• 07/05/2012, 04:54PM ET

Best NBA Team In NYC

wanna get blank!!! (5-4-2) vs Tyler Durden says: (16-11-4)

When Dwilliams resigned with the Nets released a article that said even without getting Dwight Howard the Nets are now the best team in NY.

I beg to differ. I still believe that the Knicks will be better than the Nets this season.

The Knicks had 14 more wins than the Nets last season and this was a injured Knicks team that never had enough time to play together because someone was always hurt also they went through a coaching change so they had to adapt to a new playing style which also effected the chemistry.

Even with those issues the Knicks managed to get the 7th seed 4wins away from being a 4th seed.

The Nets added Joe Johnson but im sorry a trio of Joe, Dwill, and Gerald Wallace isnt going to be better than Amare, Carmelo, and Chandler. The Knicks will also do everything possible to bring back Lin now that Nash is in LA.

The Nets were 13wins away from the 8th seed last yr I think the Nets can make the playoffs now but I wouldnt bet the farm on it. Joe Johnson may be able to improve the Nets by 8-12 wins but it wont be enough to pass the Knicks who will also improve next season.

My first argument is going to be the POV that the Nets fail to get Howard.

I have 2 words for you that you've obviously over looked, Brook Lopez.

Lopez is one of the top offensive C's in the league, he will be their #3 player(ahead of Wallace). He basically missed all of last season due to injury. I won't say a healthy Lopez would of made the Nets as competeive as NYK last year, but a Healthy lopez added to the addition of JJ, you have the best team in the NYC area.

They will end up saving money by not getting Howard they can bring back as well the very underrated ex Mr. Kardashian. With that addition they have lineup flexiblity as well to where they can create several mismatches. Small lineup where Kris goes to the bench, Wallace and JJ move to let Brooks start, or go big with Kris at the PF.

Another reason why Nets are better is Chemistry. Your best 3 players are bigs, 1 of which lacks offensive upside. The Knicks actually played better and won more games when one of Melo/Amare were out. Those 2 together is an overpaid front court.

Deron/JJ/LOPEZ/Gearld compliment each other well, better chemistry and better overall team in the NYC area.

Good luck WBK!

To say that Deron,JJ, Lopez and Gerald compliment each other well, better chemistry and better overall is very inaccurate considering the fact that they never played a single game together. Deron, Lopez, and Gerald only played 5games together last yr.

JJ and Wallace are on the decline. Wallace 4yrs in a row to be precise and yet the Nets gave him that horrible contract. Wallace an Johnsons contracts will come back to haunt the Nets in the future. JJ is on 5yr decline since the 06-07 season.

team stats NYK ranked 11th in Offense last season Nets 23rd
Defense-NYK 11th in pts allowed Nets 24th

Knicks will be better than last yr with Woodson coaching the team. They will match houstons offer sheet, Kidd was signed to back-up and mentor Lin.

So Lin and Kidd will improve Amare and Melo speaking of Melo the man seems really focused this yr he has already lost 12 freakin pounds in the Woodson workouts this offseason

The Knicks will also be a higher playoff seed next yr with ATL an Orlando out.

I am fully confident in saying the Nets have better chemistry, but really when comparing them to NYK that is a no brainer..Like saying a Dime is worth more than a nickel..

NYK played their best ball when one of Melo/Amare were out. That is a point that can not be argued. Go look at the films and production, pitiful when the pre-madonnas play together. They both think they are the best on the team and fail miserably together.

Nets do not have the pre-madonna problem. DWill is their leader and gets other involved, Wallace is a role player and fits nicely on just about any team. Lopez is a big that doesn't move to far out of the paint thus not getting in JJ's driving lanes.

Nets have 4 players who can put up 20+ points a night, that is a HUGE advantage to what NYK has.

I agree 100% that the Nets made and taken on bad contracts, but those contracts won't be hurting this upcoming seasons team that will be better than the Knicks. Sure in 3 years it may hurt, but this TD as you said is for this season, so don't understand the point of bringing that up.

