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You just bought the Browns....

7#bag _ Com (996-338-73) vs Easy Mac (1-2-0)

OK people.

Say, your dad just bought the Browns, but because he's not going to stay away from the lady pyramids long enough to do anything else. He gives total control to YOU.

What do you do?

- to prevent a "I'll do this too, and. The metoo metoo that SOME have. And the fire everyone and hire Les Miles and Gruden and trade for Cam Newton and Clay Matthews

Let's try something new.

I'll Email my plan to a third party, give me say 2 hours. Let you go first.

I'll have 2 args, and you can have 3 (or 2 and a rebuttal.) I'll rebut in the comments.

Best plan wins.

Please don't vote until done.

First off, we know that to play in the AFC North, you have to be able to play defense. You play in a division with the Steelers, Bengals, and the Ravens, you need to be able to defend. The Browns were not OVERALL horrible on defense last year, ranking 5th in PPG and 10th in YPG.

What they were horrible at was rush defense, ranking 29th. This is all while their pass defense was the 2nd best in the NFL. Imagine if they had a semblance of an offense and/or a rush defense that could stop anyone?

The biggest need for the Clevelend Browns right now is an upgrade to their defensive front four. Therefore, my first decision made as the owner of the Browns is to.....

Let this season ride out as is.

Let's face it, nothing I do for the Browns this year is going to make them any better. Let them suck for another season, grab some high draft picks, and go after some premier free agents. Oh yeah, and pray to God those free agents sign with me. The two I would go after in FA are:

Cliff Avril (DE)
Jason Jones (DT)
Henry Melton (DT)

I would keep Jabal Sheard at LE and target the aforementioned gentlemen. Even if I only get one of the 3, I would consider it a success. MTC

Well, wasn't exactly looking for what to do if you were the Brown GM, but if you want to go all Stephen Jones, that's your world.

Since we are so close to the beginning of the season, this year I do nothing.

The day the season ends, I ire Big Mike, for no other reason than that STUPID Trent Richardson trade.

After that. I'm going to offer a quality GM a good contract, gonna find me one that has never been a GM and is used to cold weather. Let him pick his own coach, be it Gary Patterson, Jimbo Fisher or Tip O'Neal.
Just so he knows that they are gonna win together or they are going to be packing their offices together.

Next up, I'm brining in Bernie Kosar, and Jim Brown. The last two times the team was any good it was behing those two. I want them out in Cleveland representing my team. I want them having a role in the lockeroom. Not to mention guys like Bruce Matthews and Byner. (No Andre Rison) and get them out there.

The Browns have sold out EVERY game since coming back, but the waiting list is shrinki

I can't have that.

Hey it worked for Jerry Jones, it can work for me. I don't need a GM, I'll make trades and draft picks myself.

I do really like your idea of bringing in old school browns to beef up the PR and wish I had thought of that, but I won't use the "I'll do that too!"

Instead, I'll work on making the team better instead of filling my stadium with PR moves. If the Browns start winning, I won't have to bring them in.

Anyways, the Browns sucked on offense last year. They were downright dreadful running the ball, throwing the ball, and checking for concussions. Since I decided to sit pat for a year, I'm assuming we sucked again and have a pretty high draft pick. In fact, I probably have the number 1 or number 2 pick. I'll say we tanked pretty damn bad and got the number 1 pick.

2013 has a pretty strong QB class and I'm sorry, but I don't think that Weeden is the answer, plus he's pretty old. So with the number 1 pick I would trade it to a team desperate to give me loads of draft picks for the right to draft Matt Barkley.

I think a trade similar to the one that Fat Mike made to grab Richardson should be good enough to retool this team.

Well, to be clear, the Browns have filled the Stadium since DAY 1, so you don't really have to win to fill it. The problem is KEEPINGi it full, because with the currrent regime, its becoming a hard sell to the fans.

My next step is to hire the guy that did the Mavericks lockerroom in Dallas, to redo the Browns lockeroom, the Browns have to do something to make them relevant to free agents othr than overpay. Having a wonderful lockeroom helps, even with the newness of the stadium, upgrades are already in need.

Next is going to be a bit of a push, but I'm going to buy a chunck of downtown to build a practice facility.

Downtown Cleeveland is a wasteland, surrounded by pockets that are impossible to get around.
Building a practice facility would give them a multiuse building and take up wasted space - instead of burning SUBURBS
Yea, I'm building a 20K indoor football feild- my fans can sit comfortable to watch practice, and also host concerts, HS games and other events

Why would you waste your money on a huge practice facility to host concerts, HS games, and other events? That's just taking business away from your stadium.

Instead of building a practice facility why don't you just host more concerts and HS championship games and maybe even a college bowl game at the stadium? Brings in more money, so you can purchase better upgrades for the stadium.

One of my most important goals as owner is to get out there into the community with my players and coaching staff. Help build houses. Instead of building a 20k dollar practice facility on Cleveland's "wasted space", why not build that space back up for the community? Make Cleveland a better place to live. You'll not only win the heart of the people, but the eye of key free agents as well.

I would also spend my money on some state of the art medical equipment for the medical staff. Stuff like GE is providing for the Olympics right now. I want to have a team of healthy players, and when they get injured, I want the best care for them possible. No more concussion mistakes on my team.

When all is said and done, I hope to have made the Browns contenders. Forever.

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August 2, 2012  04:54 PM ET

Check into an insane asylum.

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August 2, 2012  05:02 PM ET

If I just inherited the Browns, I'd probably trade them for a cookie.

August 2, 2012  05:16 PM ET

Sell the Browns.

August 2, 2012  05:16 PM ET

If I just inherited the Browns, I'd probably trade them for a cookie.

Half a cookie.

August 2, 2012  05:22 PM ET

id recruit at least some decent people to play. haha

August 2, 2012  06:40 PM ET

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August 2, 2012  08:26 PM ET
QUOTE(#11):'d trade a billion dollars and change for a cookie? Now that's one goofy comment.

Maybe the Nieman Marcus recipe?

August 2, 2012  08:28 PM ET

Interesting concept, David. You've got me intrigued but I'm not sure. I've actually got a break in classes but my parents are visiting right now so my computer time is limited.

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August 2, 2012  09:23 PM ET

No chance the NFL let's the browns move AGAIN.

The PR would be a NIGHTMARE.

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August 2, 2012  10:01 PM ET

I thought you hated LA, Outlaw? You changing on me after all this time?

I have no interest in ever visiting LA, but it's the Browns. It was fun listening to all the Cleveland fans cry when that basketball player left. I'd wanna see it happen again.


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