• 06/24/2012, 12:33PM ET

Youk to the Dodgers Makes the Most Sense.

Atro SYB (6-4-1) vs Gruden (4-8-0)

Youk to the White Sox. Youk to the tribe. Youk to the Dodgers. Scouted by the Reds, Braves, Texas, Pirates and others, Boston's Kevin Youkilis has been thrust into the trade rumor spotlight by a combination of performance, age, younger competition and a rift with new manager Bobby Valentine. Often benched with impunity and sporting a .225 batting average, the Greek God of Walks and his 12 million dollar salary (slated to earn 13 million in 2013) is poised to be cast from Mount Olympus.

The White Sox have a strong need for a guy like Youkilis if he can be revived by a change of scenery and regular playing time.'s Gordon Edes thinks they're the strongest contender, having a struggling Orlando Hudson manning 3rd base at the moment and recently losing their hold on 1st place in the AL Central. The home-state tribe has been on the verge of pulling the trigger, according to the Boston Globe's Peter Abraham. Having not found thier short-term solution at the hot corner in either Chisenhall or Hannahan, the new AL Central leaders need to fill that gap with power to stay ahead of the pack. But neither is a good idea for Boston. The Dodgers are their best solution.

Youk to the minors. That's my answer. And even though he's a beast in AAA ball, I don't mean as a player. There comes a time in a player's career when they realize its over. And that time has come for him. There is no reason for this storied player to go embarrass himself trying to struggle with a playing career.

If he can overcome the ego, and realize this last year was not an illusion...that he really has lost his swing, then he should head down to the majors and start on his coaching career. He is well known the Red Sox organization as a leader. And he has been with them throughout his entire career. Leaving now puts him in the category of Manny, instead of Ted.

There is no doubt that a player with his knowledge and leadership ability could transition quickly to becoming a MLB manager. And there's no better time than now to begin the transition. There's no reason for him to leave the Red Sox. But there are reasons galore for him to work his way back up to managing a team where the fans love him so much. Keep him in the organization, and let him go teach young players. That's his future.

That just wont be happening. The man is 33 years old, 9 months removed from completing an 80 RBI/17 HR all-star season, and is due roughly 20 million dollars in contracted money.

Anyway: Trading Youkilis to either Chicago or Cleveland makes sense to both potential tradees, but not for the trador. Sending a long-time player and fan favorite to current AL Division leaders and Wildcard competitors (and there are so many of those this year) is not in the pages of the MLB guidebook to in-season trading. Boston would regret nothing more than to see him take his revenge with a bitter bat in the first or second round of the playoffs. That is precisely why the Dodgers make the most sense for both.

If Boston were to meet the Dodgers in the playoffs, it wouldn't happen until the World Series. Realistically, that's the most statistically unlikely scenario, especially given the Red Sox's pitching inconsistencies and injury woes this year. For the Dodgers, with James Loney currently batting a lowly .251 in an otherwise hot-hitting lineup and the resurgent Giants nipping at their heels, a new direction at first base is just what the doctor ordered.

So, if I read what you typed correctly, nobody ever retired from baseball at 33 years 9 months? And the Dodgers would be willing to pay a guy's $20 million that he's owed when he's batting .225 and is in the minors as much as he's in the majors?

Sometimes I think people don't actually read what they type.

Maybe you didn't notice, but James Loney has a higher batting average than Youkilis. Do you really think it is in the Dodger's best interest to trade their future...and trade DOWN? I honestly don't think you've thought this through.

Youkilis has had a great career. He's one of the all time great Boston players. But his days as a player are over. His body isn't holding up, and obviously his hand-eye coordination is gone. he simply can't hit anymore. Oh sure, he does great when he goes down to the minors. But bring him back to the big leagues and he can't hit in a batting cage, let alone in a game.

But he can lead. And he can teach. And he needs to stay in the Red Sox organization. The ownership and the fans love him. But so do opposing pitchers.

It's time for him to head on out and figure out what the next step in his career will be.

Generally I don't waste my words on TDs with thinly veiled insults. I like to use as much space as possible to get my point across.

