• 06/25/2012, 05:15AM ET

Stuart scott should be demoted for publicly humiliating wade and bosh..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-73)

im talkin about the interview, in front of miami fans, during the award ceremony..
alarm bells went off, when stu asked lebron about "the decision"..
but I let it slide..
basically saying to wade, how does it feel to be number 2? And calling bosh, the forgotten man,
was grotesquely uncalled for..
you could feel the reek of awkwardness from your tv..
at the end of the interview, lebron looked pissed and you can see him go over to stu and say some harah words..
they just won a championship..
in front of a beloved crowd, was not the time for tough questions..

To me, it was blatant weird eye stu, was trying to make a name for himself,
as being the controversial guy, that is not afraid to ask tough questions..
aka jim gray vs pete rose..
you simply can not publicly humiliate people..

Stu, as punishment, should be demoted to covering hockey games, ha ha..
since no one watches hockey..
stu can say whatever the hell he wants to, ha ha!

Gotta defend my UNC brethern.

The Media isn't going to chastise or demote anyone that has been on TV for years. Just isn't going to happen.

When Jim grey and Marv Albert kept their jobs, Stu aint going anywhere.

Stephen Smith has made a career out of being asinine and asking "tough questions" think he wouldn't have done the same thing?

Skip couldn't wait to bag on the Heat and how its going to kill the sport

Those two are getting their own TV show!

In a world where Jemele Hill gets a paycheck, Stu is safe as Ft Knox during a presidential visit

There is a time and a place for everything, even tough questions..
the second you just completed your childhood dream, in front of friends family and beloved fans, is not one of them..

I wont lie,
i could see how some people would think weird eye was flirting with public humiliation..
but to me, it was pure public humiliation..
not cool..

If I was wade or bosh, I would be looking for blood..
i would get my revenge in a sneaky way..

The beautiful thing about revenge,
is there is no timeline..

That's the solution. The PLAYERS can ding Scott all they want, as long as they like cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

If the media don't like you- its HARD to get love from the public, in any feild- but sports is one of the hardest.

But should a network do anything? Do you think for a SECOND there wasn't a suit that didn't know what Scott was going to ask?

Did you think Lebron didn't know it was coming? Did you think James was gonna say

**** Gil-bum! How's my A** taste? Eddy Curry got month rings than you Sir Chuck! How's the sack taste? Salty!!!

Bosh should have said:
"whats it like having a weird eye?"

Not Funny.

Bosh would lose all respect for doing that.

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June 25, 2012  09:42 AM ET

Hey BM!

What do ya think of the Staal trade?

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June 25, 2012  10:30 AM ET

Jim Gray asking tough questions? Isn't he the guy who was lobbing all those softball questions to LeBron James during The Decision?

June 25, 2012  10:51 AM ET

the whole sport is is a joke...soon enough congress will poke their ugly head into this like they did for baseball and football

June 25, 2012  12:30 PM ET

very few 'sports journalists' are actually journalists anymore. bunch of talking heads working in a sound bite.

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June 25, 2012  05:26 PM ET

bosh publicly humiliated himself with those gayyy facials he gave himself with the champagne bottle during the celebration

June 25, 2012  06:58 PM ET

Awesome.I've hated him for like 3 years now. I'm glad he's gone.Now the Pens can take their shot at Parise and Suter.

Parise! no Fing Way

June 25, 2012  07:00 PM ET

Stuart Scott is a useless tool. When he appears on the TV, I switch the channel.

I feel the same way about Stephen A Smith... No just regular Stephen Smith, or Steve Smith...

I also can't listen to a single word Michael Kay says... so maybe he should start working for ESPN as well.

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June 25, 2012  08:56 PM ET

I no longer watch ESPN at all, ever. Their personalities bug me to no end and its more hype than sports analysis.

I don't watch ESPN at all either. I watch the MLB Network and Speed TV for sports news. Don't need to see highlights of sports I don't care about just to see a 10 second highlight of what I want to see.

June 25, 2012  09:41 PM ET

Stuart Scott should be demoted because he's horrible and his creepy eye scares children. The Miami thing is a non-issue.

Logistics question: if you work for ESPN and get demoted, does that mean you end up on ESPN Ocho announcing soccer?


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