• 07/07/2012, 08:59PM ET

DJ asked for it. Part 1

7#bag _ Com (996-338-73) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

Team that made the playoffs last year that won't make it this year.
I'll go double or nothing
My picks?

Philly and Orlando.

The Sixers actually DOWNGRADED this offseason, and with the knicks getting better, and the Nyets going to improve, not to mention the Bucks can compete.

The Magic are just screwed.

The Utah Jazz.

They play in the always difficult West and they traded Devin Harris to Atlanta for Marvin Williams. They downgraded their PG position by re-acquiring Mo Williams who played for them in 2003-2004. He is more of a combo guard than a true PG who can create offense for other players. But, he can create his own shot and score, but they didn't make a huge upgrade imo. At most, it was an offsetting move. Neutral imo.

But, they had to win 9 of their last 13 games just to make the playoffs. As well as get help from the Suns who struggled down the stretch.

The Sixers look are going to re-sign Spencer Hawes and Amnesty Elton Brand to free up some money to improve their team. And they made an offer to Nick Young who is a more versatile player than Lou Williams.

Not to mention, they drafted a very talented young player in Moe Harkless out of St. Johns.

You say that Orlando is just screwed, but they will receive some talent in return for Dwight Howard when they finally pull the trigger on a trade for him. The Magic traded Ryan Anderson to the Hornets. That leads me to believe that they might be close to trading Howard.

ok, let's see, Duncans coming back, so the Spurs aint going anywhere.
Lakers just got better, Clips, Thunder are pretty solid on coming back.

So you have 2 playoff teams left. I think even without Kidd, the Mavs have enough to win 45 games. Keep in mind they still have an ARSELOAD of cap space, so when people start looking to dump salary, the Mavs can be buyers.

So we got 3 spots. Denver and the Grizz might make it, might not.

The Rockets aren't better, they have a buncha B+ players with no A talent or leadership.
The Suns were somehow able to trade Nash for 40 cents and a ticket upgrade on JetBlue.
Portland just bought an Iron Lung- smart move when they draft a Center.

The Jazz can do this. They have talent, they have experience, and Baron is an above average PG when he cares.

Who's your second team there?

The Sixers will make the playoffs. It isn't like their team has been gutted like the Rockets in the West. They still have PG Jrue Holiday, SG/SF Andre Iguodala, SF Evan Turner, forward Thaddeus Young, and Hawes at center.

They need to round out their bench, but that shouldn't be a problem. They can pick up a backup PG and a few bench players to maker them 9 deep.

The Magic are going to be in rebuilding mode and just traded Ryan Anderson for a backup center. Not sure what the new GM is doing there.

I like the Wolves over the Jazz.

They have a solid nucleus in Love, Rubio, Williams and they added Brandon Roy and Chase Budinger to help strengthen the bench. They also have JJ Barea who gives them an experienced backup PG that has playoff experience. With a healthy Rubio they would have been fighting for a playoff spot.

Golden State is also better than Utah imo. They picked up a solid player in Harrison Barnes who will be a solid pro.

They have a lineup of:


That's a solid lineup and they could be a sleeper team in the West.

So you claim the Wolves and Warriors are better than the Jazz

And who?

The Grizz, Mavs and Jazz, I don't see the Wolves being that much better next year. I tink Rubio could be VERY good, but Love is already fustrated, and even though he stopped short of pullng a Howard, it might not be long before he does.

That being said- do the Wolves have ANY post players? Darko going to run either Gasol off the boards? Bynum, Duncan, Blake- heck Chris Kaman has a better low post game than Darko.

Far as the Warriors. I've seen Barnes JUST a little, and to be honest, I'm not betting the rent money on him leading a fat chick to a gingerbread house.

LA Lakers
LA Clippers

are all going to be better than Utah as of right now. Unless a major free agent signing or trade happens before the season.

You don't see them being better? With a healthy Rubio, Minnesota was the 8th seed.

Without him, they went 5-19/

He is only going to get better. They added Brandon Roy who has been away from the game for a few years and went to Germany to get the same treatment Kobe did before last season. And Kobe had 1 of his better seasons in a long time in a shortened year.

The Wolves have post players.

Nikola Pekovic had a very nice season. He averaged 13.9ppg (56.4% shooting, he doesn't sit on the perimeter and jack up outside shots) and 7.4rpg for the Wolves and displaced Darko in the starting lineup. So, Darko won't be spending most of the game banging with Bynum, Duncan or Griffin.

Barnes will be a better professional than a college player. It suits him much better. Especially, the Warriors up tempo offense.

Nice TD, David.

July 7, 2012  11:54 PM ET

Philly is coming back.

July 7, 2012  11:55 PM ET

Mavs are out next year.

July 8, 2012  12:11 AM ET

We going to start here peachy?

July 8, 2012  02:11 AM ET

Philly stays in, Magic are out and so are the Mavs

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July 9, 2012  09:56 AM ET

I've discovered that voting against the twit on the left is pretty much always correct....

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July 9, 2012  09:37 PM ET

Going for 48 hours in between arguments?

Nah, someone took a TD then sat on it for a day, I'm off sunday- so I don't TD. Figured 6 hours was enough to come up with TWO teams.

July 10, 2012  08:17 AM ET

So, I am forced to assume that the title "DJ asked for it", "It" must mean another win....

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July 10, 2012  09:21 AM ET

Philly is making the playoffs. That team is now loaded with 6'6" to 6'9" guys who are versatile athletes. All they need now is to make a good deal for Iguodala.

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July 11, 2012  01:24 AM ET


July 11, 2012  01:24 AM ET


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July 11, 2012  08:35 AM ET

I'm not sure that David's assertion is the best, but it appears that DJ does not even provide a full answer for his side.DJ's first comment is simply a rambling rebuttal of David's first comment, and he does not seem to offer his own picks.Later, DJ mentions two teams being better than the Jazz this coming year, which implies that the Jazz is one of his picks to miss the playoffs next year. But what's the other ?I may have missed something here, but the mere fact that it takes so long for DJ just to give a proper reply leads me to VOTE LEFT on this one.

so you are going to be wrong because DJ took too long to post an accurate statement? DJ effectively dismantles every argument by left so what exactly are you in support of by voting left? punctuality?

July 11, 2012  11:36 AM ET


I don't speak Canadian.


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