how good of a 3-point shooter he was, his game was way too limited. Instead, I have one of NCAA basketball's all time best PGs in Ford, who is responsible for Dean Smith's famed 4 Corners offense; Jordan, who needs no explanation; Barnes, who is the best true SF UNC has had IIRC; Worthy, who carried the 1982 UNC team to a national title; and Daughetry rounds out the starters. More on the bench later.

GL Prophecy.

Rondo nearly had 10 ppg, 5 assist, and 5 rebound averages per game to go along with 2.2 steals per. There wasn't much on the court he couldn't do. He's a great PG to have for this since he is past first and with a team of great players there is no need for him to try to do to much.

People think MJ destroys Meeks but in reality thats only in the NBA. MJ was great at UNC don't get me wrong but Meeks did some special things especially in his healthy JR season. He averaged 23.8 PPG hitting a school record 117 3's. The main reason he is on my team he can drain. His JR year he had the 3 highest scoring games of anyone in the nation at 54, 46, and 45 points.

Kenny Walker scored over 2000 points and nearly had 1000 rebound to go with it. Twice scoring over 20 PPG in his career and finished with 15.8 ppg and 7.1 boards.

Jamal Mashburn is an athletic 4 who could mash down low and also step out and hit a 3. He finished his career with averages of 18.8 ppg and 7.8 rpg. Scored over 1800 points in just 3 seasons.

Anthony Davis finished with nearly 15 and 10 per game but is mainly in there for his defense in which he averaged nearly a 5 spot of blocks per game.

Rondo was a good PG but he couldn't shoot. Actually he still can't shoot. My PG, Phil Ford, was a dangerous weapon with the ball in his hands. Like Rondo, he had great court-vision and was a master at finding the open man. Unlike Rondo, he was also a supreme scorer and left UNC as the top scorer in school history. Think about that for a sec. Phil Ford (now number two, thanks to Hansbrough) is the second leading scorer in the history of UNC basketball.

Jordan/Meeks I'm not going to spend much time on. I mean, it's Michael Jordan against Jodie Meeks. Meeks had a nice three point shot and at times scored proficiently but MJ is the greatest player in the history of the world. Not close.

Walker had a better ccareer than Barnes, mainly because he played longer than Barnes did. I'll concede SF though.

Mashburn isn't a 4. He's a 3. And Worthy, a true 4, would abuse Mashburn in the post. He's got the size advantage and the post game to go with it. Worthy was the 1982 NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player after leading UNC to a national title.

Davis' blocks are nice but Daugherty's game was balanced and he could find shots even against the Unibrow.

Davis wasn't just a shot blocker. Lets not get that twisted. He excelled at shot blocking but he was also the best player in the nation winning the player of the year award. He has a very unique game, one that just 3 years ago saw him playing PG on his high school team. around 10 inches later he is a down low presence with a good ball handling game and great court vision with the ability to step out and hit jumpers. Big advantage Davis.

My bench has the most prolific 3 point shooter in UK history in Tony Delk, a do it all and lockdown defender in the tall and lengthy Prince, and quite possibly the most decorated player in UK history in Dan Issel.

There is a reason I went Rondo as opposed to a few other PG's. I don't need him to shoot. I need him to get the ball to my shooters where I have plenty of. I need Rondo to get the ball to my Delks, and Meeks, and the Mashburns and Walkers and Davis to let them do what they do best. Rondo would have a field day with lobs, kick outs, etc.

Your team might have the bigger names but damnit I built the better team that has great defense and a nasty offense.

Good TD Marlins.

Unibrow may have a unique game but he doesn't really have an offensive game, and that's why I think Daugherty would more or less cancel him out. Daugherty had a wide array of offensive moves and was also a solid defender.

And as I said earlier, I'll go ahead and concede small forward. There may be an argument to be made for Barnes over Walker but frankly it's not a very good one and I'm not going to waste my time going there, especially when the rest of my starters have the decided advantage over yours.

The bench is where I'd like to shift my immediate focus. For instance, the guards. Delk had a nice shot but Carter was an extremely esplosive offensive force. Neither one played much defense, but Delk couldn't drive and create contact like Carter could. Vince would provide free throws, dunks, threes, etc. In other words he'd create a bigger spark off the bench than Delk.

Hansbrough would OWN Prince. Tayshaun is a twig of a man, and Tyler would straight up abuse him in the post and on the boards.

And for the centers on the bench, it's hard to compare Jamison and Issel but from what I've learned about Issel he was less well rounded than Jamison, offensively.

June 19, 2012  03:42 PM ET

Like the TD idea. I'll pick this up if you don't come up with a team, MF.

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June 19, 2012  05:06 PM ET

Thats one posistion and Jordan didn't do what Meeks did in college.

Take a deep breath, and remove the "homer gogles" .

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June 19, 2012  05:13 PM ET

UNC. My team is gonna be stacked.

that was my first thought

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