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What are the three most intimidating arenas in the NBA?

No-Huddle (1-9-1) vs Gruden (4-8-0)

With the NBA Finals underway, and the playoffs coming to an end, what would you think are the three most intimidating arenas in the NBA? This throwdown isn't about being wrong or right, but just seeing what are some of the most intimidating arenas in the NBA. Again, keep comments clean.

With that said, my vote has to go to the At&t Center/San Antonio Spurs, AA Center/Dallas Mavericks, and the The Palace of Auburn Hills/Detroit Pistons. The Spurs have some of the most loyal fans in the NBA. Yes, it is easy to be a Spurs fan when they have had the likes of Timmy, Tony, and Manu on the court. Spurs fans are enthusiastic about their team, but they are some of the most polite and respectful fans...even when Dallas is in town. With the smaller-style venue and a lower stadium style seating (putting fans closer to the court), the At&t Center CAN be one of the most unforgiving venues in the NBA. From the announcing of the starting lineup to the final exit of the arena, the At&t Center is a force to be reckoned with. Not a crowd Ron Artest will be diving into anytime soon. As the argument goes on, I will explain the other two and how they are some of the most intimidating in the NBA.

Let's start with the loudest of the loud, and that is the ARCO, home of the lowly Sacramento Kings. Known league wide as the loudest arena in the NBA. No player enjoys going there where the roar is deafening.

Then we'll move to Utah's Energy Solutions Arena, which the players themselves vote consistently as the most intimidating arena to play in.

And lastly, how about a little drive east, to what has to be intimidating for all the right reasons. 17 championship banners hanging from the ceiling. 21 retired jersey numbers staring at you that were worn by a virtual who's who in the NBA. And don't forget that historic parquet floor.

There can only be one arena that intimidates every player, even hours before a fan arrives, and that is TD Garden in Boston. #1 used to be the Boston Garden, but the move to the new arena changed nothing. The history still slaps you silly when you step in the door.

Power Balance Pavillion (ARCO) is a loud arena, no doubt. But a loud arena w/o fans is all the more sad and depressing. ARCO is one of the WORST arenas in the NBA. Without fan support, modifications to ARCO, or a successful team, this has caused the Kings to consider relocation. There is no way an argument can be made for one of the worst teams in the NBA, even if they have a loud arena.
Energy Solutions Arena (Delta Center) is a great arena, and Utah has consistent and enthusiastic fans. The problem? It's an aging arena that hasn't had many upgrades to counter other arenas. The absence of upgrades makes it hard to be relevent and compete with AmWay or Staples. If they continue to leave the arena unmodified, it will need rebuilding sooner rather than later.
TD Garden is loud and hectic. Boston fans are not some of the best sports, and TD consistently has to compete with the BoSox for attendance, come playoff time. Nonetheless, the Garden is one of the most intimidating places to play in all of sports. I would gladly list it in my top 5, but will see the history and match you The Palace or The United Center. Thus begs the question; where were all the hibernating C fans 1990-2007?

Seriously? There's no way to argue an arena that the PLAYERS IN THE NBA voted as the most intimidating? Well if you can't argue using the simple logic that the players themselves think it is, then isn't it a waste of time arguing at all?

And in your second paragraph you argue that an arena can't be intimidating if it is old. I have no reply for this. It makes no sense. Again, it is THE PLAYERS that say it is intimidating, not me. And they don't care the age.

So I give up. You're arguing nonsense and you've got two votes already. Again, goes back to my statement:


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June 19, 2012  05:39 PM ET

Suprised neither of you picked OKC's arena. They are loud there.

IMO, OKC cannot be included because the lack of time the Thunder have been in OKC. Sure, the OKC fans have shown their tenacity when the team is winning. What happens when they are losing? Where will the fans be when the Thunder start losing? Hopefully, not like Sacremento.

June 19, 2012  05:40 PM ET

Detroit's homecourt advantage used to be a lot greater than it is now.

Like everywhere, Detroit has seen its ups and downs. But bring the bruising defense back (and they will be), and the Palace will be back in full swing.

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June 19, 2012  05:44 PM ET

You never said all time. So, we are to assume this is currently.

True. It just didn't work into my consideration. Not saying it's a bad place, just was too new for me to consider. I tried to analyze arenas from as many angles as I could. And longevity/legacy was a factor.

June 19, 2012  05:45 PM ET

Hey that's fair. Thanks for the explanations.

No problem. Fans can get a little touchy when you bring up other places/other arenas, so I try my best to not step on toes and explain why I picked what I did.

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June 19, 2012  05:49 PM ET

Have both of you been to a game in each NBA arena?

June 19, 2012  05:51 PM ET

Oh I'm no OKC see fan, I am rooting for them in The Finals but that's about it. I'm just amazed at how loud their fans are.

I agree. I root for Kevin Durant. I'm all about bringing class back to professional sports. IMO, the Thunder represent that of a modern-era Detroit Pistons swagger, but I've kept up with Durant for a few years now and he is nothing short of amazing. He is easily in the conversation for best player in the league, yet has the humbleness and humility of John Stockton. IMO...what more can you REALLY ask of a pro player?

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