• 06/25/2012, 06:50AM ET

Creat a fantasy battinng line up of sluggers, since 1998.. PLUS SOOO MUCH MORE!!!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-64) vs soxfan0214 (26-14-1)

1. Mo vaughn
2. Big papi
3. Manny
4. Bonds
5. Mcgwire
6. Ken griffey
7. Sammy sosa
8. Albert pujols
9. A_rod

Since they are all sluggers, it doesnt really matter where you put them

1. Pedro
2. Schilling
3. Clemens
4. Verlander
5. Randy johnson
(glavine and maddux hanging out drinking beer in the clubhouse in case of injury)
Bull pen
1. Riviera
2. Hoffman
3. Wagner
4. Smoltzie
5. Gagne

joe torre

General manager
money ball!




new york

I am a little confused by this, so I guess I am going to try to list the players and where I would want them. I can't go all offense as it just wouldn't be realistic.

RF- Ichiro
2B- Utley
1B- Pujols
LF- Bonds
DH- Cabrera
CF- Griffey Jr.
SS- Jeter
3B- ARod
C- Pudge


R Johnson



Boston....come on, I gotta be a homer at some point in this discussion

I didn't go with a team primed to hit the ball out of the park every at bat, but I think all around my team would have your team for breakfast. Everyone has potential to hit the ball out of the park and my pitching staff could slow your sluggers down.

Your team would suck on offense! Ha ha..
im all about the long ball..
and most of my guys, since they are superstars, have pretty good on base percentage..
i will never understand why people like ichiro..
he is the softest hitter..
plus have you ever seen him dress? Its alittle too metro_sexual..
i would not want him in my clubhouse, sorry.. He can go hang out with nadal!

Halladay over clemens???
you must be joking..
im going to call the paramedics on you, and tell them you have been taking bath salts and have turned into a flesh eating zombie!
its a flo rida thing:)

Dude.. Im a red sox guy too..
but I would much rather be king of new york, than mass_hole boston..
NY has better restaurants, nightclubs, looser women, models and heck even their crispy pizza is delicious..
i would get an appartement over central park,
and then get sloppy seconds from A_rod:)

While I can't say that my team is completely innocent by any stretch of the imagination, your team has more drugs in them than a Walgreen's. You have no middle of the infield defense, no speed, and practically the same pitching staff.

I mean it's great that you have all of these "sluggers", but you can't even field a team that would be effective. What player of your sluggers is going to play catcher? So now, you don't have a catcher, second baseman or shortstop. Your can't lose team, won't get a chance to hit since they can't get anyone out or hell, even field a team. You have four first baseman on your team for christ sakes...

For the record, I'd take Jeter's sloppy seconds over ARod's any day of the week.

And bashing Ichiro? Come on...the guy is a career .324 hitter, 10x gold glove winner and has a rocket of an arm from the outfield. I'll take his "soft" hitting on my team any day of the week.

This really wouldn't be close and you know it.

Do you know what the best thing about basketball is?
you get to lead the league in rebounding!
get it?
like on the rebound:)
i would be HONOURED to get sloppy seconds from a dude that just puked in a girls purse..

But come on!
a_rod hooked up with madonna..
thats the ULTIMATE one night stand..
i bet she is filthy in bed:)

Plus marriah carrey would bug the shee_iat out of me..

You need to think outside of the box..
id rather hook up with a girl that is into really degrading stuff in bed..
than jeters girls, who are into chocolate, cuddaling and puppies..

You went awfully quiet about new york city over bostons lousy city..

I did say sluggers in the title..
ichiro only gets slugged from behind.. BY A CHIPENDALE!!


Wow...I thought there may some relevant thought put into this TD, but I see there really isn't. First off it really doesn't matter if we play in NY or Boston or Timbuktue, your team still loses. They can't even field a team.

You have decided to focus more on Arod's conquests than on the actual team. You still lose. Let's look at Jeters track record. Mariah (hot and uncrazy), Lara Dutta (Miss Universe), Brewster (hot chick from fast and furious), Lima (Victoria Secret Model), Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel....throw in the towel, it is time for you to tap out. You can have your skanky one nighter and the **** that probably come with it, I'll take Jeters leftovers gladly.

So, back to the actual topic, you team sucks. You have no speed, no real defense and you think that you can beat my team of all world players. Hell, I saw a much better team in the comments by Outlaw. You should have tagged him in for the save.

Thank you for the welcome back TD, I just hope the next one that I get will be a little more realistic.

June 25, 2012  07:31 AM ET

I will get to this in a couple of hours....Decided to make this one my comeback Throwdown....

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June 25, 2012  09:22 AM ET

you have no middle infield..

June 25, 2012  09:38 AM ET

You're going to need one hell of a pharmacist with that lineup.

June 25, 2012  10:49 AM ET

I don't understand this TD at all??? It appears to be listing the best players since 1998. Yet you promote it as a fantasy lineup. In Fantasy baseball there are middle infielders and catchers. Plus, in fantasy baseball, steals are a stat too. This really is a baffling team. Also, why would Billy Beane be the GM of a team that is made of all star power hitters, this isn't a money ball team. You created a Cashman team.

Why not create an actual lineup with the best players in the game since 1998. At least that provides some creativity instead of just listing the best players in the game since 1998.

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June 25, 2012  11:43 AM ET

So... you pick a slugging offense and a GM known for his implimentation of SABR and small ball...

And after the first round of testing, at least one pitcher and more than half your line-up is sidelined... you lose, my friend.

June 25, 2012  11:45 AM ET

So... you pick a slugging offense and a GM known for his implimentation of SABR and small ball... And after the first round of testing, at least one pitcher and more than half your line-up is sidelined... you lose, my friend.

PED testing, of course

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June 26, 2012  12:50 PM ET

Wasn't real sure where to go with this one after giving it some thought, so I tried to go the more sensible route, besides it's'll be fun either way. Good luck

June 26, 2012  01:27 PM ET

I like the Sox's team a lot better. I mean without a catcher and middle inf, it would next to impossible to win many games regardless of hitting. I don't care how good the pitching is, you need to be strong up the middle. Plus, Utley and Jeter are much better hitters then Mo Vaughn and Sammy Sosa so I'm not sure what the reasoning behind that one was.

I also like how Sox Fan used Halladay over Clemens, that is a better choice.

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June 26, 2012  07:01 PM ET

I think its important to have maddux and glavine chilling,cause pitchers get injured all the time..

If it were pre 1998, Maddux and Smoltz would be in the rotation. Glavine was the weakest of the big 3 IMO.

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