ANYWAY: Insofar as you addressed my argument in your last one, I would refute that by replying that Loney's batting average IS higher. Great point. He's hitting .248 and Youk is hitting .233, i.e. they are BOTH underperforming. Difference is, Youk's batting average comes amid long-term IR status and several benchings in favor of his replacement. Loney just can't get anything going. Youk will be a full-time player in Chicago at third base, and is likely to increase his production to his career standard. Loney would have been traded to the Red Sox at Fenway Park, a band box where mediocre hitters generally shine. See Jason Bay. Loney would have been a great gamble for Boston and mght have turned out to be analagous to New York's having acquired Raul Ibanez.

You keep talking about this great ability he has to lead and teach. If that's the case, why was Dustin Pedroia made captain? Why will most Red Sox fans tell you he was a "clubhouse cancer" the last few years? Just because they can play, that doesn't make them leaders or teachers.

Yet you will waste space discussing something that wasn't that thinly veiled? You said it would basically be unheard of to retire at nearly 34 years old. If its insulting to point out that you said it, then so be it.

As for the rest, you are simply agreeing with me. Pedroia isn't ready to become a coach. He's still playing at a high level. When he retires, he can go coach too.

As for the rest of your argument, I have no idea what it all means. Youkilis sucks. Has for his second season now. Boston knew he sucked so much they were willing to pay him to play for the White Sox. That's how much ability he has left. We'll pay you to go play for our competitor.

His future is in coaching. Or maybe Amway sales. Or he can go write children's books. What he can't do is hit a baseball. And there's simply no way a team on the rise like the Los Angeles Dodgers would want him there stinking up the field as much as he has for Boston in the last two seasons.

And now, you've switched your argument to how great he'll be with Chicago. You don't know what you want other than to win TD. Here you go. It's all yours.

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June 24, 2012  05:02 PM ET

Left and right seem to be arguing different things. Atro is arguing what's best for the Red Sox and Gruden appears to arguing what's best for Youk. I disagree with both, but so far I disagree with Atro less. I would argue that the Red Sox should trade him to whoever will give up most or take on more of his contract to get him. I'm not sure that's the Dodgers.

They're already holding a three game lead and should be getting their best hitter back (Kemp) shortly. Since Youk is likely only a half-season rental, I don't think the Dodgers are going to be willing to part with much to get him.

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June 24, 2012  05:10 PM ET

That's a valued opinion right there. But insofar as the title of the TD is concerned, Youk retiring and going to coach the minor leagues at this point doesn't make a lick of sense at all in my opinion.

I agree. I don't see any scenario where that would happen.

I think the White Sox make more sense than the Dodgers because they're more desperate and have good young pitching in the minors they can deal, but between the choices on the board, I'm definitely leaning your way.

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June 24, 2012  05:43 PM ET

He was just traded to the White Sox for Zach Stewart and Brad Lillibridge.....

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June 24, 2012  05:54 PM ET

That doesn't make sense to me. Obviously.

I thought the Dodgers would get him also, a good trade would be Billingsley and Loney for Youk and Pedroia.....

June 24, 2012  05:55 PM ET

I thought the Dodgers would get him also, a good trade would be Billingsley and Loney for Youk and Pedroia.....

Good for whom?

June 24, 2012  05:58 PM ET

Good for whom?

Maybe good for the Dodgers, sometimes a chance of scenery helps players, but more for me its just getting rid of Loney and Billingsley....frustration I guess!

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June 24, 2012  06:06 PM ET

I don't think the Red Sox would consider trading Pedroia. I think they just wanted to get rid of Youkilis.

I don't think so either, just didn't think Youk was worth 2 players. I know he's been injured, but he hasn't gotten his swing back yet, maybe he will in time and it will be a good trade for the White Sox...

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June 24, 2012  06:26 PM ET

I'd bet a hundred bucks that if the Red Sox get to the playoffs and meet the White Sox, not only will it be a boon for laundry detergent advertisers, but Youk will go absolutely batschyitte on Red Sox pitching.

Youk will probably hit a HR to win it for Chicago and play the Dodgers in the world could happen!

June 24, 2012  07:47 PM ET

He was just traded to the White Sox for Zach Stewart and Brad Lillibridge.....

Oh well this TD is a moot point....


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