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The best drafting team in the past 20 yrs

J-Business (78-66-19) vs BM. (65-17-11)

The best drafting team in the past 20 yrs?

This TD will only include the NBA, NHL and NFL
The MLB has a draft but it's farm system is much different adds a totally different perspective then the other leagues which draft players out right

So my choice
The San Antonio Spurs

Since 1992, the Spurs have been one of the best teams in the NBA
They've won 4 titles and have also been one of the top teams in the NBA within the past few years

And they've basically done it with players they drafted
Yes, they've signed a few key free agents, but the core and heart of their team has been the players they drafted

Tim Duncan '97
Manu Ginobili '99
Tony Parker '01
DeJuan Blair '09
Kawhi Leonard '11

What's important about the Spurs accomplishments is that they've managed to draft many of these players in the late 1st rd and 2nd because since they've had Duncan, they've always had a good record.

Basically, the Spurs have managed to become successful and more importantly remain successful by being smart in the draft
And they're the best at it

The guy in the first comment down there hit the nail right on the head. The answer is:

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Here is a little bit of their recent draft history, just to give you some perspective.

1998 - Hines Ward (WR, and future HOFer) is picked up in the 3rd round.
1999 - Joey Porter (LB) is picked up in the 3rd round.
2000 - Plaxico Burress (WR) is picked up in the 1st round.
2001 - Casey Hampton (NT) is picked up in the 1st round.
2002 - "Da Beard" Brett Keisel (DE) is picked up in the 7th round.
2003 - Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor are picked up in the 1st and 4th rounds.
2004 - Ben Roethlisberger is selected, no explanation necessary.
2005 - Heath Miller (TE) is selected in the 1st round.
2006 - Star WR Santonio Holmes is selected in the 1st round.
2007 - Lawrence Timmons and Lamarr Woodley are selected in the 1st and 2nd rounds.
2008 - Rashard Mendenhall is selected in the 1st round.
2009 - Mike Wallace is selected in the 3rd round.
2010 - Maurkice Pouncey (C) is selected in the first round, and Emmanuel Sanders is selected in the 3rd round.

Insanity. Flawless drafting.

Much more to come!

Good choice but let's take a deeper look at both teams

Since 1992, the San Antonio Spurs have won four NBA titles

The Steelers have won the Super Bowl twice

Since 1992, the San Antonio have gone to the playoffs 19 out of 20 seasons
Since the trio of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker, the Spurs have gone to the playoffs every season and have advanced past the first rd 8 out of 10 yrs

San Antonio has 2 definite Hall of Famers and possibly a 3rd with Parker who is only 30 yrs old with 3 NBA titles to his credit

Pittsburgh has done well within that time but they've missed the playoffs 6 times in the past 20 yrs.

The Spurs have finished with the best record in their conference 7 times
Pittsburgh - 2 times

San Antonio has won more championships and finished higher in the rankings more than the Steelers and its largely been the result of their ability to draft good players late into the draft

My next argument will focus on the differences between the quality of late rd NBA picks and 2nd, 3rd rd NFL picks

There are several things wrong with your 2nd argument.

1. Comparing playoff berths is irrelevant considering the fact that more teams make it to the NBA playoffs.

2. Basketball is the most individual of the team sports. One player can dominate a game. That is not possible in football. Teamwork is essential, thus making knowledgeable drafting that much more difficult. A great QB isn't going to win you a SB, but a great basketball player can win you a championship. So comparing overall team success is also irrelevant.

You are making this TD something that it is not. We are supposed to be arguing the quality of draft picks based on their individual, on field/on court success. You are turning it into a "my team as a whole won more than your team" scenario. That is nonsense.

The Steelers have had at least one star player drafted every single year for at least the last 13 years. The players that they draft have made an immediate impact based on their individual achievements and performace.

I listed 16 players over the course of 13 years that have made a huge impact, and you listed 5 players over a 15 year span.

16 > 5.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Drafted players create the success
The average NFL team drafts 7 players per yr
The average NBA team drafts 2
This 3:1 ratio makes your 16>5 point moot

An NFL team has 53 players and the average life span of an NFL player is about 4 yrs
This means that a team that drafts well will be able to fill in the slots of injured and older players well

The Steelers have done well, no argument
But the Spurs have won more titles

Also, the Steelers won their first title in this era 7 yrs ago

San Antonio won their first 13 yrs ago

San Antonio drafts have helped them to establish a dynasty and their core group of players are a direct result of this

Again, were are talking about draft success, not total team success.

The Steelers draft at least one impact player each year, as shown in my arguments.

The Spurs drafted a couple guys with longevity that led to overall team success.

So look at the above two sentences and tell me which one describes a team with better overall drafting over the last 20 years.

It's ok, I'll wait.

This is all very simple. Like I said before, 16 impact players in 13 years means better drafting than 5 impact players in 15 years.

The Spurs have had more success, that is true, but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about who has had the best drafting in the last 20 years, and the clear answer is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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June 21, 2012  09:59 AM ET

In the NBA, a case can be done for:

- Bucks - Glenn Robinson, Ray Allen, Michael Redd, Vin Baker, Andrew Bogut

- Lakers - Kobe, Van Exel, Divac, Eddie Jones, Marc Gasol (traded), Elden Campbell, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher

- Suns - Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Stephen Jackson, Cedric Ceballos

But, of course, the Spurs have the rings to show.

June 21, 2012  10:08 AM ET

PITTSBURGH STEELERS. They do it better than anyone.


That is exactly the Team I was thinking about. They may not keep them but their scouts are among the best for recognizing NFL potential.

How else could they get Timmons and Woodley in the same draft..........

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June 21, 2012  10:56 AM ET

The Lakers didn't pick Kobe. Charlotte did.

I stand corrected.

June 21, 2012  10:56 AM ET

Bucks didn't draft Ray Allen.

I stand corrected part 2.

Oh oh, I've really messed up with that comment!

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