Nets making statements and taking risks this off season, and will be the better team.

Lets face it niether team is elite nor championship material however the Knicks are going to be better they were a 7th seed last year even though the team wasnt healthy all year.

The magic and hawks will not make the playoffs next year so the Knicks have the potential to be a 5th seed.

Knicks also have a good head coach now as well they were 18-6 under Woodson

Another point- under woodson with melo and amare on the court the Knicks were 6-1 so your theory that the Knicks are better when one of them is hurt isnt very valid. Your using the figures when the played under Dntoni which isnt really fair anymore.

Lin and Kidd will also help these guys gel together. Kidd may not be the guy he was years ago but he will always be a good leader and teacher on the court
The Knicks are also better on defense than the nets way better

nets won 22 games last yr. Do you really believe big contract JJ who is averaging 18ppg 2yrs in a row and a healthy Lopez is going to add another 20-25 wins for the nets to make them better than a 6th seed??? not going to happen

By the way G. Wallace only had 3 20pt games with the Nets so take him off your list of guys that can score 20 a night

Wallace is their 4th best player, and 31% of his games last year he put up 18 or more points, is NYKs 4th best player capable of that? No. So with Lopez/JJ added I say they are better as they have more capable players but neither team is gonna win it all.

I ask, without Melo or Amare would NYK made the playoffs? or won many more games than Nets who were without their #2 player...No. And you forget for 2/3 of the season it was Dwill and no one else. A full year of Wallace/Lopez they easily win a lot more games. Now toss in JJ...vast improvement.

Now, if Nets get Howard it's a landslide Nets are better. Dwill/Howard are a better duo than Amare/Melo. Howard would put them in championship talks, they would be a top 3 seed in the east. Their top 4 would rival the top 4 of nearly any team. NYK becomes what the Mets have been to the Yanks for sooo long, an afterthought.

Adding Kidd doesn't put NYK in the talks of a championship and as their big off season pick up, they are falling behind the Nets with or without Howard.

BTW contracts do not determine a players ability, so you can get off JJ's contract as everyone besides JJ agrees he is over paid.

Good Luck.

July 5, 2012  05:32 PM ET

well atleast you got this TD harrisplz

Good Luck

July 5, 2012  06:01 PM ET

i would but i agree

July 5, 2012  07:20 PM ET

well atleast you got this TD harrisplz Good Luck

Can't argue that. Tried to come up with something but I'm not a big fan of the Howard-less Nets.

July 5, 2012  07:38 PM ET

Everyone forgetting the man that won me my 2011 fantasy championships and costs me my 2012 repeat title...

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July 6, 2012  12:37 AM ET

Melo/Amare is one of the worst high priced duos in the league. They really can not co exist, I don't think Kidd can keep both happy. The team played better whenever 1 of the 2 was out.

July 6, 2012  01:56 AM ET

NY Liberty IMO.

July 6, 2012  09:24 AM ET

Hands down

Harlem Globetrotters

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July 6, 2012  09:28 AM ET

^ End of TD ^

July 6, 2012  09:49 AM ET

^ End of TD ^


July 6, 2012  09:55 AM ET


The Harlem Globetrotters record is ~21227W-342L that is a 98.4 win % of GP

End of TD

July 6, 2012  10:50 AM ET

If Jersey gets Dwight Howard, then they are better (even though I think Howard is vastly over rated). Jersey has the best player between both teams, D Williams and if they get Dwight, they might have the second best player too.

What about the Knicks getting Kidd, what is NY doing? I hope his 39 year old body, averaging 6 ppg and 4.5 assists, to go along with pitiful defense help out the Knicks a lot!!!!

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July 6, 2012  01:16 PM ET

The Harlem Globetrotters record is ~21227W-342L that is a 98.4 win % of GP End of TD


July 6, 2012  01:35 PM ET

The Harlem Globetrotters record is ~21227W-342L that is a 98.4 win % of GP End of TD

^ End of TD ^

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